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What are the Types of Corrugated For Packaging?

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Corrugated cardboard is a material made by superimposing layers of paper, which gives it very particular characteristics. It is ideal for packaging. The reason is that it is very economical to manufacture, and the result is resistant and customizable. Corrugated cardboard is the best for CBD products. Therefore, we can easily observe that CBD product manufacturers prefer corrugated packaging. You can also experience it when you go shopping, let us say e-liquid, if you have some expertise, you can tell that all custom e liquid boxes in USA are made of corrugated.

Corrugated Cardboard Types

This material is very popular for its composition. Alternate layers of smooth and corrugated paper are included to provide the required strength to the set, allowing it to have different properties.

According to the number of smooth and wavy faces

When the material is made with only two layers of paper it is called single-sided. It allows you to pack-objects that may be damaged during transport, as it is light and protects against blows. One way to increase its strength is by adding a corrugated sheet between the two layers of paper. This arrangement is known as double-sided, and it is the most common in the boxes you use for logistics and packaging. corrugated containers are comprised of a couple of layers of material rather than simply a solitary sheet like cardboard.

The three layers of creased incorporate an inside liner, an external liner, and a medium that goes between the two, which is fluted. Corrugated is a versatile material that is likewise lightweight — a significant thought for those delivery a critical number of bundles. If another corrugated layer is added to this configuration, we obtain the two-wave cardboard. It is characterized by being even more resistant, so you can pack heavy items. Finally, there is the triple wave configuration, which includes three wavy and four smooth layers. This design gives cardboard a resistance capable of competing with many types of wood.

According to the height of the wave of a corrugated sheet

But cardboard can also be defined by its thickness. It is a characteristic that depends on the extent to which the inner sheets have been corrugated. The most typical thicknesses are:

  • 1.14 – 2.2 mm, known as microchannel E.
  • 2.2 – 3.5 mm, called small wave or B.
  • 3.5 – 4.2 mm, which are the medium wave or C boards.
  • 4.2 – 4.8 mm, called large wave or A.

Types of corrugated cardboard grades

You can also define corrugated cardboard by its final quality, which allows you to assign the piece to one or other uses. The most used materials to make it are:

  • Kraft paper. Created with virgin fabrics.
  • Test paper. For which recycled fibers are used.
  • Two-color paper. It is the least resistant since it has been subjected to more recycling processes.

So, the properties of each piece will vary, depending on whether the paper fiber used to make it is virgin or recycled. That is why many manufacturers and distributors will refer to the material by the type of paper they make it with.

They can also refer to it by its grammage, which represents the weight (in grams) per square meter of the material. The most common grammages range between 160 and 600 grams per square meter.

Differences between corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and corrugated paper

The terms corrugated and corrugated cardboard refer to the same packaging material. However, the term corrugated paper is more specific, as it refers to one of the components we are dealing with. Corrugated paper is the corrugated sheet that results from the winding process, which will later be used as a corrugated layer in the composition of the cardboard block. These compartments stay unblemished in any event, when presented to shocks, dampness, and abrupt temperature changes. While no compartment is powerful to unnecessary power or drawn out and unforgiving conditions, folded gives a more elevated level of confirmation that your items will move from your stockroom to their last objective looking extraordinary.

Top-8 Benefits of corrugated cardboard for packaging

This material is the most used in logistics thanks to its advantages, which we summarize below.

It has a low cost.

They made with cellulose fibers and undergoes a very simple winding and assembly process, so, you can buy this material at a very good price.

It is a lightweight material.

This element, even in its most voluminous configurations, hardly weighs. It is because it is made of paper.

It is a flexible material.

Plus, layouts with fewer layers are highly flexible, allowing for seamless wrapping of your shipments.

It is a resistant material.

It supports a load of up to 800 kg thanks to its geometric design.

Well absorbs vibrations, shocks, and impact

Being a flexible material, and with a lot of air inside, cardboard is very useful as a shock absorber. Thus, it is capable of absorbing both vibrations and shocks, and impacts, protecting your packaged products. It is ideal for protecting fragile objects.

Can be transported by any means.

Another advantage of cardboard is its versatility, which allows it to take any shape. It makes it optimal for transport by plane, boat, train, or truck since the CBD boxes in USA are very easy to place and organize. In addition, their great resistance allows them to be stacked, so that space is not a problem. To get what folded boxes are, you initially need to see how they’re made. Made dominatingly from trees, which are a sustainable asset, creased bundling is the most recuperated bundling material on earth.

On the outside of the corrugated cardboard, you can print advertising.

Of course, the ability to print product identification, logo, and other corporate signs is highly appreciated by the business sector.

It is respectful of the environment.

Cardboard is a 100% recyclable product (and many times, recycled) and manufactured from a renewable resource. It makes it very environmentally friendly.

A versatile and useful material

In conclusion, it is not surprising that corrugated cardboard is so highly appreciated in the logistics company. In addition, you can currently find it in aesthetic packaging and in the manufacture of furniture, which stands for fairs and decorative elements.

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