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7 Quick Tips for Moving Like a Pro

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Are you moving? Whether it be across the street or the country, moving is always a stressful time. Sorting through your things and packing them into boxes can take up all of your free time. Here are seven moving tips that will help make your move as stress-free as possible.

Tip #1: Do Your Homework and Hire a Reliable Moving Company

Moving companies should have moving trucks explicitly designed to efficiently transport large amounts of boxes without damaging them en route from one place to another if they are legitimate moving companies. If your current home doesn’t have enough room inside its walls to store certain things until storage units become available or moving into a new home can be completed, use moving boxes to store these items in the meantime.

Hiring a trustworthy moving company is one of the most important moving tips that you can follow.

  • Hiring professional movers will ensure that all your belongings are moved safely and efficiently from point A to point B without damaging them or anything else along the way.
  • Create a moving schedule with your moving company ahead of time, so there aren’t any surprises when it comes time to move day.
  • Ensure you have enough funds set aside for things like gas money, tolls, parking tickets, etc. Make sure to pack everything, even if it means hiring more men for help with packing up your belongings, so they don’t get broken, lost, or stolen in transit.
  • Don’t forget about how much extra space you’ll need around furniture when moving large items. Also, remember to measure doorways and hallways so that moving day goes smoothly.

Tip #2: Get Packed Before You Move Anything Else

It’s essential to have everything packed up in boxes ahead of time because the moving day can be hectic, especially if you’re moving between two different homes or have the extra step of putting some goods into storage. This way, when it comes time to load the truck on moving day, all that needs to be done is group together like items into boxes, making for a quicker loading experience with fewer pauses. If possible, try to sell off or donate any furniture you don’t want to move BEFORE moving out of one place into another has been completed.  This will save money – including having to pay storage fees.

Tip #3: Get At Least Two Estimates from Moving Companies

Ensure that you only deal with a moving company that offers full service, including loading, unloading, and other related things like taking apart furniture or packing items inboxes. Moving companies, you are considering should provide a COMPLETE estimate that covers EVERYTHING, including the amount of time it will take them to load and unload your belongings into and from their truck. You need to know exactly what each candidate’s moving estimate covers and it has to be received before making a final decision about hiring one for your move. DON’T start a move without a firm, signed contract and the type of insurance coverage you want to cover damages or lost items.

Tip #4: Pack Each Room Separately

It may seem obvious, but many people fail to realize just how much time can be saved by breaking down what will be going into each room at your destination individually instead of just packing everything up at once without an organized plan. Figure out ahead of time where certain items should be packed – and label them – because every moving box needs to be designated for moving out of your current home and into the right area in the new one in order to go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Tip #5: Label Boxes Ahead of Time

It is another thing that many people fail to do, which can lead to frustration down the road when moving day comes around, and items aren’t where they should be because moving company workers mix up labeled boxes with unlabeled ones. Use box stickers, sharpies, masking tape, etc., so everything has its place before it’s loaded onto moving trucks. If you need help labeling boxes, ask someone who knows how, such as friends, family members, or co-workers. If necessary, avoid hiring movers who don’t know what proper packing should be done.

Tip #6: Keep Track of All Important Documents and Personal Items

Don’t consider moving services that don’t offer full service because you’ll end up moving everything yourself, which can be frustrating, overwhelming, or both.

Make sure to keep track of all essential documents like passports, marriage licenses, birth certificates, etc., and personal items such as photos albums, photo frames, etc., so these aren’t mistakenly packed away with other belongings during the moving process.

Tip #7: Have Your Pets Prepared for Moving

It is one of those things that may be easier said than done because you never know how your pets will react when strangers come around. Still, it’s essential to put them as at ease as possible so they don’t become stressed out during the moving day and start running away from home when the moving truck arrives and the doors tend to be left open.  Work to keep track of and reassure your pets, or you will be making an already tricky moving process even more complicated. If you have to be part of the moving process, try hiring pet sitters who feed and spend time with your furry friends or find a nice kennel for a spa day for them while movers load up belongings onto their trucks – and you find yourself unable to find them.


If moving to a new home or moving out of one is something you’re looking into, then the above tips should help make moving day go smoothly. Before hiring movers, they must offer full service moving so everything from packing personal belongings in boxes, loading them onto moving trucks, and unloading them at their final destination can be taken care of by reputable companies rather than having to do all this yourself while stressing out about getting everything done sooner rather than later.  And, don’t forget your furry friends – they need to be cared for.

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