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Incluvie Movie Podcast. For all things media and diversity. Honest discussions and real talk on representation in film. We focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, plus identity! Each episode, we bring in a special guest to share the excitement! Incluvie Movie Podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

From Squid Game to Studio Ghibli (ft Michelle Sugihara and Jess Ju)
Squid Game has taken the world by storm, and Studio Ghibli owns some of the most beloved classics. From new to old, violent thriller to cute animation, Korean to Japanese, what is the spectrum of Asian representation in film? Is the Asian model minority stereotype a good thing if being a model – or good example – is positive? And what is symbolic annihilation? Jess Ju and Michelle Sugihara from CAPE (the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) join in to share some new films and perspectives! The Pop Culture Moment gets into Dave Chapelle’s joke in the Closer and our thoughts on it.

This episode features co-hosts Cathy Yee and Matthew Stiuso, is produced by Hazel Bolivar, and is brought to you by Wolf Greenfield, an inclusive intellectual property law firm based in Boston and New York.

Oct 14 – 26 mins left
The 2021 Emmys (ft Anselm Beach)
Anselm Beach from Too Much Screentime joins in to discuss the Emmys, great lines from Cedric the Entertainer, and whether this year’s show was in fact #EmmysSoWhite. Did The Crown really deserve to win 11 awards? Why was Hamilton included in the Emmys? Also, why did no people of color win for any of the acting categories? We also get into the skits, Scott Frank’s cringeworthy acceptance speech, as well as Master of None, and Candyman.

This episode features co-hosts Cathy Yee and Talia Werber, is produced by Hazel Bolivar, and is brought to you by Wolf Greenfield, an inclusive intellectual property law firm based in Boston and New York.

Sep 30 – 24 mins left
Shang-Chi and Marvel (ft Jon Carter)
Special guest Jon Carter is an Actor, Marine Corps veteran, and diversity advocate. Jon is the host – along with musician & artist Gerardo Molina – of their own podcast The Cast of Color!

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings just came out to the theaters – It’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Asian lead superhero, and it’s crushing it and breaking records at the box office! How does Shang-Chi tie in with the rest of the Avengers? Who is the Mandarin really? How is a headless mythical creature so cute even without a head? Will Americans, including Asian Americans, feel more comfortable with Chinese names after this movie? ie Shang-Chi will no longer have to go by Shawn. We imagine who would win in a battle between Shang-Chi and Black Panther pairs! In Pop Culture, we have the MTV VMA’s and Met Gala~

This episode features co-hosts Cathy Yee and Mohameth Seck, is produced by Hazel Bolivar, and is brought to you by Wolf Greenfield, an inclusive intellectual property law firm based in Boston and New York.

Sep 16 – 33 mins left
Music Videos That Strike a Chord (ft Nili Brosh)
Professional guitarist and friend Nili Brosh joins us in today’s episode! Nili is a solo artist and guitarist for Danny Elfman, Cirque du Soleil, Dethklok, Tony MacAlpine, and others! Her music video with male backup dancers caused a stir, and her guitar at Cirque du Soleil shot out fireworks. We talk about what it’s like being a guitarist in a very male industry, and whether it helps to have role models who look like you (not for her)!

Music videos are both an initiator and a reflection of pop culture in the US, and have been monumental for advancing conversations about a variety of social issues and topics. How does that play out? In our Pop Culture Moment – we get into Marvel’s Shang-Chi and Martin Luther King Jr’s speech in Fortnite.

This episode is brought to you by Wolf Greenfield, an inclusive intellectual property law firm based in Boston and New York.

Sep 02 – 22 mins left
Movie Theaters vs Streaming (ft KJ Anderson)
KJ Anderson, known as The KJ Machine, joins us today! A filmmaker and film critic, he started work in the entertainment industry as a celebrity publisher and red carpet photographer. He shares his hot takes on new films on his YouTube channel and website. We’re happy to hear his thoughts on the topic of streaming, movie theaters, and the industry.

The epic battle between movie theaters and streaming rages on for our viewership, interest, and dollars! Who are the contenders, and who are the giants? Which corporations own each other, and how has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the industry? What does too much choice look like, and what is the future of movie theaters? We explore that in more – related to diversity – in today’s episode!

This episode is brought to you by Wolf Greenfield, an inclusive intellectual property law firm based in Boston and New York.

Aug 19 – 25 mins left
Inside The Writer’s Room (ft Kristina Woo)
Welcome to Season 2 of Incluvie Movie Podcast! Kristina Woo, a writer for Netflix, joins us to talk about what’s happening in the writer’s room! Kristina has worked on Halston, The Affair, Sorry For Your Loss, and Players – airing on Paramount Plus next year! What are some good qualities in a writer’s room? How does diversity play out, or is it still unmentioned when writing?

