Are Digital Transactions Safe? 5 Tips to Stay Safe When Paying Online


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The arrival of technology has provoked an evolution in multiple industries. The digital payment section is not a completely new concept. The pandemic has skyrocketed the acceptance of payment methods such as UPI, credit/debit cards, mobile banking, and much more across the country. The popularity of digital wallets has increased tremendously over the past few years. Today’s digital wallet solution plays a significant role in all types of transactions across the world and is an important tool for everyone.

Are digital transactions safe?

The new-age digital payment options are much more secure than ever before due to their diverse security and features. There is a high risk of money getting lost or stolen. Digital payments are encrypted for safety and fraud detection is pretty easy as transaction history is available within a few clicks.

Payment can also be secured with biometric recognition in the case of UPI. Furthermore, as the pandemic lifts up digital payments have proved to be brilliant assistance and have guaranteed smooth transactions while balancing social distancing and avoiding physical contact. It is safe to use credit/debit cards if you follow all the bank rules, one should always take the required precautions to terminate any type of fraud.

All the passwords and OTP should be kept confidential. Link your phone number with your credit and debit cards so that you can receive real-time updates.

Many entrepreneurs have started their own digital wallet app development companies to multiply their revenue and provide superior service to their customers. However, it is necessary to take caution whenever you make online payments. Given below are five tips to assure secure digital payment transactions:

5 Tips to stay safe while making online payment

Permit saving card details

It might sound basic and simple but it is crucial to assure that any card details are not save when you make an online purchase. Most people have the habit to save all the card details so that while shopping they can enable rapid and smooth payments.

But it is best to eliminate your card information after finishing your online transactions so that your card details are not saved and no one can misuse them. Use trustworthy and well-known digital money transfer solutions to make transactions hassle-free.

Never share passwords

Always keep in mind that never share your banking passwords with anyone. Passwords of your internet banking must be of strong character and it needs to be changed regularly to avoid cyber attacks.

In addition to these inform your bank if you receive any calls or messages asking about the details of your password. Use a One-time password to accomplish your payment as they are safe and secure. Always use a virtual keyboard and log out from websites after the completion of payment.

Avoid public Wi-Fi and Computers

While making online payments don’t use public networks as they are more vulnerable to cyber attacks, frauds, and thefts. A high level of security is provided by trusted and loyal sites therefore it is important to use verified and popular websites for digital payments. Furthermore, use authorized mobile banking software to avoid fraud and other fraudulent activities.

Utilize a private window for payments

This is one of the most effective ways to secure yourself while making online payments is to try to avoid distrustful apps and websites. Always trust official websites and apps. Sites starting with HTTPS:// for transactions will improve financial security and secure connections. It is specially design to provide safe banking and also prevents data from being store.

Watch out for fraudulent apps

There are numerous unlawful apps on the play store and app store. It can be recognize easily with the help of customer reviews, few downloads, and a lack of a verified badge. When you download applications on your smartphone, assure that it is verified on the play store. With the excessive increase of fraud, and cyber attacks it has become more crucial to make our digital payments more secure.

Amazing advantages of using digital transactions

Every business requires to handle cash flow for operating smoothly. This is the reason why most businesses have started adopting digital payments. An E-wallet payment system can be helpful in many ways:


In this pandemic people have started searching for ways to avoid contact so with the help of digital payments you can make your transactions easily. Also, you can make payments with the help of QR codes and contactless payments.

Immediate Payment

Digital payments are much quicker and more secure instead of old payment methods. One can make payments from anywhere at any place without wasting their time.

Improved customer convenience

Electronic payments can help you to offer a convenient payment experience to your customers. It permits potential customers to purchase goods by providing them pay later facility and collecting the payment at a certain time.

Secured Payment

It provides multiple payment options for securing your payments. They can complete their transactions via OTP or by saving their details.

More Discounts and offers

Going digital can provide various discounts for diverse occasions and purchases. More people should be encourage to use digital payments and for that more discounts and offers should be given to the public.

Small benefits

When you use digital payment every time you receive small rewards or discounts and sometimes cashback also. Some restaurants and cafes also offer discounts if you make digital payments.

More Convenient

Standing in a long queue just to withdraw a small amount of money is getting complicate. Most people face this issue when they step out to buy something. Using Digital payments will offer more convenience to shop, users will not have to face any issues neither they have to worry about their cash in wallet. They can easily perform transactions without any hurdles.

Summing Up

Digital payments are evolving rapidly and the number of people using them is increasing every day. Cash transactions have started decreasing in most countries. Even small entrepreneurs are also nowadays using digital payments to keep them updated with the latest technology.

With strong digital payment software, you can make payments across the globe and it can save your time. If you are interest in developing a digital wallet app for your business, get in touch with us. Our experts will perform the necessary research and will develop the app according to your business needs.

Nikunj Gundaniya, Product manager, one of the leading wallet app development, which provides mobile finance application development services. He is a visionary leader whose flamboyant management style has given profitable results for the company. He believes in the mantra of giving 100% to his work.


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