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Five Top Reasons Why You Should Buy A Natural Fiber Mattress

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As more and more people are becoming aware of the ecological problems, switching to natural mattresses is a positive step towards a healthier environment and home. Not only do we give a second thought to what we eat, what we wear, and what we drive, but also have a debate with our minds when choosing a mattress for our bunk bed. When choosing bedding there is no exception!

There was a time when the most important factor when choosing a mattress was appearance. Fortunately, the times have changed, and for good. Now we not only pay attention to the thickness of the mattress but also the quality of the material it is made of. The best way to begin your search for the best quality mattress for your bedroom is to understand and learn about the materials. For instance, some of the most comfortable fibers available are either cotton or wool. However, you should keep in mind that many products labeled as organic might also include synthetic fabrics.

What is a Natural Fiber Mattress? How is a Natural Mattress Different?

Natural mattresses are made with Eco-friendly, organic, and sustainably sourced materials, and are the first choice among those wanting the best mattress for healthy sleep. These are quite different from standard mattresses:

  1. Natural materials such as cotton and wool are grown, collected, and processed differently than conventionally grown ones.

  2. These are grown without using harmful toxins and support sustainable farming methods which result in a lower carbon footprint.

  3. No harmful chemicals are used when producing natural materials.

  4. Though it provides an Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic alternative to most mattresses, it is simply not certified to be organic.

  5. Apart from cotton and wool, you can also find natural latex which is temperature neutral, so you won’t be sweaty while asleep. Thus, ensuring that the person sleeps peacefully through the changing seasons.

Literally speaking, no mattress is 100% natural. By this, we mean that even the most Eco-friendly beds often contain coils, adhesives, hardware parts, and other components that can be partially synthetic. Although most brands make use of truly natural materials to construct the mattress, and some beds are primarily made of such materials. The key to separating a sustainable mattress from the imitator is with the help of certifications. Most of the reliable manufacturers today will include all information regarding materials for easy access to visitors. 

Why Choose Natural Mattress for your Bunk Bed

  1. Durable Material: If you have ever bought memory foam mattresses, you would have to note that they start to break down and sink almost instantly, mattresses using natural cotton, wool, and latex have been shown to hold their shape for years and years. Although they might be slightly more expensive, but they are built to last. The durability of natural mattresses is a huge selling point because their longer lifespans somewhat marks up for their expensive price point. When it comes to their performance, as compared to the standard mattress, these will perform for about 6 to 8 years before wear and tear and sometimes typically exceed the 8-year mark. A natural latex mattress is a prime example. It has natural resilience that allows it to bounce back and resist deep body impressions very well.
  2. No Toxins: It is important to draw a difference here, Chemical mattresses tend to give out off-gases, which can be highly toxic for a person sleeping on them. A natural mattress is non-toxic, that is not only do they help you sleep better, it also reduces the number of toxins in your bedroom. So if you are trying to create a sanctuary-like space to relax, you would not have to fill it with overpowering perfumes or chemicals, that comes with your mattress and other bedding elements. What’s more, if you have serious health issues like asthma and skin allergies, chemicals such as fire retardants can trigger these. For instance, natural cotton is highly breathable and allergen resistant, which is why it is highly recommended and also makes a good choice for mattress material.
  3. Regulates heat and temperature: Many people shy away from organic mattresses because of the steep prices. But these are absolutely worth it provided that a person can sleep peacefully through the changing seasons, while chemical mattresses trap body heat. The cotton and wool materials are naturally good at regularity body temperature and moisture. For instance, cotton is highly breathable, keeping your body cool and dry while you sleep, wool keeps your body at the perfect temperature for deep and restful sleep, while latex allows your body heat to be drawn away from your body and circulates out through the mattress, giving you a cool night’s sleep.
  4. Better for you and the environment: From kids to adults, all can benefit from natural mattresses, whether you have a bunk bed or a camp bed. The super feel, keeps you snug in colder weather, and complies with the health and safety standards that regulate fire, mold, and mite resistance. Plus, the materials used are more sustainable, as they are biodegradable and require fewer resources to grow and process. The natural materials used don’t need to be treated with the same harsh chemicals that mattresses made from synthetic materials do.

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