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Website monitoring for effective maintenance and Google Ads control

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Every website owner should be well aware that just having a website is not enough to grow a business. It must always be kept stable. Otherwise, the website owner will simply not be able to promote his business in such a vast space as the Internet. But even small problems, from which even IT giants are not insured, can lead to big consequences. Old users will start leaving if the website slows down or becomes unavailable. Advertising campaigns will stop working. This means that new visitors will stop appearing. And all this will lead to financial and reputational losses. Therefore, it is vital that the website owner or webmaster constantly monitors the website for errors.

Websites’ common problems 

According to the DownDetector resource, regular disconnections of Internet services with a multi-million user base are the norm, not the exception. Users of Facebook, Google, Amazon and many other world-famous Internet services regularly lose access to their accounts for hours or even days. And those who work, for example, with PayPal, Amazon, Google, etc., will lose real money.

Websites’ common problems 

There are three main reasons for disruptions in world-class service. The first and most common is a failure due to updates. No social network lives in a stable state. To stay competitive, he has to make updates. Sometimes after that something can go wrong. High server load is not a guarantee that all failure scenarios will be detected.

A much rarer cause of problems for large companies is the physical destruction of key servers. As a rule, this is due to DDoS attacks on the company’s servers. This is the most difficult option, in which an attacker tries to overload the servers. 

The third most common reason, no matter how ridiculous it may sound, is problems on the part of an Internet provider that provides a web connection to the company’s servers. For example, on August 30, 2021, the services of Google, Cloudflare, Amazon, Microsoft and other companies were unavailable worldwide due to the fault of the American provider CenturyLink. 

Website monitoring importance

As is already obvious, when an error occurs on the website, it can have many consequences. And errors that lead to an unstable or completely inaccessible web resource can be caused by many reasons. But even the smallest problem can lead to the collapse of your business. That’s why it’s important to know how you can fix various web bugs quickly. It is very important to get your website back online quickly. And this is especially important in terms of getting traffic from search engine optimization. An experienced webmaster can easily fix any error that may cause your website to be disabled. This is because the webmaster knows where to focus his troubleshooting efforts by monitoring the website.

Website monitoring importance

At its core, website monitoring is the use of a comprehensive diagnostic toolbox by the website owner or webmaster. This is necessary so that the webmaster or website owner can find out the source of problems with the website as efficiently as possible. Therefore, website monitoring allows you to eliminate all possible problems as soon as possible. But in fact, this set of tools is very wide. Therefore, in most cases, especially when it comes to complex websites, such as online stores, the webmaster needs to use automated monitoring systems.

Automated website monitoring tools for webmasters

In fact, even a team of webmasters could not manually track and solve all the problems of a web resource. Thus, everyone should automate website monitoring procedures as much as possible. And special services, such as HostTracker, which has proven itself to be a reliable assistant, perfectly cope with this task. It is an online website monitoring service with rich functionality and good customer feedback.

Automated website monitoring tools for webmasters

The principle of this service is that the webmaster sets up a set of tests for diagnostics, and then the system regularly checks all designated websites for availability, page loading speed, work under load, content integrity, and so on. At the same time, the system conducts these checks from all over the world. And in case of problems, you will receive notifications about problems. In addition, the system collects separate uptime statistics for each website and/or server. It helps a lot when the same problems occur from time to time. With this system, you can easily identify patterns and eliminate the source of constant threats.

To notify the webmaster or the website owner, this system uses various notification methods, from email to widely used Internet messengers, to warn users about problems with the stability and availability of the website. And if necessary, the system notifies users via phone calls or SMS messages. In addition, the webmaster can configure the opening hours for each means of communication. The system is also designed to send a minimum number of fake alerts to the people responsible for the website. Thus, they will not be lost in the flow of information. And in case of serious problems, these people will find out about them as soon as possible.

system uses various notification methods

Website monitoring and Google Ads

Given that Google services can also fail, every website owner always wants to be sure that there will be no overpayments. Especially paying attention to the fact that if for any reason the website becomes unavailable, the Google Ads system completely blocks all its advertising campaigns. But that’s not the worst of it. The worst thing is Google’s timely and not too well-made response system, which works with website advertising.

Website monitoring and Google Ads

A large number of failures and errors on a website connected to Adwords remain unnoticed by Google systems. And it puts links to inaccessible websites in ads blocks, so users click on empty links. And even a short-term failure can stop an advertising campaign for a long period. In the end, even if the website owner is able to localize the problem in time, he will have to make a request to restore the subscription and wait for its completion.

But the HostTracker toolkit includes a service that automatically checks the status of a website. And it manually suspends ad campaigns via the Adwords API before Google takes any action. And as soon as the website returns to normal, the service will resume the campaign. This approach allows website owners to avoid serious financial losses, minimizes the consequences of failures and significantly reduces the load on the webmaster or technical team.

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