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What is a restricted call

What is a restricted call

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what is a restricted call

What is a restricted call mean receiving limited phone calls on an Android device is stressful and annoying. Additionally, a restricted number prevents you from contacting the caller or accessing his personal data, but it allows him unlimited access to your iPhone or Android phone.

Sending individuals restricted numbers is a skill that many telemarketers, con artists, and spammers have mastered. Although receiving this phone call might be annoying and frightening, some people can end up being robbed, particularly when they are gullible and divulge personal information to restricted callers.

Therefore, it is obvious that restricted calls are not something that anyone would like to receive. Therefore, you may find out how to block such a limited number of calls on your Android devices so that the people who are behind them can’t call you again. This article explains what calling limitations are and how to remove them.

What does an Android restricted call mean?

When an incoming call on your iPhone or Android phone is marked as “restricted,” it signifies that the individual making the call has asked the carrier network provider to keep his personal information from the recipients for reasons that are best known to him. As a result, you are unable to see the numbers behind such calls to take further action.

Why would I answer a call from a blocked number?

A limited call, as said in the sentence before, conceals the caller ID from the recipient. This often happens when a user requests the carrier network to hide his personal information from the intended receivers because they are a corporation, telemarketing, or protocol. In certain circumstances, a carrier network may restrict a number even when the user doesn’t request it.

This occurs when other users report the same number, which is subsequently restricted, making the caller’s end appear as a “Restricted number call.” In addition, when users call loaning boards to request debt settlement, the majority of them employ a limited call to prevent users from accessing their personal data.

How can you place an unreachable phone call?

The majority of telemarketers are responsible for restricted calls, and they frequently contact carrier providers like TFW to have their calls made restricted; you can also enable this function for your phone number.

However, employing such a function on your number is only permitted for a brief period of time when it is momentarily available. It is as easy as calling the star sign, then the numbers 6 and 7, or *67.

Why would someone want to ban specific numbers?

Restricted calls are frustrating, and need no further explanation. Technology improvements have given us a lot to be grateful for, but they have also given rise to concerns about the loss of important rights to wealth that are abstract in nature, the compromise of data integrity, and the use of private information as lines of evidence for criminal activity.

People are becoming more concerned about stopping the calls due to these and numerous other factors. Thankfully, you could block these bothersome calls whose IDs you cannot access by following a few easy steps

How can an Android phone ban calls from certain numbers?

You can easily block restricted phone calls on your mobile device using one of the four simple methods, including the Android app for call blocking or the do not disturb feature.

1. Disabling limited calls on Android using a built-in feature

To prevent restricted callers from contacting you again, you can block their calls using the built-in android blocking tool. Continue as follows;

Access the Phone app from the Home menu.
how to stop limiting calls
Hit the restricted call button.
Limit your callers
Find the three dots features on the alternatives that display, probably on the right side of the blocked number calling restrictions.
When the option to “block restricted number” appears, select it to complete the action.
ban a mobile number
Since the number is blocked, the caller won’t contact you again.

2. Disable the Do Not Disturb feature when calling a restricted number.

Additionally, you can use the Do Not Disturb function to prevent restricted calls from reaching your inbox. The Do Not Disturb feature obviously does not stop calls from coming in, but it does block you from hearing and reacting to them.

This indicates that you won’t actually receive them as incoming calls; rather, you’ll simply see them in the recent calls log. Follow these steps to use the functionality;

Access Settings
Choose “Do Not Disturb” from the menu.

If you want your favorite callers or All Contacts, select the appropriate checkbox under the Allow Calls option.
extra parameters as desired
At the bottom of the page, activate the Do Not Disturb button.
Activate the Do Not Disturb setting.
With the exception of the callers listed in the “Allow Calls from” option, this function automatically blocks all other callers. By doing this, the limited calls will appear on your recent call records rather than directly reaching your phone as incoming calls.

If they are unfamiliar with the other techniques and are able to successfully lock out the restricted number, many people choose this criterion.

3. Become a member of the National Do Not Call Registry.

By agreeing to the registry’s rules, you can register for the National Do Not Call services. The database contains phone numbers for those who don’t want to receive calls from telemarketers or other schemes.

The good news is that registering is easy; all you have to do is check in to https://www.donotcall.gov/ and provide your information. This free program prevents telemarketers from phoning specific numbers mentioned above.

By providing your information, you can join the database and avoid receiving limited calls—at least from telemarketers.

4. Install an app on your phone to block restricted numbers.

Are you sick of being called by ominous and erratic callers with a restricted number? You can now investigate the offerings of third-party programs to block these grating calls.

On your mobile device, there are numerous apps for blocking calls from numbers with restricted or concealed IDs. Following are a few of them:

4.1. The Hiya Caller Blocker App blocks spam calls.

Using the Hiya app, you can end calls that are banned. You can experiment with the spam and block features of this third-party application to stop these bothersome calls.

The Hiya app gives you the option to permanently block the calls, unlike the built-in Android function, which only prevents the calls from arriving as incoming calls. No doubt,it might come with some costs, but the investment is worth your penny.

4.2RokoKiller app

You might also look into the RoboKiller software to stop telemarketers, spammers, scammers, and other callers from your limited number.

Additionally, the app blocker allows you to purchase time to get back at the caller by sending them time-wasting messages. As a result, it has a reputation for punishing limited callers severely.

This app requires a small financial investment, but is it not worthwhile? The callers are deterred and won’t dare phone your number again if you give them a taste of their own medication.

You choose your membership based on the features you want from the app’s many features.

4.3 Restricted Number Blocker

Another program that assists in blocking limited calls is available just for Android users, keeping out iPhone users. With only a few minor differences here and there, it shares many functions with the Hiya app.

The experience is, nevertheless, essentially the same. The software has more than 5 million downloads on Google Play, demonstrating how insanely popular it is.

You can stop them by copying the call log’s information and adding it to the app.

4.4 Call Blocker

Another program that Android users can use to prevent calls from certain numbers is called Call Blocker-Call Blocklist. It allows you to copy the information from the call log and paste it on the app to block the prohibited numbers on your phone, just like the earlier app mentioned above.

It also offers further tools for banning unwelcome messages from a certain number. Given its effectiveness, the app has a large number of downloads on the Play Store website.


Receiving prohibited calls on your Android phone is bothersome and infuriating, especially when the caller IDs have a concealed number, which makes it difficult to trace the callers. These calls are feasible if the user asks the mobile network operator to conceal his personal information, but you may also temporarily activate the “restricted call” feature on your cell phone number. By using certain call features or third-party apps that block calls from limited numbers, you can stop these types of calls. Discover all of these tips by reading this post.

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