Do You Know Watering Time, Temperature & Frequency?


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Watering time & water temperature

Gun fogger portable sprayer is a awesome tool for watering flowers. The watering time is generally in the morning, afternoon or evening. In summer, watering at noon should be avoided, especially in midsummer, and cold water should not be poured at noon. It’s like people can’t take a cold shower when they’re sweating profusely. Watering can also be done at night, but the light is dim at night, and it is difficult to see whether the surface of the potting soil is lacking water. The temperature of watering is generally in this way. When you reach into the water, you don’t feel cold and biting.


Spray Sanitizer Disinfection
Spray Sanitizer Disinfection
Frequency of watering

The frequency of watering refers to how often you water. It depends on the habits of the flowers. Regarding the frequency of watering, the most important point is that watering should be regular and quantitative. Watering flowers is the same as feeding people. A regular diet can make people healthy. A hungry meal will definitely affect your health over time. When we hold a portable usb rechargeable sprayer to water flowers, we just click the button of it. Then it water flowers automatically.

Water regularly and quantitatively once a week and 500 ml each time. So that the flower will adjust its metabolism to gradually adapt to the frequency of this watering. It forms the biological clock of the flower. Flowers, like people, need a stable biological clock to grow healthily. Many people water the flowers only when they remember. But they don’t water when they can’t remember, or sometimes water a little or half of the water. What’s worse, flowers die of thirst. Sometimes they water too much and the flowers drown. In this way, it can’t even adapt to water, its biological clock is destroyed. Even survival is a problem. Where can there be energy to nurture flower buds and reward you with bright flowers? Gun fogger portable sprayer is a good watering can.



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