Why Is Java Development The First Choice Of The Fintech Industry?


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If we talk about a few industries that have adopted digitalization max, Finance and Banking are among them. Digitalization has brought a paradigm change in the way this industry operates. We no longer go to banks to check transactions and accounts or transfer money. With having more and more users of the FinTech applications like banking, it is even more critical now to have a safe and stable FinTech app of software. We all depend on ubiquitous digitalization as it makes our life easier. With this comes many responsibilities for the technology experts who develop these applications. This gives a need to select the technologies which deliver not only feature-rich applications but also safe and flawless platforms. 

Why Digitalization in Banking?

In the past, when every banking and accounting work was managed manually, there were plenty of lapses found. But today, when most tasks are automated, the chances of errors are negligible. Check out the benefits digitalization has brought to the Banking and Account sector;

  • Reduced human errors
  • Builds customer loyalty 
  • Round-the-clock access to banking 
  • Easy to manage large amounts of cash
  • Cashless transaction 
  • Increased efficiency
  • Handling of information is easy
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved communication
  • Quality and consistency

Digital transformation in banking: 7 things to consider prior to investing in "the next big thing"

But why is Java a preferred language?

Digitalization in the banking and finance sector is established globally, but why is JAVA a preferred language for that? First, let us not forget that Banks love security and portability because of the nature of the business. And Java offers them both. Java comes with excellent safety and portability features making it the most loved language in the Finance industry. 

Java helps in developing high-performing and scalable applications for various business requirements. Moreover, you can get a small or large java application developed just by hiring a Java developer. There are also many reputed Java development companies globally, from which you can select one of your choices.

There are also many reputed Java development companies globally, from which you can select one of your choices

1. Security:

For every Finance company, security is the top concern. They have to take measures to fight against criminals and remain one step ahead of them. With increasing competition, they must also be abreast with the technology development and deliver an incredible user experience. Java programming language has components that are designed to restrict data access and provide several safety features. Java helps companies mitigate vulnerabilities usually caused by common programming errors. Because of these safety reasons, Java is the choice of major financial organizations. This feature of Java ensures a reliable Java banking application is developed for all organizations. 

2. Portability:

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) makes the language unique, enabling Java bytecode to run on any machine, regardless of the operating system. Java developers also suggest Java Development to most Finance companies because of its capability to improve business scalability. 

3. High performance:

As Java was considered a slow language, it evolved to become one of the high-performance languages with time. The intermediate bytecode of Java makes it an impressive interpreted language. In addition, the Java compiler generates highly optimized bytecodes so Java Virtual Machine can execute them much faster. 

4. Cost-effectiveness:

Finance and banking sectors highly depend upon cloud-based technologies, and Java is a preferred language for it. By using cloud technologies, organizations can slash hardware expenses. Being a server-side programming language, Java makes moving applications to the cloud more accessible and safe. You can hire java developers who focus on code deployment and safely pass the units to the cloud. 

5. Large community:

Being a well-used programming language, Java has a large community of developers. It is easy for a developer to take the support of this expert community in case if they are stuck anywhere. Moreover, as Java is an open-source language, many developers like to try their luck developing libraries and features that improve the language’s performance. 

6. Tried and Tested:

Being one of the old technologies, Java has its existence for a long. This has brought a lot of awareness about its benefits among users. Moreover, surviving among its new generation competitors, it has proved its worth. Thus, due to its vast prevalence, it has made it easy to hire java developers. Some old banks and finance companies have successfully used Java for their systems. Thus, its long journey in the finance industry and its success make it more understandable for any FinTech company to adopt Java development for their requirements. 

Check out further how Java development is transforming the Finance Industry:

  1. Chatbots- The banking industry is widely using chatbots to deliver better digital experiences to their tech-savvy consumers. Chatbots are not only used for simple queries of the customers but the advanced functionalities are developed by Java developers. The finance companies get developed chatbots that can access customers’ data, such as CIBIL score, loan repayment habits, credit card usage, etc., to serve their inquiries better. 
  2. Fraud Detection management- With increasing phishing and fraud incidents in the market, the finance industry has to pay heed to fraud management to keep its customers safe. Technology companies detect fraud through artificial intelligence tools, which generate helpful insights by looking at the pattern of activities. Again, Java is an excellent programming language for developing such AI tools.
  3. Mobile wallets- Digitalization has helped people literally go cashless for all their purchases. And, eWallets and mobile wallets have a considerable role to play here. With the combination of machine learning, AI, and Java development, finance companies handle the challenge of managing customer accounts.
  4. Investments and Trading- A few people no more use the stock market, but almost everyone has some shares of their finance to invest in it. Thereby making the stock prediction and portfolio management applications very crucial. Using data science, Java development companies are developing various investment and trading apps that help the finance sector. Moreover, Java is great for handling large amounts of data. Thus, a financial institute can hire a java developer to help it develop a feature-rich application. 

Java can simplify and reduce the cost of maintaining and expanding software-as-a-service systems. Despite having too much competition in the technology market, Java has still survived as one of the most used programming languages, giving a testament to its effectiveness. If you are looking for Java development solutions for your fintech institution requirements, select a Java development company with rich experience.

You can also hire dedicated java developers with experience handling various Java tools and frameworks. Technologies keep sprouting with the passing of days, but Java has proved its worth being used by 33.27% of developers as one of the top 5 programming languages. Therefore, the finance industry has to be quite vigilant for its technology solutions as the penalty for little carelessness can be pretty severe. Java development by an expert IT solutions provider can undoubtedly save you from lethal outcomings and help you serve better customer solutions. 

We all know continuous evolution is necessary to survive this cut-throat competition. So, taking the aid of digitalization is no more a choice but a requirement for every Financial institution. And as we have checked here, the enticing benefits of Java development are attracting more and more financial firms to adopt Java Development for their FinTech solutions. 


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