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Old maps and mods for Call of Duty Mobile are back!

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Call of Duty Mobile old maps and game modes are temporarily returning to the game.

call of duty mobile old maps and game modes

As part of the Call of Duty Mobile-first anniversary events, old maps and game modes are returning to the game.

Old maps and mods return for Call of Duty Mobile MOD Apk. The Activision team will celebrate the first anniversary of Call of Duty Mobile with a big update to the game. The details of this update are starting to become clear.

Call of Duty Mobile old maps and mods are back

Almost a year has passed since the release of Call of Duty Mobile. As every developer team does, the Activision team is making plans to celebrate its anniversary in the best way possible. One of the first posts about these plans aroused a lot of excitement in the players.

call of duty mobile old maps and game modes are back
Shortly before the first anniversary of Call of Duty Mobile, the details started to be shared by the developer team.

The popular maps and game modes of the game will be added to the game for a short time, especially for the first anniversary of the game. Check out our Call of Duty Mobile ping drop suggestions to solve occasional ping problems just before you learn how to get involved in the process of adding maps and game modes to the game for detailed information on this process.

Vote for the map and game mode you want

call of duty mobile old maps
As part of the Call of Duty Mobile-first anniversary events, some of the old maps and game modes will become playable again.

All you need to do for Call of Duty Mobile’s old maps and modes is to vote for the choices you want in the voting that you will reach through the official social media accounts of the game. In the voting that will continue until September 27, you can choose from a total of 20 different game modes, from the old modes Frontline to One Shot One Kill, from Gun Game to Attack of the Undead game mode. From the old maps, you can choose from 20 different maps, from Hijacked to Scrapyard, from Shipment 1944 to Firing Range. You can vote by going to the Call of Duty Mobile Twitter address to return the old maps and game modes you love and want to the game.

When will Call of Duty Mobile-first anniversary celebrations begin?

call of duty mobile old game modes
Call of Duty Mobile-first anniversary events is expected to kick off on October 1.

Call of Duty Mobile-first anniversary celebrations will kick off on October 1. All details about the first anniversary have not been shared yet. However, with the surprises that started with the addition of old maps and modes to the game in Call of Duty Mobile, we can already say that many different things await the players. It is not yet clear how long the first-anniversary event will last. However, considering that the ongoing 10th season will end on October 14th, we can say that the first anniversary events of the game will continue at least until the beginning of the 11th season. Be sure to check out our Call of Duty Mobile season 10 best weapons content to learn about the weapons that stand out in the game’s 10th season .

Call of Duty Mobile operator skills is an essential part of the game. We know that operator skills, which are of great importance and powerful features, change the fate of the game from time to time. In this guide, we’ll take a look at all the operator skills and features available in Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills

Operator skills that can be used in multiplayer online matches can recharge over time. Players have the opportunity to speed up this time by scoring or completing in-game objectives. We have mentioned that these operator skills, which have different abilities and features, play an important role in the game. In Call of Duty Mobile, different operator skills offer you the opportunity to apply different strategies.

call of duty mobile flamethrower
Call of Duty Mobile – Flamethrower

CoD Mobile Operator Skills – Flamethrower

When you activate this operator skill, which is unlocked at level 3, your character will unleash a flamethrower and perform a burning attack that will permanently damage your opponent. What does this mean? In other words, when you activate this operator skill, when you damage your opponent with the flamethrower you have in your hand, your opponent will also receive burning damage for a certain period in addition to the damage you take. Thus, even if your opponent disappears after an accurate shot, they will continue to take damage from the accurate shot. Although the firing speed of this machine is good, it is the biggest handicap of the weapon that creates a question mark in the minds of the people who will use it due to its low firing distance.

call of duty mobile killing machine
Call of Duty Mobile – Death Machine

CoD Mobile Operator Skills – Death Machine

Death machine; a handheld weapon with high damage and a very high rate of fire that improves accuracy over time. With these features, Death Machine, one of the best operator skills in the game, unlocks at level 15. With a lot of damage and unlike any other weapon, the Death Machine’s perhaps best feature is that the more it fires, the more accurate it gains. The only thing you need to pay attention to in this weapon, which you can easily neutralize your opponents, is to be careful until that time passes, as the accuracy of the bullet increases over time. Because until you reach the accuracy rate you want, it will be useful to be careful, as there is also the case of being neutralized by your opponent.

call of duty mobile war machine
Call of Duty Mobile – War Machine

CoD Mobile Operator Skills – War Machine

War Machine is an operator skill unlocked at level 26 that allows you to drop multiple grenades at your opponents at once. Your opponents who come into direct contact with this bomb will die immediately. Opponents within the blast radius will lose their health. You can use an effective skill, War Machine, to clear houses and buildings and completely clear a community of opponents.

call of duty mobile tempest
Call of Duty Mobile

CoD Mobile Operator Skills – Tempest

Unlocked at level 35, Tempest is another operator that gets players excited. Because the weapon that throws electricity at the opponents can kill the opponent it comes into contact with. With this feature, Tempest, where you can neutralize opponents with a single bullet in close battles, has a different place in the game for this reason. However, Tempest needs to be charged before it can be fired. Therefore, you can die before you can use Tempest. So if you decide to use Tempest, you will either be fast enough or be careful not to miss your shots.

call of duty mobile expanding shield
Call of Duty Mobile – The Expanding Shield

CoD Mobile Operator Skills – Expanding Shield

The Expanding Shield skill, which is quite different from other operator skills, unlocks at level 50. More of a defensive tool, Expanding Shield creates a massive shield and a flash that briefly blinds enemies when cast. This shield, which can be used for different purposes, has the feature of giving you or your teammates a breather for a short time in difficult times. You may have a chance to disrupt your opponent’s game plan with Expanding Shield, which is mostly preferred to disrupt the opponent’s strategy.

call of duty mobile flaming hawk
Call of Duty Mobile – Flaming Hawk

CoD Mobile Operator Skills – Flaming Hawk

The Blazing Hawk is a bow that fires explosive arrows at enemies. When you press the fire button, the Flame Hawk, which shoots an arrow a short distance, also sends an arrow farther and faster when you press the fire button for a long time. The arrow you send explodes when it contacts something. When you hit an opponent directly with your arrow, your opponent can die immediately, but if there is no direct contact, you can only damage the nearby enemy. Especially useful in close-range combat, the Flame Hawk is one of the effective operators.

call of duty mobile hive
Call of Duty Mobile – HIVE

CoD Mobile Operator Skills – HIVE

The HIVE operator is a skill that allows you to set traps. Again, with this operator skill, where you can apply different strategies, you can disrupt your opponent’s game with the traps you place according to the course of the game. However, you have to be very careful when placing these traps. Because your traps can be seen and neutralized by your opponents. For this reason, you should take care to place these traps carefully instead of using them randomly.

call of duty mobile gravity lance

CoD Mobile Operator Skills – Gravity Spear

The most fun operator skill in the game, the Gravity Spear is a skill that can throw you a short distance and kill nearby opponents. With this skill, which can be easily used many times, fun moments will be waiting for you. With this skill, which we recommend use in close-range conflicts, the opportunity to do great things in short close-range conflicts awaits you.

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