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The Marble Countertop Upgrade Could Make You A Better Cook

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If you are the kind of chef who is always prepared with a freshly baked loaf of bread, a pie on the ledge, and flour on your countertops, then a marble countertop in the kitchen could be the best investment you ever make.

Pastry chefs have used marble to keep buttery dough’s from getting too warm. Marble prevents the butter from melting. Butter should be kept at room temperature when it is being prepared so that it can bake into layers that are flaky or soft.

What can marble do? The stone’s large thermal mass allows it to keep its temperature high compared to other materials. This means that marble can absorb heat from the dough, but not acquire that heat. The warmth of the butter will be transmitted to the marble by kneading it.

Marble is a great surface for chocolate. Once the chocolate has been melted, it needs to be tempered. After that, it will need to be tempered once more so that it snaps when you bite into it. Tempering refers to the technique of heating chocolate at a temperature that alters its crystal structure to get the desired texture.

However, when working with chocolate, unlike buttery dough’s or other buttery products, you will want to warm your marble slab. It is important to warm up your marble slab before you start working with chocolate. Too cold can cause it to harden too fast. To temper, the chocolate, heat it over the stove. Then pour it onto a marble countertop. The chocolate is cooled by continuously moving it over the surface with a spatula. The chocolate can then be used after it has been tempered. The chocolate can be put into moulds or used to create a wide variety of mouthwatering confections after it has been tempered.

Marble is a great ingredient to use when making candy, especially when you are working with sugar. Marble can speed up the process. Like chocolate, sweets must be set before they are ready to eat. For example, sugar-based sweets are often made by heating sugar and water together over a fire. This results in high temperatures. You will find it easier to work with the sugar mixture if the mixture is poured onto a slab of marble. You should ensure that the mixture has some viscosity. A liquid sugar mixture on marble will result in a sticky, heated mess.

We’ve already covered some of the problems that come with marble countertops in the kitchen. Many people still have the conversation. Granite is more susceptible to scratches and etching than marble countertops, particularly if they have a polished surface rather than a honed one. This is especially true if your countertop is in high-traffic areas. These issues can be avoided by using cutting boards and coasters, as well as being extra careful to clean up any spillages that might occur.

These markings are not considered flaws by many who are passionate about cooking at their home. They are considered trophies to be proud of and evidence of a well-used kitchen. You’d be surprised at how much guests notice scratches and nicks on marble countertops, especially if they are honed.

A marble countertop doesn’t necessarily have to be installed in the entire kitchen. A small slab of marble could be placed on one side of the countertop. The remaining surface could be covered in another type of stone. This would make it appear like your countertop is entirely marbled. There are also options to have marble added to a table, cart or island that can be used only for making pastries, chocolates, and candies. This will allow you to have the best of both of them: a surface that helps elevate your confections, while also requiring minimal upkeep.

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