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Depression today is a topic that people refrain from talking about; after so much awareness by the media and the debates by our film stars, even today, people hesitate to consult it. They still have the notion that if they say about it or share their feeling, they might become the talk of the town.

Today, depression affects all ages and demographics of people—even young infants. Different people experience depression in a variety of ways. People frequently disregard mental health, which includes stress, worry, mental illness, eating disorders, and tension.


  • Depression is not common anymore, but it has a wide range and differs from person to person. It is an ailment that can affect human behavior and personality, and how we eat, sleep or talk is all affected by this single disease.
  • Mood swings, temper control, irrational behavior, and anger issues fall into this category. Feeling sad without reason, getting angry over minor issues, and getting disappointment every second or minute are all parts of depression.

 Causes of Depression

  • Depression can be because by many reasons, such as people who are working and are not satisfied with their pay or are not getting enough credit for their work has been found to have mental stress.
  • During the pandemic, it was more common because many people lost jobs and were not able to provide basic needs to their families. Also, women, mainly after pregnancy, feel depressed because of the changes in their bodies and their life gets changed, lack of sleep and attention, and they almost feel disconnected from the world.
  • Societal pressures to getting married, abusive marriages, divorces, in today’s scenario where everyone is concerned about their looks, many girls are being tortured for not having that perfect body or even the perfect skin.


Depression only occurs once if treated carefully and at the right time. But the variations change with time; some days you might feel bad, dragging yourself to start the day or having self-pity are all the primary symptoms.

Below are the lists of signs and symptoms one should keep in mind:


Feeling sad for no reason, fighting over minor issues, having trust issues, loneliness or feeling internally empty. Crying every time for no reason, comparing your life with your friend or sibling, anger. Frustration with things you can’t do anymore, eating disorders, thinking that no one understands you, no one is there for you when you need them opens the door to depression. We get this notion every time we are alone in this world, even if someone is looking out for us.


When we lose interest in the things we loved once. For example, if you loved painting and now you feel you don’t like it anymore or if there is any subject or anything which is of your choice and you want to pay attention to it you can’t is a sign that something is not correct. You cry and want to have help, and that is the time help should reach you.


Doctors recommend we have 7 hours of sleep maximum. Still, if you cannot sleep because of the overcrowded thoughts crawling in your mind, even if you feel sleepy, you cannot sleep or feel exhausted, getting tired more often than usual. Lack of sleep will cause headaches, insomnia, and stress issues.


If we continuously crave food or someone we know doesn’t feel like having food, reduced appetite or loss of appetite is also a symbol of clinical depression. We may often encounter people who eat very fast, don’t even chew properly, or people who talk so much that they are asked to be quiet for some time, which also shows signs to look out for.


If you have a slow mind meaning you are not able to understand the simplicity of things. And if you are a slow thinker. Shaky hands or fingers, continuously moving your feet or toes while talking to someone. Rushing things over, and wanting to attempt things fast all fall into Clinical depression.


Many therapies, medicines, and experts can help you treat this mental illness. Pscytrists and doctors conduct various sessions to cure this ailment, but the best results were seen from Homoeopathy medicines, but the question is, what is homeopathy? Does it work? The answer is yes.

A lot of research has been conducted to check whether homeopathy works or not, and it has shown positive results. Homeopathy is the oldest method to cure diseases and continues to do so. It is safe and is not harmful to health. Homeopathy for depression is the best long-term treatment for such conditions. People today feel more comfortable consulting homeopathic doctors than regular doctors.

These are some depression medicines on Homeopathy –

1. Arsenicum album –

It is a natural medicine to cure the problem of distress, and anxiety; people who fear that they are left alone in this life, and they don’t have mental support. This liquid can help them control this anxiety and also relax a person’s mind.

2. Aurum metallicum –

This is best for workaholic people who are distressed in life and are not satisfied with their job, their pay, or their financial needs are not satisfactory. For people who feel that they have faced continuous failure and give up thinking that they can’t succeed in life, Doctors recommend that this will boost their morale and confidence in themselves.

3. Calcarea Carbonica –

When people become confused with their job and find themselves in a situation where they can’t decide whether they should continue this job or not. People often get tired, laziness and also and they feel sad about the work pressure, which often worries them, this medicine has shown positive results.

4. Causticum –

When someone loses their near and dear ones, or they cry for hours for nothing. Forgetfulness becomes a trait in their personality, and they might show sympathy towards someone whom they don’t know and they have a pessimistic approach towards life. People who have tried this medicine have supported this cure.

5. Pulsatilla Nigrician –

This medicine probably is the safest and the best treatment to cure depression. You might have noticed that people start crying out of the blue, such people need encouragement and a lot of confidence, and they become moody and cry over minor issues. For such people, this is the best cure.

6. Sepia –

Sepia is the best medicine if a person wants to be alone and may become angry when others show concern for their sadness. They may feel better after crying, and they prefer not to sympathize.

7. Natrum Muraticum-

People who control their inner feelings and get angry when someone shows sympathy towards them, feel anger, grief, or misfortune. It has been found that they are mostly reserved. This medicine helps them open up, and positive behavior has been noticed.

Homeopathy for anxiety

There are many other Homeopathy medicines that are used for anxiety the condition. we have listed down the most used Homeopathy medicine for anxiety.

  • Aconite — Aconite is used by Homeopathy practitioners in intense and sudden panic anxiety conditions. The panic attacks are connected to past incidence. Aconite is helpful in relieving the symptoms of panic attacks.
  • Argentum nitricum — there are many fears or phobia which leads to the condition of anxiety. Argentum nitricum is and Homeopathy medicine that helps to treat such conditions
  • Calcarea carbonica — this medicine is similar to Arsenicum. It is also used in panic attacks.

Homeopathic for depression

Depression is a serious condition that can have a negative impact on your overall health and well-being, so it’s important to know what homeopathic remedies are the most effective for treating this condition. Depression treatment in Homeopathy has been used from last many years to get rid of depression.

Homeopathic remedies are based on the theory of similars, which means that they use substances that cause similar symptoms when given to people with those symptoms. For example, if you have an allergy to bee stings, then a homeopathic remedy made from bee venom will likely help you feel better after taking it.

The best way to treat depression is by finding out what your body is telling you—and then working with it. That’s why we recommend using a homeopathic remedy that works specifically with your symptoms and makes sense for your condition.


Dharma homeopathy aims to provide the best results; we strive to make our patients feel healthy.

Dr. SHUBHAM TIWARI, a homeopathic doctor, is a trusted doctor and an expert in this field. His analysis is accurate, and he consistently comprehends the patient’s condition. Patients find it simple to open up and discuss their conditions with them. His friendliness makes the patient feel valid in his eyes. In addition, he monitors the patients and asks them for feedback.

We Cure

People have benefitted from us and always refer us to anyone they know. People who suffer from migraine, skin disorders which everyone is facing today, pimples, hyperpigmentation, moles we have cured it all, hair fall which is every woman’s problem, with our doctor’s recommendation people have seen some good results.

Kids who bed wet a lot and become a problem for parents, this problem also got a solution.

Many girls who get their periods late or are not on time have asked for his help, and his treatment has solved his treatment and many women’s problems. If you are facing any of these issues, don’t hesitate and consult DR SHUBHAM, he will bring smiles and happiness to your life journey.

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