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Aurlane rectangular shower enclosures

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If you are looking for a shower enclosure that is very easy to install and insulate, choose a shower enclosure from the Aurlane brand. The professionals of the Plumbing Services Dubai network particularly recommend the rectangular shower enclosures of this brand. Plumbing Services Dubai advises a range of shower enclosures in all sizes between €400 and €1,400.

Kinedo luxury shower enclosures

Specializing in high-quality shower enclosures with hydromassage and other functions, Kinedo caters to higher budgets with prices starting around €2,000 on average. Other models of more classic shower enclosures are also available for €900.

How to choose a shower enclosure?

To install the right shower enclosure in your home, you must take several criteria into account. Its dimensions, shape, type of opening, materials, accessories, and options are just as important as the brand you choose.

What dimensions for a shower cubicle?

When renovating a bathroom, you must take into account the space available to install your shower enclosure. If the square shower cabin is the most classic format in dimensions ranging from 70 × 70 cm to 100 × 100 cm, for a small room, we recommend a corner or quarter-circle shower cabin.

For a large bathroom, it is possible to install a rectangular shower cubicle. With a width of 80 to 90 cm and a length of 110 to 180 cm, it offers the advantage of being able to shower for two.

What type of opening for a shower cubicle?

The accessibility of your shower enclosure is an important point to take into account when choosing the right model. A pivot door requires space. A hinged door facilitates your access without losing space thanks to two half-doors openings outwards. For the least space possible, opt for the sliding shower enclosure.

What materials for a shower cubicle?

For better resistance, the frame of the shower enclosure should be made of metal or aluminum. The walls and the receiver of the top-of-the-range shower enclosures are in resin and acrylic for the intermediate range. Depending on the degree of privacy you want, the glass panels can be clear, frosted, tinted or screen printed. This safety glass must be at least 3 mm thick.

What type of opening for a shower cubicle?

According to Residential Plumbing Repair, some shower stalls can be equipped with convenient seats for the elderly or those with limited mobility. Your future shower cubicle could also be equipped with a hydromassage shower column or a hammam function, etc. It’s up to you to choose according to your desires.


With its angular cabins and its 3-sided cabins, Idralite offers bathroom equipment that is both aesthetic and innovative. With clean lines and sober and elegant designs, this brand of shower cubicles offers a varied range with standard models from €200 and premium models up to €600.


Schulte offers all-in-one solutions with integral shower enclosures between €600 and €1,000. With timeless designs and integrated options such as hydromassage jets, seats for people with reduced mobility, and shelves for placing products, the shower enclosure brand is very popular. With a century of experience in 2021, Schulte 80 x 90 cm formats for small spaces, but also 160 x 204 cm cabins for large bathrooms.

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