Top things to know before buying a second-hand Apple gadget


Owning an Apple gadget is everybody’s dream. But very few people can turn that dream into reality. The reason for this incomplete dream is of course the high budget that is involved in buying such a classy device. In such a case, there is a way that lets you get your hands on an Apple device without breaking the bank – how about buying a second-hand device?  

Essential pointers to know before buying a second-hand Apple gadget

Before going into details about buying second-hand Apple devices, let us tell you that you could try your luck another way too! There is another quite reliable option wherein you can get an Apple device at lesser rates, it’s getting them from the refurbished stock of Apple devices from an Apple store in New Market Auckland. 73Inc is one such store that provides you with such devices at economic pricing and in an almost new condition. But if you want to purchase a pre-owned gadget from someone, keep these essential things in mind before sealing the deal:

  • Check for the proof of the purchase — Apple phones are the most stolen gadgets across the globe. And these are then sold to other buyers at throw-away prices by these thieves. It’s important that you shouldn’t be one of those people buying a stolen product. So, make it a point to check the legal proofs or bill copy before buying any second-hand Apple gadget.
  • IMEI Number —Now, you have to carry out a very technical but important verification process of checking if the device really belongs to the seller. Ask the seller to let you know the International Mobile Equipment Identity number if it’s a mobile or the scanning ID behind other Apple gadgets and verify the same with the original receipt. If it matches, proceeds with the purchase.
  • Take the touch test — If it’s a MacBook desktop, check the performance of the keyboard. If it is a laptop, the touchpad should be working fine, and if it is a mobile phone check the touch sensitivity of the device properly. If it works fine, then you shouldn’t hesitate in buying it.
  • Camera, microphone, speaker-test — All the Apple gadgets — whether it’s an iPad or a MacBook desktop or laptop or mobile phone — have excellent working speakers, cameras, and microphones. Naturally, as an owner, you would like to avail of their full advantage – ensure to check whether these are working impeccably before you get it for yourself.
  • Check for any damage on the gadget — Firstly, you should ask the owner of any fall or damage history of the gadget. On an average, fifty percent of the sellers would deny such an issue. But it’s you who have to be sharp and check for any damage in the gadget. (You can even take along an expert in gadgets with you who can inspect the same for you.)
  • Compare the prices as per the date of the launch of the gadget —The price of each gadget gets reduced proportionately with time counted from the date of its launch. So, you have to know the current rate of that gadget in the market as per its launch date. Normally, you will get many sites selling such used Apple gadgets and you can compare the prices from there and be aware if the person selling you is asking for a fair price (or not).

 Well, there is nothing wrong in buying a used apple gadget if it works fine. Your checklist should also encompass inspecting the battery health of the device, especially if it is a mobile phone. Factoring in all these pointers guarantees a wise purchase justifying every penny that you spend on it. 


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