Do We Need a Dietitian?


Yes, we need a dietitian due to neglecting of proper diet in day to day life of a normal human being and the rise of chemicals in daily diet. As of now much of the working i.e. the employees do prefer junk food in their daily diet which is not good for a healthy life. So there is a need for a dietitian. So as we need to be healthy, it is said that a healthy life brings happiness in your life. So for being healthy you need to follow a proper diet .and for doing that you need proper guidance from an expert dietitian.

What do you mean by a proper diet?

Diet in normal language means the food that a living organism eats. So what is meant by a proper diet? Do we really need help from the experts? Yes, we need help from the dietitian.

What do dietitians do?

They just give us a proper diet to follow for gaining/losing weight according to the needs of our body. So what the dietitian does is that they will plan step by step and give us a proper and planned schedule of our meals and what to have on which day on a weekly basis. While we achieve the goals for which our dietitian has planned the diet schedule. What do dietitians do? He will share or plan a diet, step by step to improve our health.

What are the ill-effects of not following the diet?

As the study says that while you do not follow a proper diet it might not harm you directly but slowly and gradually it will affect your appetite and make you ill and give you many diseases such as obesity and acidity which are most common.

What do the dietitian do while making a proper diet for a person;

Step 1. Firstly it is taken into consideration what is the rate of metabolism in the body of that person and the diet should be based on that order.

Step 2. Then you should plan your diet according to the goals you have set i.e. for a particular time period for gaining or losing weight. Not only that you must follow a regular diet to be fit and stay healthy.

Step 3. Your likes and dislikes matter the most, climatic conditions and also your religion is taken into consideration while preparing your diet plan.

Step 4. You should always be motivated by your personal dietitian that might be your friend or family member.

Step 5. After completing your goal for your weight you might change your diet to keep yourself fit and healthy. You need to do exercise on a daily basis.

So after achieving all the listed goals of our diet do we need to follow the diet;

Yes, we need to follow a diet to stay fit and healthy. But we do not need to follow the same diet as it was recommended earlier as if it was for gaining or losing weight and that you have achieved success. You might need the help of your dietitian to keep your weight stable and be healthy. You just need to follow a different diet and keep doing your exercises to be healthy. And also can sometimes cheat on your diet. It is not necessary to do it on a regular basis some or the other time it’s ok to have junk food. But you need to burn all those calories you have gained by doing exercises.

So this was our brief article on what dietitians really do and why we need them. Having a proper diet in our day-to-day life is as important as exercising daily.  


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