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Must Buy Kanchipuram Silk Sarees For The Wedding Season

Must Buy Kanchipuram Silk Sarees For The Wedding Season

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Bridal Sarees

Silk sarees are one such garment that instantly elevates your appearance. It properly represents the essence of purity and displays India’s rich culture and tradition. Silk is a protein fiber created by the silkworm spinning around the cocoon, which few people are aware of. The silk is then made from this filament. Silk is popular not just in India, but also around the world, due to its durability, colors, sheen, comfort, rich texture, and overall comfort. Traditional silk sarees for ladies are the greatest since they are stylish, elegant, and suitable for practically any event. A bride’s wardrobe options are diverse, ranging from sophisticated and trendy wedding gowns to traditional bridal sarees. Hence, in this post, you can explore Kanchipuram silk sarees for the wedding season:

Haldi Ceremony:

The Haldi ceremony is the first ritual that every Indian family does. Haldi is applied to the bride and groom’s faces as a symbol of purity and a joyous beginning and is considered one of the purest and most divine things in weddings. As a result, brides and family members can wear yellow Kanchipuram sarees to the wedding. The yellow Kanchivaram silk sarees are ideal for the Haldi ceremony, and their flattering drapes and sumptuous sheer make the bride stand out. The peacock and rudraksha designs on these yellow colors represent the fortunate event.

Mehendi ceremony:

Before the wedding, the Mehendi ceremony is a colorful and exciting event. The famous Indian Henna or Mehendi is applied to the bride, close relatives, and practically all-female visitors during the ritual, which is typically celebrated by the bride’s side women. Joy, beauty, spiritual enlightenment, and offers are all represented by these beautiful designs. To spice up the occasion for the Mehendi ceremony, the bride can wear a green-colored Kanjivaram silk saree, similar to Haldi. These sarees have a checkered pattern with rich zari, adding grandeur to the occasion.

Sangeet Ceremony:

The Indian Sangeet Ceremony is a musical spectacle in which the bride and groom’s close friends and family perform Bollywood songs and dance acts. At some point throughout the event, guests are expected to join the dance floor. Because most sangeets take place in the evening, a brilliant color Lehenga-choli or Kurti Churidar with intricate embroidery details is ideal. You can also go with the customary Indian colors of yellows, greens, and reds for this night’s celebration, or go with a variety of deeper brilliant colors like purple, blues, black, and deep pink. A matching kurta pajama for the guys would be ideal.

Wedding Ceremony:

The bride and groom are often brought together with the ‘feras’ around the sacred fire and the seven vows during an Indian wedding ceremony. It’s a lovely and spiritual occasion that will bond both families together for years to come. Classic Indian saris in rich silks or other fabrics with elegant and detailed work in bright celebratory hues such as orange, purple, green, blue, and so on should be worn to this occasion. Match your outfit with matching Indian jewelry and you’ll look and feel like royalty!

Wedding buying is difficult, however, Kanchipuram sarees can be purchased online without difficulty. These are some of the options and tips for selecting the best Kanchipuram sarees for the wedding day. 

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