Best Tips to Avoid Costly Data Recovery


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Organizations always rely on various storage devices to store a large amount of data, such as PC/laptops and multiple external storage devices, such as HDDs, SSDs, USB drives, SD cards, etc. However, people usually forget that these devices may act out if not used carefully. This further ends up with critical data loss or complete device failure. 

Every year, many people and companies lose important files as a result of hard drive failure. Such files may include photographs, tax forms, accounting documents, emails, videos and audio files, databases, etc. Various reasons are associated with accidental data deletion, such as drive formatting, software failure, hardware corruption, and environmental factors, including floors or fire.

To recover lost data, many people had to pay a prohibitively large sum of money to companies that specialize in recovering information from hard drives. The cost of recovery varies depending on the complexity of the problem. However, these experts won’t only guarantee in recovering deleted data but they also transfer the data in a secured place. 

Even if you try to recover the data yourself, it can be a painstaking process, and there is no guarantee that you’ll get all your information back. Therefore, backing up your data will save you the worry that information will be lost or damaged. If you’ve never backed up your data, there are some following tips you need to keep in mind for avoiding a costly data recovery process.

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What Happens During File Deletion

Tips to Prevent Costly Data Recovery Procedure

  • Create a Formal Plan
  • Test the Plan
  • Embrace Automation and Perform Monitoring
  • Train your IT Employees
  • Don’t Rely on Free Software

Wrapping Up!

What Happens During File Deletion?

Windows keeps track of the location of files on the hard drive using “tags”. Each file and folder on the hard disk has a label that the operating system uses to determine the beginning and end of the file. When you delete a file, Windows removes the mark and checks the sectors in which the file data is located as free. From the point of view of the file system, such files are no longer on the hard disk and the sectors with such data are considered free.

That is why, until the moment when Windows overwrites this data with new information, deleted files are recoverable. The file recovery software can scan your hard drive, detect such data, and recover files. If the data of the deleted file was partially overwritten, then only part of the data will be recovered – and the recovered file may be “broken” or damaged.

Tips to Prevent Costly Data Recovery Procedure

  • Create a Formal Plan

A formal plan is all about adding transparency and liability to the data management and recovery method. It’s a segment of a recovery plan that explains – what necessary steps the staff should consider if any emergency occurs? By doing a thorough research and collecting essential information, the IT team has to develop a plan and determine how data is currently stored and what key points they take into account if a drive is prone to failure. 

Additionally, they should check which systems they should install in an organization and what security tips they have to take into account for protecting the data. So, make sure your developed plan represents every recovery detail if any unforeseen situation occurs or data is lost, including which staff members will work with a hard drive data recovery specialist.

  • Test the Plan

Before applying a created plan, make sure it’s experimented and tested frequently and have metrics attributed to numerous benchmarks. Performing tests will verify whether the processes are able to make logistical and business understanding or not. Ensure that the organizations also use the cloud storage services with on or off-premises physical storage. If failures occur frequently, it’s necessary to find out the reasons and different aspects to prevent future events. 

Don’t forget to evaluate the time period of performing data recovery. Check – how would 10 minutes or 10 hours of downtime impact the business? Always remember that the data recovery process takes time. Therefore, the IT team should create a data recovery list and perform the recovery action on the most urgent data first.

  • Embrace Automation and Perform Monitoring

There is no need for time-consuming data recovery services when files are easy to access from the backup location. IT support professionals can automatically enhance the backup extent, which can instantly copy all files to cloud storage and other devices. If the addition of new data occurs, the automation procedure will frequently schedule, review, and update the data. Installation of monitoring tools is also necessary for spotting eminent device failures. The availability of such solutions and tools discontinue the procedure if data loss occurs.

  • Train your IT Employees

Organizations usually experiencing issues related to data loss can eliminate the problems by properly training their IT staff. Providing the best practices and methods regarding hard drive and server data recovery won’t only reduce data loss problems but also enhance the chances of retrieving data in less possible time. Employees often aren’t prone to backup data to the right location. Hence, the urgent requirement of data recovery services can knock on the door at any time. That’s why it’s necessary to educate your staff about data backup procedures. 

  • Don’t Rely on Free Software

Various organizations believe in free data recovery software for retrieving accidentally deleted information. However, such tools sometimes are also prone to corruption and errors, which can permanently delete the data and make it inaccessible. Hence, it’s recommended that users shouldn’t turn to free software tools found online in an attempt to recover the data. Such free online utilities are filled with malware and belong to non-reputable companies. So, firms should have the right software tools to complete basic recovery purposes. 

Wrapping Up!

Following these above-mentioned tips won’t only avoid costly data recovery processes. There are even a number of data recovery service providers who aren’t only well-aware of different tactics to retrieve data back but also provide services at affordable costs. The price of data recovery service in USA and other countries depends on several factors. However, the most prominent factor is the complexity of the issue generated in a hard drive. 

Hence, it’s recommended that you take into account every aspect and educate yourself with appropriate data recovery information to get data back. 


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