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We appreciate your presence here at Posing Station, in order to serve us with your precious time, knowledge and experience. Blogging is a very unique industry, not everyone can do it. Especially blog writing, this is because you have to explain, review, react, to certain news, act, or product, in the shape of words. In such a way the user forces itself to be with the whole article up till the end. This is what I believe in the art of blog writing and also believe that you possess all of these properties.

Blog writing saw a huge leap in the past one and half years, due to the outbreak of the corona virus everyone had to lock themselves in their residences. Which made everyone go digital and content consumption whether visually, or whether in the form writing was happening on the internet. This actually increased the number of average daily visitors and readers respectively of these contents.

While writing you should keep in your mind some basic factors to give your content a nice polish for Posting Station. The first thing is the language of communication you will use to commute with your readers will be English only. The second thing will be the grammar of English with an accuracy of above 90%. The third is the SEO, keep in your mind that there can be a lot of traffic on your produced articles, so SEO will help you improve the quality and Quantity and Quality. The Fourth one is Digital Marketing. With Digital Marketing you can make your article will be able to compete with the bigger competitors.


Before you judge any content I shall clear that all the contents that are mentioned below, no one is superior to the other, and everyone is linked very impressively with each other.


Now business is actually the origin of any kind of income stream. Everyone in their life wants a stable business or wants to stabilize the business or want to further grow the business you need to do some stuff. And if you believe that you can help people in doing all that stuff, by business and marketing capabilities it will be worthy to help.


As I have mentioned that the origin of every money-making stream is business, but the origin of every business is actually education. People most particularly students; often get confused if they are not guided properly for making their decisions. So if you can help you help them with your experience of getting a proper education, it will also be worth it.


So everyone knows that health is a fundamental gift of nature. And we have to take care of it, just by taking few fundamental precautions. But most of the people do not know about them. People are health conscious they usually sometimes get worried about their health. So if they will be educated correctly, they can make their health well healthier.


Alright, face it. Fashion is also another very important field to cover. Not only clothing but also wearable, carrying stuff and hairstyles. The integration of different pieces of fashion makes a very striking and very unique which most people might desire. So if you can help them out, you know that it is worth it.

Home Improvement:

People need to fundamentally know about home improvement because it is an important aspect of improvising their lifestyle. People always try to make their residence reflect the good part of their personality. And it is irrespective of the money you make; you need to improvise your home, whether on your own whether by outsourcing that task. You will experience and knowledge will definitely help that out.


This is a kind of topic that needed to be taken care of all the time whenever you talk about funds, mutual funds, getting loans, paying taxes, any kind of basic information related to banking, financing, leasing and all the stuff similar to that requires a lot of complex knowledge to come out with a wise decision. But if you have the ability to explain the concept of finance, to the masses, you will receive a lot of good players.


It is the only phenomenon that has received the most attention in the past couple of years. This is because the existing era of advancement made people think fast and get results fast, even for their investments. Cryptocurrency is the only and one of the most secure ways to get a return on investment. But it is not like any other kind of physical investment, because it is a digital investment. So people are needed t be educated about it.


Where should I start, and if I did I will never reach the end. It is the only topic that has its hands involved in every other possible field. It has made improvised the concept for every possible field. It provides simplicity and comfort at the same time but only if it is used the right way. For education, people have every kind of information available in order to gain the diameter of their knowledge circle, in their palms. For health, you can simply communicate with one of the best doctors, physicists, professional medical advisors just within a tap. In order to improvise your residence technology has more than 50% of assistance, like modern day tools, vacuum cleaner, modern washing machines. And surprisingly Cryptocurrency is the product of technology. And luckily you and we are also earning through technology.


How should I even explain to you about this content? This is the only content that almost every internet user interacted with. Everyone was locked at their residing locations. Everything from groceries to up till stuff for home improvement and online chains was actually the product of eCommerce. This also gave a huge boom for those who shifted to eCommerce then their physical business.

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