What is Sustainable Clothing UK?


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What is sustainable clothing in the UK? It is clothes that meet certain standards set by the Campaign for Fair Trade. It is a term used to describe clothes that are manufactured in compliance with ethical principles. Organic cotton and hemp clothing meet these criteria. sustainable clothing refers to clothes which have passed various tests regarding ethical production methods and factory working practices. Read more to find out what ethical clothing means and how you can help.

Everyone wants to wear clothes that make them look and feel good. People spend billions of pounds every year on clothes to make them look good and feel good. With people becoming more concerned about the environment and their own health, Sustainable Clothing UK manufacturers are rising to the challenge. Organic cotton clothing and organic hemp clothing both offer consumers ways to get products that are good for the environment while also offering them ways to feel good. Here are four of the top ethical clothing UK manufacturers.

The Bodle Clinic Clothing brand has four eco-friendly lines including Basics, Bikini, Layette and Wrap. This brand is made from ethical, sustainable fashion fabrics that are grown locally by women in the West Yorkshire area. The Basics line features shirts, trousers and leggings that have been created to be both comfortable and eco-friendly. The Bikini and Wrap collections are made from certified fair trade organic clothing that comes from direct fertilization supported by the National Organic Dealers Association.

One of the newest ethical clothing UK manufacturers is Woolwich Trading. Woolwich Trading’s range of garments are made from sustainable organic cotton. They use the Biodynamic system to ensure that clothing makes a positive impact on the world. Their t-shirts and accessories are made using recycled and non-woven fabrics that are comfortable and soft. For instance, ethical clothing UK consumers will love Woolwich Trading’s sustainable t-shirts that feature ethical textiles and dyes that are made from sustainable cotton grown in the Irish county of Ireland.

Clothes are Made of Organic Cotton!

The Ethical Clothing of London brand is run by an all-girls team of seamstresses from Chartered Surveyors who believes that working with an ethical and community-based approach is vital for business success. The clothes are made from organic cotton and are machine made to the highest standards. They are also machine washed by a specialist company in the UK. In late autumn, they will be shipping some of their outerwear to the U.S.

The vegan friendly brand Mother Earth Lingerie was founded by two sisters, Ella and Martie who live and work in London. They chose to create a vegan t-shirt based on their background as environmentally conscious travellers, animal lovers and green people. Mother Earth Lingerie features a range of bright, funky, crochet t-shirts that use ethical, fair trade and organic cotton.

Eco-aware shoppers will also appreciate the Ethical Clothing of U.K.’s Wabash brand which started life 20 years ago making Wabash sticks. It moved into clothing in 1997 when it became aware of the problems of animals being fed toxic waste and dying through starvation in Third World countries. Their aim was to improve worker safety and welfare conditions and produce garments using recycled materials where possible. In recent years the brand has launched its line of eco-friendly winter coats and will soon launch a line of eco-friendly shorts and leggings. Both men and women’s clothing will feature ethical ingredients such as recycled materials and dyes.

Whether you are looking for a jacket to keep you warm this winter or a cute skirt to let you run around in during the summer, Ethical Clothing UK has a range to suit your needs. With a choice of styles and colours to suit every taste, ethical clothing is not just about looking good; it is also about feeling good about doing your best to have a positive impact on the world around you. With the world getting more concerned about the levels of waste that is causing death and disease it is important to show your responsibility by buying items that will help reduce this pressure. The popularity of ethical clothing in the UK is on the rise and it is likely to become even more so in the future. With the growing environmental awareness and the push for fair trade there is no better time than the present to start caring. By choosing ethical clothing you can make a real difference to the lives of others and to do your bit for nature.


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