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Which is the best institute for animation and VFX in Kolkata?

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Just in case you want to set your career in the field of animation or VFX in Kolkata. This blog is for you to get help to choose the best animation institute

Let me guess, if you are here searching for the best institute for animation and VFX in Kolkata, it means you are interested in graphics, filming, and editing. So if it is so, you are in the correct place to gather the required information. VFX and animation have gained widespread popularity in India because Bollywood films use high-quality VFX like Hollywood movies in recent times.

Movies such as Bahubali and Bramhastra are high on VFX, attracting viewers apart from the storyline. So many films focus on high VFX and animation effects to include in the movie.

What is VFX?

VFX is an abbreviated form for visual effects. The service of visual effects in films and TV serials has grown exponentially over the past few decades. What was initially dedicated to stunning science fiction movies and big-budget action movies can now be seen in your everyday TV serials? It is an essential element in movie production, especially in Bollywood blockbusters. They can give the audience a better sense of the story and allow filmmakers to add a feeling of scale to the experience. Visual effects are a vital part of today’s films, whether it’s for a Bollywood blockbuster or a television series.

When you want to become a VFX artist, you must enroll in the best VFX institute in Kolkata to get the complete details regarding the given field, along with the practical experience to aid you in having a portfolio ready even after being a fresher.

What is Animation?

Animation is the procedure of giving images a life. The animators design the images to resemble them as though they are moving. Many people consider animation as animated films. However, the animation is quite diverse. Animation comes not only in short films, feature films, and television serials but also in other media, like GIFs, video games, motion graphics, user interfaces, and visual effects.

How to select the best institute?

There are quite a few criteria that you must check while getting yourself into any VFX or animation institute in Kolkata. Some of the main factors include:

  • Infrastructure: The infrastructure thus does not directly affect your course, but you should definitely check the infrastructure as it is important for your comfort, and when you are comfortable, you can grasp more. MAAC Animation provides a fully AC campus to serve our students have comfort and education simultaneously.
  • Placement: Always check on the placement options and the percentage of placement. At MAAC Animation, you get guaranteed placement options where you can display your skills and get your desired job.
  • Faculty: Always check on the qualification of the faculty that will teach you to boost your career opportunities. Get the elaborated knowledge from the expert faculty at MAAC Animation located in Girish Park, Kolkata.
  • Courses: See if the classes meet up with the latest technology involved. At MAAC Animation, the teachers regularly study and check on the latest technology to meet up with the market demand and teach the students that are currently in demand.


MAAC Grishpark is the leading VFX or animation institute in Kolkata that provides the best and most updated courses to help to boost your career opportunities. It is one of the oldest institutes in Kolkata and has served many students get the desired career opportunities that help them get great packages at some of the leading companies.

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