10 Dresses Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe


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Fashion is the one thing that has evolved most in history. It has timelessly been used to make statements and the appeal for it is undeniable. Today, fashion is one of the industries that have grown enormously.

That being said, dresses are a huge part of the fashion industry. Dresses are the most comfortable things you can put on. They are flattering for every shape and size and can accentuate some parts of your body while hiding the rest. This helps you be confident in whatever you are wearing.

Just like fashion, dresses have evolved to a certain level too. Mlsclothiers.com have listed the 10 best dresses every woman should have in her wardrobe.

  1. Little-black Dress: A Classic Outfit Option

This option is probably the most classic option out of all. Little black dresses or LBDs have remained in trend since forever. Timeless and classic, these dresses are available in every length and shape. This gives women the advantage of choosing whatever length and cut they prefer, to suit their height and body type.

One of the best advantages of wearing an LBD is that it can be worn anywhere. Whether you are attending a casual event, or you have a date night, a little black dress is always a good option.

  1. Maxi Dresses

Everyone loves maxi dresses. They’re cute, comfy, and suit people of all heights and body types. Maxi designer dresses have been in trend for a long time now. That being said, wearing maxi dresses has endless benefits.

Maxi dresses are as comfortable as your PJ’s. Those made from light and breathable material are even better. Furthermore, maxi dresses are easy to wear, look feminine, and are available in a huge variety of styles and designs. A maxi dress that adds a highlight to your waist can highlight your curves and make the outfit look even more flattering.

  1. Bodycon Dresses

Another classic option for buying women dresses online is bodycon dresses. Characterized by its body-hugging fabric, a bodycon dress is every woman’s dream. Bodycon dresses have been around for quite a long time and will never go out of fashion for a variety of different reasons.

Bodycon dresses are generally easy to wear, if you are choosing the right size, that is. Bodycon dresses are one of the most flattering dress types. They help accentuate your curves and are therefore a preferred dress type among most women.

  1. Sweater Dresses – Best Option For The Winter Season

Do you want to wear a dress during these winters but can’t due to the freezing temperature? Well, sweater dresses have come to your rescue. Sweater dresses are a new trend in the fashion industry and have been around ever since. These dresses not only protect you from the cold, but they can look very stylish if worn with the right accessories and footwear.

Sweater dresses are extremely comfortable and are incredibly versatile. The best way to complete the outfit is by pairing the dress with thigh-high boots and a belt, if necessary.

  1. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are probably one of the best clothing items you will ever own. From being the most flattering clothing piece to the most comfortable clothing item, the benefits of wearing a jumpsuit are countless. Here are some reasons why jumpsuits are a must-have in your closet:

  • They Are Flattering: Jumpsuits help define your waist. This is one of the reasons why they are considered one of the most flattering outfit ideas. Jumpsuits help make you look trimmer and give you a classy and chic look.
  • They Are Comfortable: If you wear a jumpsuit that is the right size, it can be one of the most comfortable clothing items you can own. Jumpsuits of a light fabric are softer to the skin.
  • You Can Pair Them With Accessories However You Want: Jumpsuits are not hard to accessorize and go with almost all kinds of footwear.
  1. Shirt Dresses: Best Option For A More Casual Look

Another trendy dress type that suits women of all heights and body types includes shirt dresses. These dresses have gained immense popularity over the past few years. This is due to a variety of reasons. Shirt dresses are versatile.

There is a wide range of varieties in shirt dresses based on length, collar type, colour, etc. A shirt dress helps make the outfit look cool and gives it a carefree and subtle look. Shirt dresses are perfect for days when you don’t feel like putting much effort into your outfit.

  1. Halter Neck Dresses

Halter neck is a kind of strap that runs from the front of the outfit to the back of the neck. Halter neck dresses were introduced in the industry a few years ago, and have been in trend ever since. These dresses are a great option if you want to accentuate your shoulder area.

  1. Off-shoulder Dresses

Another dress type that helps you flatter your shoulder area is off-shoulder dresses. Needless to say, these dresses are extremely flattering and are available in a variety of different lengths. To complete the outfit, wear it with a pair of stilettos and a nice gold necklace.

  1. Red Gowns: A Classic Choice For Formal Occasions

When in doubt, go for red! If you are looking for designer dresses to wear on a formal occasion, wearing a classic red gown might be the best choice for you. Red is a colour that makes you feel bold and confident, and wearing a red gown is very likely to do the job.

  1. Sheath Dresses

If you are looking for an option that is both conservative yet feminine, sheath dresses are a perfect choice for you. Sheath dresses are designed to suit any occasion. Whether you are deciding what to wear for a hangout or you are going out for a date, sheath dresses are perfect for every outing.


The best dress is the one that makes you feel good about yourself. Therefore, it is advised that you go for the one that makes you feel confident and brings out the best version of you.

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