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Every five years, you desire to upgrade the appearance of your house. You want a modernized glimpse for your door and windows. You will have many options for transforming the space, but wooden blinds are considered an excellent method. So, begin searching for the options that you have.

Find the different styles, shades, and designs that will fit your space as well as complement your choice. How will you choose the best real wood blinds for your home plus maintain your budget?

Are you worried about your funds when planning to install new blinds? Well, there is nothing to worry about nowadays. When you start researching, you will discover that many window treatments are available in the market. Therefore, the suggestion is to decide precisely by proceeding step by step. (Credit Information:


  1. Fashionable

Blinds made from wood are very much in fashion at present. You can find them designed, customized, and available in a wide range of color options. Also, they are easy to install, so the whole process is relatively hassle-free.

  1. Easy maintenance

Since the boarded blinds contain non-toxic materials, they have no harmful effects on children and pets, so cleaning them has never been easier. Blinds offer effortless maintenance to all its users.

  1. Energy saving

Wooden shades are very much in fashion at present. Since these are customized, the products are available in various colors and patterns to ensure that the buyers have enough options when making a choice.

Also, custom wood blinds are the ideal choice as they are energy efficient and reduce power use. Hence, it is the right choice that you are making.

  1. Enduring

Everyone knows that wood harbors non-toxic materials that have no harmful effects on children and pets. Therefore cleaning the blinds made with this product is easier to manage. So you have no concerns about its durability or maintenance.

  1. Healthier

There are specific materials that harm the users. Some react when they contact the natural elements, which automatically affects people.

But when you consider using blinds made of wood, users will notice that it’s user-friendly. Moreover, your family members are safe within the house.

  1. Eco friendly

Blinds made from natural materials will have no sudden depletion. The quality and quantity of wood used in making them make a lot of difference.

Therefore, the rate at which they have planted balances out their consumption. Hence, it is one of the most eco-friendly products you can use as your shades.

  1. Noise reduction

Wooden blinds are great insulators. So, it can easily absorb noise that bounces off windows and reflects into the room. The material used for making these blinds also affects their sound-absorbing property. Old or shiny wood emits a higher sound than new wood.

The thicker blinds are, the more excellent sound insulation they offer. So, go for wooden screens as they provide lesser noise reduction.

People choose wood over other materials is evident with the abovementioned points. It is now mandatory to know the steps of fixing the blinds. The more you know about the product and its use, the better. Hence, read on for complete information.

Blinds are an ideal way to decorate your home in a very stylish manner. The right type of window blind can define your style and transform the look of your room. There are so many options for different materials and colors.

However, a popular alternative to expensive store-bought blinds is wooden blinds. These are perfect for those who want an inexpensive window covering solution without sacrificing quality and design.


Step1: Measurements

If you have windows and need protection from sunlight, then buy flat wooden blinds. You will need to take measurements of the window you cover with curtains.

If you have a bay window, there is no need to measure each pane. Instead, you should measure the width of the outer parts and then enter the overall width. When doing the measurements, keep in mind that all shutters are according to your windows’ exact size. So they do not hang out in either direction when swiveled open or shut.

Step2: Ordering

Once you have obtained window blind dimensions from a local hardware store, you can order the product. You need to provide window measurements, the type of wood you want, and information about the installation process (whether it is hard or easy).

If you are lucky enough, there might be someone working in your vicinity who does this kind of work professionally. It means that installers would take measurements themselves and offer you advice on the characteristics of the wooden blind.

Step3: Pick Up the Wooden Blinds

Once your custom-made blinds arrive at the store, you will need to go there and pick them up. It is an easy process that won’t cost you anything extra. It is a good idea to check the condition of your new wooden blinds before you take them home as there might be some discrepancies from what you have initially ordered.

Step4: Installation of Wooden Blinds

To install wood screens, you will need just a few tools that come with the product. These include an organizer (usually a plastic tube where your wooden blinds are threaded), brackets, screws, and an allen key/hex wrench.

Most low-quality wooden blinds come with rawl plugs which are not very reliable. So it’s better to use good quality stainless steel brackets instead. Before inserting wood blinds into the frame, you need to put the organizers into the metal plate and then tighten it with a screwdriver. So, this is how you attach wooden blinds to a window frame in a simple but effective way.

Step5: Making Adjustments to Wooden Blinds

After installing your new wood blinds, there may be some minor issues with adjustments. One of the common problems is the tightness of the strings. Generally, you can solve this quickly with a hex wrench or loosening the screws and then re-tightening them once you have made all necessary adjustments to your wooden blinds.

However, if there are significant issues such as loose parts and so on, you should contact the company that has manufactured your wooden blinds to get replacements.

By now, you know that installing wooden blinds is relatively easy. It is done by anyone, even without having prior experience. Be prepared to spend the necessary time on the measurements of wooden blinds before installation.

Also, it’s better not to wait until the last moment and install your blinds well in advance. Also, such products require hardly any maintenance. Without much worry, hire a reliable service provider to help you with the fixing job.

When you start searching for a professional who can help you with the job, consider checking out the web pages of D.P Interiors. They are famous for delivering flawless results to their clients. Also, we ensure top-class service at a decent cost. Call us right now for assistance!


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