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It’s no secret, it seems, that the world is made up of large corporate companies, in fact, a vast whirlpool of small specialist teams that go by the job title “consultant” more often than not. They are plentiful, they are (usually) highly skilled, self-driven, and most importantly, they are eager to work on projects.

So what’s the problem? Why can’t you ask your team to work together?

If you’re new to being a business owner or you’re trying to hire people to help you run your solo enterprise, this is a huge step forward. It’s also very frustrating for people who haven’t been trained to hire people.

Tip #1: Knowing What You Want, But Being Able to Accept It Can Be Totally Wrong

This is a big deal. We all know the stories of entrepreneurs like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford who refused to accept the “it can’t be done” statement. They both spent years of their lives overcoming that obstacle and eventually changed the world forever. However, this is rarely the case in everyday business. What I’m talking about here is being able to clearly define the outcome you want, communicate with a freelancer/consultant, and being able to accept that you may have unreliable goals.

I’ll give you a good example! I once had a customer who had a very high-priced product, it was a water filtration system. I told him that the price seemed unbelievably high, it was easily a 4x comparable filtration system, and that he was even out of the actual manufacturer’s pricing. Being a top dog isn’t a bad thing, but having more than an actual manufacturer means you’ve got a serious uphill battle in presenting value to the buyer. In addition, he set his goals on Facebook on a cost-per-click basis of $0.01-$0.02. I told him no way, it was not possible. Facebook was easily raising $0.25 per click at the time, and they were expanding like crazy.

customer feedback? They told me that they found a training course that provides a way to get clicks in their price range. I went through the course as they asked- I mean, I’ll take my own advice and if I’m wrong I’ll gladly accept it and sell this new expertise to my other clients. As it turns out, training was about 2 years old when I started watching/reading. not good. On top of that, some of his targeting recommendations could get my client blacklisted from advertising on Facebook. Definitely not good. Of course, the customer didn’t like that response and our arrangement was canceled shortly after. What’s the point of hiring an expert if you’re not going to take their advice seriously?

Tip #2: Don’t try to hire people with no money, and no credentials.

Trying to persuade someone to work for free is absolutely impossible. It’s also entirely possible, but it usually happens around startup areas like Austin TX, or Silicon Valley. If you’re just starting out and don’t know something and want to try to convince someone to help you do it for free, you should at least have a compelling background that lets the person know that they are real to you. Will get paid work or a connection of yours in future.

As a marketer, I am constantly approached by PPC services and budding entrepreneurs who have the next big thing but don’t know how to market it. In fact, when I say that I will clearly state that they don’t know how to market or sell, and it’s usually a very awkward conversation. I’m always asked by people who don’t have the credentials to say they can be successful at this, don’t have the money to start, and on top of that, they can’t sell because they don’t know-how. To do. This is not a place where anyone would have the confidence to begin. Bootstrapping a business isn’t a bad thing, but get some traction first and make sure people actually want to buy your product. Or even better, do some testing to see if people want your product before putting it into development. I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on projects that I could tell from the getgo were total failures. This is a sad thing.

Tip #3: Have regular meetings to discuss progress.

It sounds obvious, but there are a plethora of blogs out there claiming they set up a business and “forgot about it”, or some of these other audacious claims about how every business can get hands-off. . The fact of the matter is that this is not universally true. Yes, there are some businesses that can be mildly successful and practical, but getting something off the ground with a bunch of unknown variables requires attention, detail, and precision. How can you have any of this without talking to the experts you hired? From the outset, go over a plan with your freelancers about how often you want to communicate with them, and what topics in particular. This will be a huge lifesaver both in time and in despair.

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Tip #4: Allow them to make decisions.

I know it’s a pretty scary thing but allow your experts to decide without you. Your goal is the most important thing, and they may be able to accomplish the goal better than your instruction. It happens! Take off the ego cap and take a deep breath. If you have clearly outlined the goal and purpose of hiring your freelancer, they will get it done! I’ve had people come to me with huge to-do lists that are ineffective and beyond outright ridiculous. I turn down projects like this or clients who don’t get suggestions on how to make things better. Freelancers in ppc management agency live and thrive independently, so trying to get hired by detailing every single job they do just creates friction. Now, this tip comes with a little disclaimer. Freelancers in some countries just take marching orders. Hiring someone from the Philippines or India who has little or no work experience will probably be a hard worker who only takes marching orders. It is in their culture, and especially in the Philippines, Filipinos don’t want to disappoint you by doing anything the wrong way, so they will take your instruction and just go with it. If you think they’ve found a better way, you need to ask them to provide their feedback.

I had a lady helping me with lead generation, and she did a great job. A month or two into her project, she was doing so well and helped me organize everything so well that I then hired her housewife to help the lead generation as well. His feedback and guidance, level of detail, and clarity on how my instructions were written really made a huge difference! I thought I did a great job, but it was incredibly helpful to add a new approach and to see how anyone else can interpret the instructions given to them.


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