Best Places to Explore in Savannah


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Savannah is one of the exclusive destinations of Georgia that has lots of amazing hot spots to entertain its visitors. People from all over the world visit here to spend their precious vacation time. There are lots of beautiful green parks, fountains, massive old mansions, trees and beautiful streets. This beautiful city is situated on the Atlantic coastline of the Savannah River, which is also the border of South Carolina. This was the first city that was pre-planned in North America; that’s why this city has great glory to other North American cities. 

If you are interested in visiting Savannah, then you can easily make Southwest airlines reservations. There are several types of attractions that you can witness with your family and friends. But if you don’t know where you should and where you should end your Savannah excursion, it will be hard for you to enjoy your vacation. 

Don’t worry; this post will help you. Here in this post, you will get the list of the best places that you should explore in Savannah with your family and friends. You can choose your favorite places from this list and mark them in your must-visit rundown of Savannah.

  • Let’s explore the famous Bull Street.

Who else hasn’t ever heard about Bull Street? No One! If you want to know about the history of Savannah, then Bull Street will be the best place to start. Starting from the City Hall, this street has lots of history. The US Customs House was built in 1852, the City Hall was built in 1905, the Christ Episcopal Church was built in 1838, and several other buildings can provide you with in-depth historical facts about Savannah. 

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  • Witness the beauty of Forsyth Park.

Forsyth Park was built in the mid 19th century and now is the most active and the most active and the largest park in Savannah. This park has lots of historical things to showcase to its visitors. Whether you are a young person or a kid, you both will love this park. You can witness the large cast-iron fountain built and placed in this park in 1858 and become one of the attractive structures of this park. 

  • Explore the National Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum.

The National Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum is one of the famous and important museums of Savannah. This museum is dedicated to World War 2 collections and is now considered one of the nation’s top museums. If you love the historical relics of World War 2, then this could be the museum you should indeed visit with your family and friends. There are lots of amazing things that you can witness in this museum.

  • Let’s visit the Telfair Academy of Arts and Science.

Also globally renowned as The Telfair Museum of Art, the Telfair Academy of Arts and Science was opened in 1866 and managed by the Historical Society of Georgia. It is considered the oldest art museum in the state. If you are fond of European and American art, then here in this museum, you will witness the collection of American and European art from the 19th and 20th centuries. If you wish to visit here, then you need to make Spirit airlines reservations

  • Feel the holistic ambiance at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. 

This beautiful Cathedral of St. John the Baptist was first built in the 1870s and then rebuilt in 1899. Several religious individuals visit here from all over the world in search of peace. You can also visit here and end your excursion to Savannah. 


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