Top Five Social Reforming Urdu Novels Available Online


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Writing Urdu popular fabrication isn’t an easy thing to do. Of course, the jotting of popular fabrication occasionally becomes harder than the jotting of the literature. This is because the pen of the popular fabrication has to touch the hearts of the millions rather than some of the erudite minds out of thousands. This is especially true for Urdu literature and the Urdu popular fabrication.

Farhat Ishtiaq is one of the veritably important-recognized names of the Urdu popular fabrication. She’s one of the most seasoned pens, Urdu popular fabrication has seen. Farhat Ishtiaq isn’t one of the pens who write endlessly and are too fat to be true. She’s one of the veritably many Urdu popular fabrication pens who spend time on each novel.

Farhat is the kind of person who would produce a novel after times. There isn’t a single novel of Farhat, which wasn’t immensely appreciated by the Urdu compendiums. The novels of Farhat Ishtiaq are veritably emotional and violent. They always reflect true and maddening love. Still, the stylish thing about her novels is that her leading characters are noway illegal or unethical no matter how poorly they might be in love.

The following are the two veritably popular Urdu novels by Farhat Ishtiaq, which are also available online. So now, the compendiums can read them online without any cost except for the cost of the internet connection.
1. Mata e Jan Hai Tu
Mata e Jan Hai Tu is one of the most beautiful romantic social reform Urdu novels by Farhat Ishtiaq. It’s about Sania and Ibad, two scholars of Engineering at the University of Columbia, USA. Ibad has done his maids from NED University Karachi. He’s firstly a nationalistic Pakistani public. Sania is Born and bred in the USA and knows nothing about Pakistan.

She’s doing maids from the University of Columbia and has no cooperation with Pakistan. The novel takes a turn when it shows Sania in Pakistan. The anthology is bewildered originally that why Sania is in Pakistan. Where is Ibad? What happens to the love between Sania and Ibad? Will they ever meet? Will they marry each other? This is an extremely emotional Urdu novel by Farhat Ishtiaq.

2. Haalim
Haalim is one of the most intriguing Urdu novels by Nimra Ahmed, the internet druggies can find online. This novel is about connections. The focus is the relationship between hubby and woman. The secondary focus is the relationship of the parents with their children. This novel also shows how poisonous the relationship of mama-in-law and the son-in-law can get.

The liabilities of two people in love change drastically when they come, hubby and woman. For a happy wedded life, nothing is as necessary as the confidence and trust between two consorts. Without it, the marriage can fall piecemeal, no matter how important love is there, this novel also shows how the children can bring positive changes in the relationship of two consorts.

There was a time when people used to complain that the prices of Urdu books are adding every day. The Urdu books especially the novels are still veritably precious. Still, a fortunate fact is that now numerous novels and other Urdu books are available online.
The internet druggies can read them free of cost. Some of the Urdu novels have to be read online like Forty Rules of Love, still numerous can be downloaded in the pdf format which can be read offline too.

Given below is a list of the top five social reforming Urdu novels, which are available to read online. Read the novels for an experience that enriches the mind and the soul.
1. Hasil by Umera Ahmad

‘Hasil’is an exquisite Urdu novel, which isn’t much known. Maybe it isn’t that popular because Umera Ahmad wrote and published it at the launch of her career. Still, this novel is a masterpiece. It shows the stories of two people contemporaneously. A Muslim boy who’s converting to Christianity for peace of mind is the commanding theme. The alternate theme is about a girl who’s converting to Islam from Christianity for peace of mind.
2. Man o Salwa by Umera Ahmad

Mano Salwa is Umera Ahmad‘s bestseller novel. The good thing is that it can be read free of any cost other than the internet connection on the internet. The story revolves around the main character Zainab and the theme of the novel is the difference between the Halal and Haram income. The story isn’t moralistic but leaves a strong impact on the heart, mind, and soul.

3. Yeh Galian ye Chobaray by Faiza Iftikhar
The people who are hot compendiums of the Urdu popular fabrication are familiar with the name of Faiza Iftikhar. Some people also know her as Faiza Iftikhar Chanda. Faiza Iftikhar is a given name in writing social reform novels. She’s also an expert at writing humor and lampoon. This particular Urdu novel revolves around the common family system, kinsman marriages, and the goods of parents’ divorce on the children. It also emphasizes choosing the right woman to marry.

4. Paras by Rukhsana Nigar Adnan
Just like Faiza Iftikhar, the mane of Rukhsana Nigar Adnan is also known to be the compendiums of the Urdu popular fabrication. The stories of Rukhsana Nigar Adnan are extremely intriguing. Paras is of course not an exception. It’s a veritably intriguing Urdu story of a girl from the elite class who has to live with people of the lower middle class.

5. Namal  by Nimra Ahmed
The story, Namal by Nimra Ahmed is an excellent read for an avaricious Urdu anthology. It narrates the story of a girl from the lower middle class who got married to a person of the elite class by a turn of fate. Her mama-in-law is veritably bothered by this and tries hard to break the marriage. The story depicts the significance of choosing a good person to marry and the significance of love and trust between consorts.

Still, the fashionable thing around her novels is that her leading qualities are noway illegal or corrupt no matter how inadequately they power be in love.


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