Pop Culture Moment – In the Olympics, we applaud Simone Biles for prioritizing her mental health, and are proud of Suni Lee for being the first Hmong American in the Olympics, taking home the gold in the all-around. Athletes from around the world bring their best to the games, and their journeys are incredible.

Thank you to this episode’s sponsor Wolf Greenfield, an inclusive intellectual property Law Firm based in Boston and New York.

Aug 05 – 19 mins left
Not Your Black Best Friend
Today we explore the infamous media trope, The Black Best Friend, and what that means. We are joined by guest star Daryn Robinson, a Chicago comic and writer for The Onion! Isn’t it positive to have a supportive black best friend, who’s academically and professionally successful, super funny, a great listener, and always there when you need them? Our hosts and guests think — not so much. Why is that? And why is the black best friend, in fact, a trope? We talk about this and more!

For our Pop Culture Moment – and for Pride – we want to draw attention to two trailblazing queer athletes who made a huge splash this month, defensive tackle Carl Nassib, and runner Sha’Carri Richardson! This is especially huge because compared to other industries, there’s very little queer visibility in athletics.

Special shoutout to our new Facebook fundraiser key supporters! And thanks to this episode’s sponsors Tai Tung Pharmacy and BrushMagic Kids!

Jul 01 – 29 mins left
From Bollywood to Hollywood
Today we go from Bollywood to Hollywood – with our very own special guest Samarth Merwah! Samarth is a huge film buff, and has a multicultural perspective of both franchises. We get into Slumdog Millionaire to the much anticipated Ms Marvel superhero Kamala Khan, and also ask – are Mindy Kaling and Kumail Nanjiani supposed to represent every Indian and brown person? Is it acceptable to have Pakistani and Indian actors play interchangeable roles? (our guest feels yes, for now! As long as it’s multi-dimensional). Tune into our pop culture moment too for Riz Ahmed’s new initiative, series Love, Victor, and pride month!

Special thanks to our Facebook fundraiser key supporters from week 1! Also to this episode’s sponsors Tai Tung Pharmacy and BrushMagic Kids!

Jun 17 – 27 mins left
Good Hombres in Cinema
We’re excited about Latin stories in US movies and TV! In today’s episode, Rafael Sarmiento joins us as we explore the good, the bad, and the funny in how films portray Latinos. How much does film impact society and people’s perceptions? Is film so powerful as to affect rhetoric and immigration policy? Does it determine camaraderie or fear? Are all Latinos Mexican? (answer no!) We all know stories can make a compelling impact by driving people’s emotions. Join us as we talk about Coco, Spy Kids, We the Animals, and Don’t Let me Drown, as well as Day of the Dead and immigration.

The Pop Culture Moment gets into Marvel’s Shang Chi, Eternals, The Half of It, and upcoming Cruella. AAPI month just concluded, and Pride month is here in June.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Tai Tung Village and BrushMagic Kids!
We appreciate Asian American businesses and encourage everyone to stop Asian hate.

Jun 02 – 24 mins left
Promising Young Woman | Romanticizing Revenge
In today’s podcast, we get into Promising Young Woman, Oscar winner for Best Original Screenplay by Emerald Fennell, starring Carey Mulligan. We have with us special guest Sarah Erskine, former head movie critic at Incluvie!

Check out our pop culture moment and thoughts on the Golden Globes being canceled. For the main segment – we explore topics such as whether the film had a more nuanced perspective with a female director, how the tone of the film felt, and whether Cassie’s revenge was fulfilling for her as a character. Sexual assault can be a difficult topic, and we talk about how this film portrays the subject matter with a fiction revenge tale.

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May 20 – 28 mins left
Coming 2 America | 2 Much Nostalgia?
We explore Coming 2 America with Incluvie movie critic Dantè Orange in today’s episode! Check out 3 different perspectives on the film. Was there too much nostalgia and excessive throwbacks to the original? Or was this a breath of fresh air to see the exquisite African royalty and costumes from Zamunda? What was it like seeing Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall revive their roles from the iconic 1988 film? We get into the role of women, how colorism plays out, and more.

Our Pop Culture Moment includes incluvie highlights on the 2021 Academy Awards, noting results from Minari, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, and Nomadland, along with the sadness of Chadwick Boseman not winning, and the entertainment of Youn Yuh-Jung calling out Brad Pitt in her speech~

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