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For better rankings in search engines, acquiring backlinks to your content from other sites is essential. How to effectively create content to get these high-quality inbound links?

In this article, we’ll discuss the most engaging content types that help to get massive backlinks to your website. 


1. Easy Readable Content 

Put your energy into the basics: how-to articles, lists, and movies that explain things. Content that can be rapidly grasped is more in demand than ever before. Getting links to your site is a breeze if you can provide them to your target demographic.

Blog entries in a listicle style that feature unique or obscure bits of information presented in an easily consumable format are a popular subgenre of the listicle genre. These sorts of articles gain even more attention when their titles include superlatives like “best,” “oldest,” “strangest,” etc.


2. Visual Aids And Information Graphics

By having an immediate and meaningful effect on readers, blogs that use infographics and other innovative images are more likely to attract links.

If you know of any other blogs aiming to educate their readers on how to become better PR writers, you can collaborate with them and get more ideas of how to create effective and visually attractive infographic backlinks to your website.


3. Permanent Blog Entries

I’ve seen the best results with link building via evergreen blog entries. These are excellent resources because they may be improved upon in the future by being updated, expanded, or repurposed. Visit www.jetranks.com to build high DA permanent guest post backlinks to your website. By this way, you can boost your website ranking on google search engine results page within a short period.


4. Niche-specific blog entries

Blog postings that are both interesting and entertaining tend to do well for us. While it is true that focusing on high-traffic keywords is essential for search engine optimization, we’ve also discovered that covering a wide range of topics helps us stand out from the competition and attracts shares and inbound links.

It seems that blog entries that cover narrow themes perform well when it comes to attracting visitors. In an effort to attract the widest possible readership, many blogs risk alienating their actual target readers. By targeting a certain subset of readers, a niche blog article can provide light on an under-explored area.


5. Original Content

Research is either data already in the public domain but hasn’t been packaged or data that you have assembled yourself. Insights are of considerable value, and research articles are excellent in attracting backlinks because of their very nature.

Well-researched material is the gold standard. To do this, you’ll need to compile information that no one else has and produce material that is both fresh and superior to what already exists.


6. Encyclopedia

The blog post written in an encyclopedia format is a relatively new form of material that has proven to be quite popular with our audience. These are articles posted on a blog that provide readers with information that will help them make an informed decision about a certain brand.

This piece, for instance, generated 24 inbound links for our customers from 19 different referring domains. This content’s popularity, in my opinion, stems from the fact that it serves a real purpose for its readers. People are continuously seeking the knowledge it provides. Because of this, it is effective despite seeming more like a Wikipedia entry than a blog post.


7. Question Answer Content 

The right keywords will get shared when we make content that assists the target audience by answering a query or relieving a problem they’re having. Each piece of content we produce is optimized for search engines, written professionally, and has at least 800 words, a photo, and a direct invitation to take action.

How-to guides are helpful to the reader. Thus they are frequently cited as a source for other articles. When it comes to link building, this kind of content is ideal because it benefits both you and the host site’s viewers.


8. Product Reviews

When we write about our experiences and give our subjective reviews of programs we’ve tested, the connections start coming in. In contrast to other reviews, we provide genuine input based on our experiences with the applications we evaluate rather than merely regurgitating information they’ve already provided.

Product roundups have proven to be the most effective content format we’ve tried when it comes to getting links. A post with a list of relevant links is a certain approach to getting the attention of other bloggers and webmasters.

They will likely provide a backlink to your site if they find it useful. With this method, you may reap the benefits of both content marketing and link distribution tactics.

One of the most popular types of articles on this site is the top 10 lists. We include links to purchase all of the items that make it onto our top 10 lists, which I believe is why we are so popular.


9. Definitive Guides

The best performer in terms of link creation has been “ultimate guides.” The popularity of this content type might be attributed to the credibility it lends to the website.

People believe that connecting to comprehensive resources will help their readers find the necessary information. The percentage of visitors that immediately leave the site is lowered.

Longform pieces written by industry experts. This has worked well, in my opinion, because it provides genuine, one-time value to the individual selecting whether or not to give you a hyperlink.

We integrate empirical data and personal experiences in our in-depth, informative articles. These kinds of writings are helpful, and readers may have faith in them since they are backed up with proof. It’s not unusual for other website owners to link to these articles.

According to Ahrefs, my ClickFunnels interview is my most linked-to piece of content. It’s effective, in my opinion, since the interview it presents sheds light on ClickFunnels’ marketing techniques and statistics in a way that no other source can match.


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