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Orange bathtub stains are unappealing. But what causes these ugly stains in bathtubs, and how can you clean them?

You have come to the perfect site to learn how to keep your bathtub completely clean. As a leading company in the roofing industry, we will explain how to remove orange bathtub stains.

What Causes Orange Tub Stains?

Organic elements such as iron and magnesium buildup, pink mold, or bacteria cause orange bathtub stains.

  • Water and Iron
    High iron or magnesium levels in a home’s water supply might cause orange bathtub stains. Iron and magnesium mix with shower soap scum. As the iron in the water oxidizes, it produces a rusty-orange deposit on tubs and plumbing fittings.
  • Serratia Marcescens
    Serratia marcescens (pink mold) is a rod-shaped Yersiniosis bacterium. This waterborne or airborne bacterium can grow on the bathtub and shower walls.
    Not pink despite its name. Reddish-orange. Serratia marcescens causes urinary, respiratory, wound, ocular, and meningitis infections.
  • Wet Area Bacteria
    Are your orange bathtub stains not from iron minerals or Serratia marcescens? Well, you may have another bacterium growing in your tub. Dampness in bathrooms encourages germs and mold to develop if you don’t clean your tub frequently.

Cleaning Orange Stains in a Tub or Shower

Orange water stains on a bathtub are unsightly. But DIY cleaning techniques and safe cleaning products can remove them. Let’s see what these methods are:

  • Lemon-water
    Lemon juice and warm water make a safe and effective bathtub cleaning. Squeeze fresh lemons into a spray bottle and apply the juice to orange bathtub stains.
    After 10 minutes, scrub and rinse as needed.
  • Soda and vinegar
    By mixing baking soda and vinegar, you can create a terrific DIY natural cleaner.
    Start by spraying two parts of white vinegar and one part of water over orange spots.
    Let this mixture works for 15-20 minutes. For stubborn stains, sprinkle baking soda or make a baking soda-vinegar mixture and let it lie for an hour before washing and rinsing as needed.
  • Bleach for Pink Mold
    If your shower has pink mold or other sorts of germs, you may need a stronger cleaner than vinegar or lemon juice.
    Try bleach or bleach mixed with water on the orange spots.
    After 20 minutes, scrub and rinse as needed.
  • Rust Stain Remover
    Iron Out helps remove orange rust and hard water stains from a bathtub. It is a family-safe, eco-friendly cleaner for tubs, sinks, floors, and more.
    Iron Out products are eco-friendly, so you can use them with confidence.

Preventing Orange Bathtub Stains

Here are three ways to prevent orange stains in your bathtub:

  1. After use, dry the tub
    Moisture is an excellent environment for germs to develop. Therefore, keeping your bathtub dry will decrease growth. After showering, rinse the tub and dry it with a towel.
  2. Iron-removal filtration
    If excessive iron and magnesium levels in your water cause orange bathtub stains. So consider replacing your filtering system.
    Consult a plumber about mineral filtering alternatives for your house.
  3. Stain-resistant bathtubs
    Material type can produce bathtub stains. If orange stains do not go away, consider installing a stain-resistant tub.

Durable and stain-resistant materials include cast polymer, cast iron, and copper.

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Alpha Roofing

When finding out how to remove orange stains in a bathtub, use chemical cleansers cautiously and ensure they are safe to drain. Professional roofing contractor in Bossier City LA will always be valuable in these cases.

Give Alpha Roofing a call at 318-373-5875. Our expert team is ready to serve you with the best professional attitude and expertise. We service areas in Bossier City and Shreveport, LA.

Carolyn Lynch is a content marketing journalist at Roof Crafter LLC. Her experience in the field of startups has prepared her to create interesting and valuable content for a diverse group of readers.


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