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  • Google evaluates that around 77% of organizations employ DevOps.

DevOps reengineers traditional ways of augmenting the business. It revolutionizes organizations and helps them scale up in this competitive era.


DevOps works on a cross-functional approach. Additionally, it is backed up by consistent actions. The foundation of a DevOps system is based on the following six elements; constant development, integrating functions, testing, deployment, feedback, and assistance.



Why do businesses prefer DevOps?


  • A report by Markets and Markets says that the development in the DevOps market was USD 2.90 Billion in 2017 and may rise to USD 10.31 Billion by 2023.

DevOps is powering many industries globally. Its excellent benefits help businesses grow significantly.

It offers maximum efficiency.

DevOps need lesser time than other systems to rectify errors. Additionally, one of the essential features of DevOps is automation. Moreover, the main goal of DevOps is to enhance business function. Therefore, DevOps can help operation efficiency by decreasing turnaround time via automation.


Business optimization is robust.


DevOps allows businesses to utilize the benefits of the system to the maximum extent. DevOps offers a data-centric optimization to satisfy customer requirements. Further, it also furnishes adaptive industry solutions.


It is fast and stable.


  • Our study says that DevOps requires 41% reduced time for the deployment process.

DevOps can quickly and stably handle the critical functional needs of an organization. Additionally, it doesn’t fail to deliver high-quality releases. Moreover, with DevOps, the performance can be tested with five elements time, deployment frequency, change fail, rehabilitation time, and availability.


Orion, with its range of services, offer various DevOps services. It also includes advanced trends such as low-code automation, serverless DevOps, etc.


Why does Orion eSolutions stand out?


Orion eSolutions offers an array of DevOps services. Additionally, it caters to the various domains and works on the latest and advanced DevOps trends. We are skilled in the following services.


Consulting Services


At Orion eSolutions, we comprehend your core competencies and discuss the latest trends in your industry. After that, we rigorously work on those insights to give you the best possible solution. Furthermore, we cater to the best-in-industry solutions for your business needs.


Cloud solutions


  • According to Cloud Wards, the cloud computing market will be USD832 billion by 2025.

Experts at Orion eSolutions keenly work on harnessing the cloud capacity to amplify your business progress. Additionally, we help you by providing feasible and efficient migration, development, and deployment services. Further, we support you in enhancing IT cloud operations.


Deployment automation


Automation is one of the blessed features of DevOps is automation. We offer CM, SCM, and cloud computing services. Further, DevOps professionals at Orion eSolutions can normalize your deployment process and regulate a variety of chores.


Testing and automation


Ensuring lesser turnaround time, we provide expert testing and automation with DevOps. As a result, our team ensures the sound working of your system. In addition to that, we prefer using advanced tools to analyze the effectiveness of the complete system.


Infrastructure management


Our team at Orion eSolutions can support you embrace a robust technical environment with advanced tools and technologies. In addition, we keep an eye on details for every necessary modification in the system. Further, our adept team helps you enhance the system’s capabilities with the automation process.


Source-code management


SCM is a tool that records the changes and keeps track of all the changes made. With Orion, you get access to all the services covered under Puppet, Chef, Python, and other testing techniques.


Orion’s listing in top development companies by Selected Firms


Selected Firms have rated Orion eSolutions as one of the top web development and e-Commerce development companies. It mentions Orion’s innovative ways of offering turnkey solutions for web development, e-Commerce development, blockchain development, and much more.


Selected Firms is one of the excellent sources to discover leading mobile, e-commerce, marketing, and web companies present digitally. Moreover, it is a trustworthy place to get extensive knowledge of ultimate IT companies.



Orion eSolutions is recognized as one of the top DevOps development companies by selected firms. The success of your project or business always depends upon the company you go with! When you connect with Orion eSolutions, rest assured that your business will heighten its growth.


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