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Why adopt London Landlord Certification?

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Looking for owner testimony? Landlord Certificates certify all owners. As one of the leading certification providers, Laindon Homeowners Certification offers EICR, gas safety certification. PAT testing, EPC, fire alarm safety, legionella testing and inventory in London, Essex, Sally and Sussex. Middlesex and the surrounding area Call us now. Landlord Certificates are required for owners to legally lease their property. We recommend that you send a copy of the report to each tenant.

You can book a gas safety check at your convenience. Landlord Certificates provide the resources and expertise to inspect your property. You can hire engineers for both residential and commercial real estate. In addition to the owner’s certificate, you can also contact the Landlord Certificates for electrical repair work. Steam Boiler Service Boiler Repair Boiler Replacement Cooker Attachment Commercial Gas and Electrical Monitoring and Fire Alarms

What are the Landlord Certificates?

These are documents provided by a qualified engineer after the inspection is complete. If you are a homeowner you will need all ownership certificates for your rental property. Find the list of owner certificates below.

  • Electrical Equipment Status Report (EICR)
  • EICR. certificate
  • Commercial electrical safety certificate
  • Gas safety record
  • Emergency light certificate
  • LPG certificate
  • Commercial gas certificate
  • Pat note
  • Trade PAT test
  • Energy efficiency certificate
  • Non-domestic EPC
  • Legionella test
  • Stock
  • Fire alarm certificate
  • Commercial fire test
  • Smoke alarm
  • Carbon monoxide warning certificate

Other related services:

  • Boiler service
  • Electrical construction
  • Electric stove equipment
  • Repair of electric stove
  • Radiator repair
  • Energy flow
  • Flat electrical equipment
  • Shower repair
  • Fix lights
  • lighting equipment
  • Chef service
  • Install a gas stove

How do I get the owner’s certificate?

You must hire a certified engineer to issue the required certifications at London Landlord Certificates. All engineers are fully qualified and insured to inspect properties for all certifications.

Who can leave?

Only qualified and competent people can issue certificates. But it also depends on the certificate.

How much does a certificate cost?

The cost of the certificate depends on the required exams and the location of the property. Please see the cost below.

  • Owner EICR: EICR costs £ 110 to £ 850 and is subject to VAT. But it depends on the ownership department. Consumer unit and location
  • Gas Register: The cost of a gas register depends on the number of gas facilities you own and the location of the facility. The average price is between £ 65 and £ 150 including VAT.
  • PAT: The cost of a PAT certificate depends on the number of devices you have and the location of your assets. The average price is between £ 65 and £ 150 including VAT.
  • Energy Efficiency Certification: EPC certification depends on the number and location of bedrooms. Normal costs are £ 65 to £ 250 + VAT.
  • Fire Alarm Certificates: Depending on the number of units, building size and location, the average price of a fire alarm certificate is £ 150-550 + VAT.
  • Stock: Depends on the number of bedrooms and the location of the property. Prices are usually between £ 150 and £ 500 plus VAT.
  • Legionella Testing: Legionella testing costs £ 250 to £ 650 + VAT.
  • Smoke Detector: The average cost of a smoke detector certificate is £ 150-250 + VAT.
  • Carbon Monoxide Warning: The cost of a carbon monoxide warning certificate is £ 65 to £ 150 + VAT.

Do I need a certificate to buy or sell an apartment or home?

Many homeowners are required by law to obtain Landlord Certificate London only for future buyers and tenants before selling or renting real estate. Obtaining a certificate will definitely make the process easier.

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