5 Compelling Reasons To Embed Facebook Feed on Your Website

embed facebook feed

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms, found in 2004, it still holds its relevance. Out of many reasons for its success, one of the major reasons that we can think of is – that it provides various facilities and mediums to users to express themselves. 

Due to such variation in the content, businesses opt to embed Facebook feed on website. It helps them to stand out from the crowd. We all know how important it is to have an appealing website. As the competition in the market is getting fierce with each passing day, the need to establish an online presence now takes a font seat for businesses. 

So if you haven’t yet thought of opting to embed Facebook feed on the website, then it allows us to tell you what you are missing out on.

Here are some of the major benefits of this strategy that might convince you to opt for it.

Major Advantages that might influence you to Embed Facebook Feed On Website

Being a marketer, you must be eager to know some major benefits of any strategy before adopting it. And that is the right approach. And we also understand that one advantage might not be enough to convince you, hence here 5 benefits of this strategy.

1. Improves the visual appeal of the website

We all know how creative Facebook users are and how correctly they use platforms to showcase their content. You can utilize them for your website by choosing to embed Facebook feed on the website. Facebook content can add another dimension to the website and bring out vibrancy.

Many might argue that adding images and videos might affect the speed of the website. And that is a correct argument. Images and videos often use the resources of the website building platform’s server. But that is not the case with embedded Facebook feeds, because the feed streams the media from the source, it does not affect the website’s speed. Various social media aggregator tools provide you the facility to embed Facebook feed on the website with ease. And with various features of these tools, you can add more significance to this strategy.

2. Keeps the visitors engaged

It is important the visitor stays on your website. It helps to enhance brand reputation and as more time a visitor spends on a website, it instills interest in their minds.

While using social media aggregators, you can showcase live Facebook feeds on your website. In simple words, as soon as someone uploads the content on your source, your website feed will showcase them on your website. And as Facebook content have the potential to hold viewers for a long time, it eventually makes your website more engaging and interactive.

You can opt to showcase Facebook feed related to your business and provide insights to your visitors. Or you can showcase user-generated content for your business to prove your credibility and provide social proof to your visitors. This brings up the next advantage.

3. Provide social proof to the visitors

As mentioned above, you can choose to showcase content related to your brand by collecting them from your users.

Many users often use social media such as Facebook to upload images of them using the product or provide their review for a product/brand. With social media aggregators, you can compile them with ease and display them on websites.

You can easily collect and create a dedicated Facebook widget to show all the content related to your business. With tools like social media aggregators, you can easily show them on your website.

Many consumers often look for social proofs and reviews before making their purchase. By providing them on your website, you save their time and establish your brand’s credibility. 

Also, social proofs also help you to convert your visitors into your customers. Various fake brands often fool or scam people. By showcasing social proofs you can easily prove your credibility and win the trust of your potential customers.

4. Boost user-generated content for your brand

User-generated content provides a great boost to the business to reach more audiences. It helps to increase brand awareness and as more people make content related to your brand and post on their social media handles. The people within the social circle will get to know about your brand.

And as the UGC is one of the best marketing tools, you need some strategies to boost it. And by opting to embed Facebook feed related to your business, you can provide that boost. For example, people often feel valued when a brand posts its content on the website. So helps to develop a foundation for a brand-customer relationship and eventually motivates them to post more content related to your brand out of love and respect.

Also, when you post a user’s content on your website, it also encourages your consumers to post the content related to your business and enjoy the limelight on your website. So it’s like a win-win situation as the brand gets more user-generated content while consumers get the limelight on the website.

5. Builds customer and brand relationships

It is important to win the trust of your consumers to maintain the reputation of your brand. And for that, one needs to interact with the consumer and build a relationship with them. Giving them value is one of the best ways to do it. 

So, when you showcase your consumer’s content on the website, it shows that you respect your consumers and consider their feedback. It helps build a strong customer and brand relationship and helps convert your customers to your loyal customers.

Summing It Up

These are some of the major advantages of adding Facebook feed. We have handpicked these pointers that might convince you to embed Facebook feed on your website. Apart from these are various advantages that you can enjoy by interacting with your Facebook with your website. So, go ahead and start adding Facebook posts on your website and get an edge over your competitors. Try now these advantages for business growth.


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