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1855923-2214 Flight 24 hours and Same Day Flight Change Policy

Any of us can face a situation where we need to cancel or change our flight reservation with the airlines due to some unavoidable circumstances. For handling this kind of situation you must have the knowledge of Spirit flight change policy. Spirit Airlines welcomes its passengers/customers with opens arms for changes and amendments in the flight reservation. Below mentioned are some important points about Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy.

Passengers are advised to read and understand the updated policy of spirit airlines to avoid any future confusion and be ready in advance. You will get clarity regarding each and every terms and condition of flight change with Spirit Airlines.

  • Passenger should always change his/her flight reservation within the 24-hours of the original booking.
  • Passengers are allowed to make changes in their flight reservations if they encounter any unforeseen circumstances like a death in the family. You just need to present the supporting documents(obituary) for this kind of situations and the Spirit airlines will not charge a change fee on your ticket.
  • Passenger will not have to pay any change fee for changing to another spirit airline flight if the departure and arrival time of the original flight is changed by the Spirit airlines.
  • Passenger should book tickets through a credit card as it will allow them trip change coverage.

You can change flight with Spirit airlines without paying any change fee if you buy a flexible ticket directly through the airlines and not from any third-party travel agency.

Changing Flights with Spirit Airlines

When you think of changing flights with Spirit Airlines the first question to arise in your mind will be “how to change your flight on spirit?”. Read below to find the answer to this question in detail. Spirit Airlines provides its passengers/customers with two options for changing flights which are online and offline. A passenger may choose any of the options for changing flights with Spirit airlines as per his/her convenience. You can also manage your booking through these available options.

How to change your flight on spirit?

This question is most searched by the passengers after booking the flight ticket. Many passengers don’t have any idea about the procedure and flight change policy of Spirit airlines. No problem, you can read here and understand the steps and procedures for both online and offline methods of flight change with the Spirit airlines.

Spirit change flight online

Passengers can raise an easy flight change request prior to 24 hours of the originally scheduled flight departure without any change fee penalty.

  1. Visit the official website of the Spirit Airlines(https://www.spirit.com/) and log in to your account.
  2. Now click on the “My Trips” tab.
  3. Enter all the details like the ticketed passenger’s last name and confirmation code.
  4. Click on the “Continue” button.
  5. Make choice for the flight you want to change from the booked flight list.
  6. Follow the further on-screen process/instructions for completing the flight change procedure.
  7. In the end, make sure to get the confirmation for the new booked flight reservation on the email or phone.

Spirit change flight offlinehttps://changechangeee.tumblr.com/

Some passengers may wish to choose the old traditional way of changing the flights. Spirit Airlines also provides the offline option to its passengers/customers for changing flights with them. Passenger can visit the Spirit airline’s ticket reservation centre/kiosk at the nearest airport or they can call on the spirit airlines flight change phone number for raising a flight change request. The spirit airline’s representatives at the airport or on the call will provide you with full assistance and guidance regarding the flight change or any other booking related query.

Spirit Same Day Flight Change

Through the Spirit same day flight change service, a passenger can make changes and amendments in the flight reservation on the original flight date only and the changes can be made until one hour before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Passenger’s new chosen flight should be of the same routes and between the same airports as per the original flight reservation.

If you have already checked-in through any mode (online or offline) then you are not allowed to choose any earlier flight.

The same day flight change service of Spirit airlines is not offered for any of the long-haul flights and passengers will have to pay the change fee as per the fare type and the difference amount of old and new flights (if any).

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Fee

Passengers can easily change a flight with Spirit airlines but they will have to pay a change fee depending on the fare type and its terms and conditions.

  • Passengers can change flight with Spirit Airlines without any change fee but they should do it before 7 days or 24 hours of the originally scheduled flight.
  • The change fee is charged on all Spirit airline tickets cancelled after 24 hours.
  • Passengers can also raise a refund request if the ticket is of refundable category.

The table below shows all the different change fee charges of Spirit airlines depending on the different conditions and time periods.

Please note that the Flex Flight ticket category is just like a normal ticket, you can get the Flex Flight ticket by adding $35 to $45 at the ticket booking time and you get an extra benefit of one time free online change with the Flex Flight ticket. It is not a refundable ticket and the cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel this ticket.

Will Spirit Airlines let me change my ticket?

Yes. Spirit flight change policy is quite simple and hassle-free. The passengers can make any modifications to their tickets as per their desire. However, in some cases, the airline does not allow the passengers to make the changes. Make sure to check the type of ticket during the time of purchase.

Can I change my flight date on Spirit Airlines?

Yes. Spirit change flight date can be done both online as well as offline. The airline provides a free change window of 24 hours but the bookings must be made at least one week before the departure of the flight.

Can I change my flight on Spirit Airlines?

Yes. Spirit flight change policy gives the liberty to change the flight schedule as per your desire. The airline has set some rules that every passenger must abide by, failure in following these rules might result in change charges.

How much does Spirit Airlines charge to change a flight ticket?

Spirit change flight fee immensely depends on the time of change made, the class of the ticket etc. The cancellation charges are only levied if the passengers miss out on the free cancellation window.

In case the passengers have not cancelled the flight within the free change window, they would have to pay a fee of 150 USD for the same.

How can I change my Spirit flight?

The passengers can change their flights in any way they want to. Spirit flight change policy allows you to change your flight in three ways, you can either make the changes online or via a call. If you do not wish to make the changes in the above mentioned ways, you can directly walk down the airport and make the changes.