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It is difficult for the newcomer’s bettors to grasp the concept of sports betting. But no matter whether you feel it is easy or difficult, you have to gain expertise if you are serious about sports betting and want to make gains from it. Due to the diverse formats of odds available, it becomes difficult for the bettors to learn all these formats and gain an edge over others in sports betting. Each format is distinct from the other, and you need to stay familiar with each format. Learning sports betting odds are emphasized enough because it creates a wide array of differences between the outcomes. Consequently, it is better to learn about the same in prior only. Let us help the bettors decide how to make odds in the post mentioned below. 

Concept of odds 

Before proceeding with the other technicalities involved in the sports betting odds, let us first gain knowledge of the concept of betting. These are meant for calculating the payout of certain wagers. 

The bookmaker tends to offer you the odds every time you’ll place a bet, which will impact your game. The higher the sports betting odds, the more chances you enjoy winning the bet. In addition to this, they also reflect the likelihood of a certain outcome. 

Let us now proceed with the different formats of sports betting that you will witness while placing the bets. 

Different odds formats 

There is a difference in the formats, but the basics tend to remain the same. Let us have an in-depth understanding of the odds formats to make wise decisions.

Moneyline/ American odds 

The prominent format of sports betting odds is Moneyline or American odds used by the numerous betting sites. When working with these kinds of formats, you’ll often see the positive or negative signs associated with the same. 

If the odds contain a positive number, it conveys how much a correct wager will win. Contrary to it, the negative number will indicate the amount you need to stake to win $100. 

Decimal odds 

The second format of esports betting odds to make use of is decimal odds. Usually, the states such as Canada, Australia, and Europe use the decimal format as it is easy to understand by the bettors. 

These are simple compared to the other formats used and go up to two decimal places only. The number indicated will convey the total payout amount, including the original stake amount. 

Fractional odds 

The fractional odds are the most traditional format used by sports betting sites. It is a little bit tricky to calculate the potential profits and payouts from the fractional odds, but the basic principle remains the same. 

By looking at the fractional, you can learn about the profits you’ll be making by placing certain bets. As indicated, the fractional will be displayed as a fraction. For instance, 3/1, 5/1, and so on. 

The math involved in the fractional odd seems complex to the bettors, and they find it difficult to understand the fractional odds. It is usually called odds against when the first number is larger than the second one. 

Sometimes, further odds are on odds that make things out of reach for the bettors. But in reality, these are believed to be equal to negative In the Moneyline the profit stands to be less than what staked. 

Plus and minus sign in sports betting

It is either the favorite or the underdog with whom the plus or minus sign is associated. The team predicted to win is regarded as the favorite, whereas the team projected to lose is regarded as the underdog. 

If the odds or a bet has a plus sign in front of it, it means that the bet has been placed on the underdog. Contrary to it, the minus sign conveys that the bet has been placed on the favorite. 

Bookmakers method 

Has anyone wondered regarding the method bookmakers use to create these odd? If not, then think about the same. While creating these, bookmakers remember an important factor is the profit margin. They are only concerned with profit, which matters to them the most. 

The bookmakers will find it easy to balance out who wins and loses the bet if every bet is covered. One thing that influences this the most is statistical and analytical research keeping in mind the past outcomes of some situations. 

Ways to calculate the odds

Moneyline or American odds 

It is something that cannot be understood by bettors easily. Let us help understand this by way of an example, as some outcomes are calculated based on a $100 bet, usually for the American ones. 

For instance, there’s a match going on between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. If you wish to calculate the payout of the same, you need to multiply 24 by the $100 bet and divide by 120 later on. Consequently, the final payout will come out to be $20. 

If the bet is for the underdog, then the fraction will be flipped. Assume that the Giants are underdogs against the eagles, then we’ll multiply 120 by 24 and divide by 100 later on. This would make the overall payout to be near $28. 

Decimal odds 

But this formula is only applicable for the American or Moneyline. If it is the decimal and fractional odds calculation you are looking forward to, then the formulas and criteria will be somewhat different. For example, the bettor wagers $50 on 5.40, then these two numbers will be multiplied devoid of the original wager. In the end, the total will come out to be $220. 

Fractional odds 

Now, let’s get to the fractional ones. The bettors need to multiply the wagered amount with the fraction. Let’s assume that the bettors wagered $25 on horse racing; then, the total winnings will come out to be $40. 


How to make odds and calculate these must be clear to you. These not only indicate the payout you’ll get upon winning the bet but also the implied probability concerning a particular bet. Placing bets keeping the sports betting odds in mind will increase the chances of winning it. 


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