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Different Types And Uses Of Bone Cutting Forceps

by Emily Sofia
surgeons operating with bone cutting forceps

Cutting and dissecting instruments is an important category of medical equipment. There is a large variety of these unique instruments used in several orthopedic and other surgeries. Surgical forceps come under this category of medical tools. They are cutting as well as grasping and holding instruments. 

Among forceps, bone cutting forceps are used for extracting and dissecting bones in orthopedics. Basically, they are double action surgery tools. Surgeon physicians use these special tools in treating infections, traumas, and notable physical injuries.

Moreover, bone cutting surgical forceps are helpful to manipulate the bones and bony tissues. Most notably, they are used for knee, pelvic, and spinal bone treating procedures.

There are a number of types and variations of these bone cutting instruments. The surgeons have to choose the best fit forceps.

These tools are specially forged with german stainless steel for quality and durability which makes them the perfect tools for surgeons to cut through hard bone easily. The sharp ergonomic design beaks and firm grip handle makes bone cutting a more easier and smooth process. 

The variations of the bone cutting forceps depend on the bone structure and surgery area. Below, we will discuss the most common variations of these dissecting surgical instruments.


Liston Bone Cutting Forceps

Liston bone cutting forceps are useful in cutting hard bones like cartilage. They feature a self-opening mechanism, ergonomically designed sharp beaks and non-slippery long textured handle grip make them more durable and effective orthopedic tools.

In addition, they are reusable and rust-free for having a German Stainless body. These unique forceps instruments are available in straight and curved design to meet different needs.

Liston Bone Cutting Forceps Angled

Angled liston orthopedic forceps are used for cutting more dense bones. They feature double spring handles for easier hand movement. Moreover, the inner jaws of the instrument are sharp enough to effectively manipulate the thicker, and deeper bony tissues. Due to the unique design of the instrument, surgeons have a controlled hand movement during the procedure

Liston bone cutting medical forceps with angled tips are helpful in minimally invasive surgeries to cut hard and dense bones. Moreover, German grade stainless steel finish makes them more durable and long-lasting bone cutting instruments. In addition, there are multiple size variations available.

Liston Bone cutting forceps straight

Liston bone cutting surgical forceps with straight tips design is more effective for delicate bone cutting. They feature a self-opening handle and sharp beaks crafted from German stainless steel. Moreover, they are lightweight and require low maintenance. Orthopedics can work with these bone cutting forceps for a longer time. For surgeons convenience, they are available in different size variations.

Ruskin (Kleinkert Kutz) Bone Splitting Forceps

Ruskin bone splitting forceps are effective for cutting, extracting, and grasping bony structures. They feature two types of head orientations. Moreover, the anti-slippage handle of the forceps maximizes surgeons hand control during the surgeries.

These bone splitting forceps come in straight and curved designs. Straight beaks are useful in cutting narrow and smaller bones while the curved tips help deeper manipulations. The prime quality material makes ruskin bone cutting forceps heavy duty and long-lasting orthopedics instruments.

Ruskin Liston Bone Cutting Forceps

Ruskin liston bone orthopedic forceps are ideal for cutting through cortical and cancellous bones. They are double action surgery tools having German Stainless steel as primary material.  Moreover, they are available in angled and curved designs.

Liston Blau Bone Cutting Forceps 5 1/2″ Straight Narrow Blades

Orthopedic surgeons use Liston Blau Bone Cutting instruments to extract, manipulate, and grasp bones. These forceps feature narrow blades and are efficient to manipulate small bone fragments. They have a non-locking handle system with overall length of 5 ½” and ensure atraumatic low-density bone cutting.

Ruskin Rowland Nasal Hump Forceps 7″ Double Action Narrow Jaws

Ruskin Rowland Nasal Hump Forceps are versatile bone cutting instruments. They assist surgeons in aesthetics, orthopedics and cardiovascular surgeries. The narrow jaws of the forceps help repair and realign nasal humps. Moreover, they have a triple-action design ensuring precise cutting. 

German Stainless steel-made Ruskin Rowland Nasal Hump Forceps are ideal to use in rhinoplasty. The overall length of 7” makes these forceps instruments more robust and easy to use.  Moreover, they are lightweight and require low maintenance.

Where to Buy the Superior Quality Surgical Equipment

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What kind of forceps are the best choice for less dense and delicate bone cutting?

Liston bone cutting forceps are the best orthopedic instruments for cutting and manipulating delicate bones.

Who is the best supplier of orthopedic surgical instruments?

GerMedUSA Inc. is the top supplier and manufacturer of surgical instruments of all types for the last three decades.

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