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Useful Tips For Buying the Right Type of Boxing Gloves

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Useful Tips For Buying the Right Type of Boxing Gloves

Packing a boxing gym bag starts with the selection of the right gear in the bag. And for a woman boxer, having quality womens boxing gloves can help them to keep their hands protected and comfortable while training. Just like your other protective boxing gear, gloves will perform best and will provide you with maximum benefits when they are properly sized. So, how to buy good boxing gloves that can help you in improving your boxing game? Keep reading to explore the answer.

Should You Really Need to Wear Boxing Gloves?

As per the experts, when you have the best boxing gloves, like Adidas boxing gloves, this can offer you essential protection while lowering the impact of the punching power. Boxing gloves are designed in such a way that they can spread the force. When you punch a heavy bag, a huge amount of force will be generated into your knuckles, wrists, and hands. So, you should protect these areas using good gloves and wraps so that you can enjoy your practice session without worrying about any risk.

Understanding the Weight of the Boxing Gloves

Well, womens boxing gloves are available in different sizes and shapes, and it will also depend on your goals, your gameplay style, personal preference, and how you want to use the gloves. However, some experts suggest starting with a 14oz boxing glove. Such gloves are lightweight and offer a complete hand or knuckle protection. If you prefer to do heavy bag work, then you can use a 16oz boxing glove.

For your training purpose, experts advise a 12 to 14-oz glove as the sweets port. But it has also been seen that most women boxers prefer to use 16-oz boxing gloves.  As you advance in your training, you can go for lighter boxing gloves. Women boxers with good boxing technique and experience may go for 10-oz gloves. Remember that lighter gloves will boost the impact on your fists, but such gloves allow you to attain better speed.

What about The Materials?

Well, when it comes to choosing a material, this will greatly depend on the type of boxing you want to begin with.  As per some professional boxers, leather can be an excellent option for you as this material will last longer due to its durability and strength. Besides, with these gloves, you can enjoy faster movements. And if you have money, then go for gloves made of genuine leather. If you are looking for fitness boxing, then buying boxing gloves made of PU or polyurethane and nylon can be a great option for you. Some also prefer to go for vinyl-made boxing gloves as they are cost-effective and easy to clean.

Pricing and Some Recommended Products

If you are buying for the first time, then choose a less expensive one if you are uncertain about your game. Well, if you want to take it for a long time, then investing around £50 would not be a bad option at all. In general, a good quality boxing glove can range from £50 to £150 based on the material and features. Under this price range, you will benefit more and use it as you progress. If you are looking for some best brands for womens boxing gloves, then you can go for Adidas, MCD, Bravo Alpha, RDX, and more.

What are you waiting for? Just keep these things in your mind, and you can buy the best womens boxing gloves to take your boxing training to a whole new level. Well, you can find a lot of options online, like Adidas boxing gloves and more. Just choose the right one.

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