Fine Arts and Humanities


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Humanities, as we study today, refers to those subjects that are closely concerned with the understanding of the human nature and thus the people around us. 


These subjects may be literature, psychology, sociology, philosophy and others yet all aim to give one a better understanding of oneself as well as other around us. 


Classification of these branches is not as necessary as the understanding of their origin which might offer assignment help to the students of literature.

The various research paper writing state that that Renaissance humanism assumed the central position of human beings in the universe. It emphasized the importance of studying the classical imaginative and philosophical literature, 

Importance of studying the classical imaginative and philosophical literature

but with emphasis not on its aesthetic value but on its moral and practical one. It insisted on the primacy of the human life being provided with reason in order to differentiate them from the animals. 


Several humanists so suggested that a rounded development of an individual is required along with this or her education. This round development not only includes the technical and specialized powers but also the moral ones like physical, mental, artistic and moral. 


Today, the term humanist applies to people who base truth on human experience and reason and values on human nature and culture. This is in direct position of those who regard religious revelation as a warrant for basic truth and values. 


The Renaissance humanists were pious Christians who inherited the ideals from pagan and incorporated them into the frame of Christian creed. 


The result of this was that they emphasize value that can be achieve human being in this world and not the other world. 


This synthesis of the classical and the Christian view is know as Christian Humanism and is typical to writer such as Sir Philip Sidney, Edmund Spenser and John Milton. 


Renaissance saw a rapid advance in the development of science and technology and therefore it became a dire need to defend the role of the humanities in liberal education against the encroachments of science and practical arts. 


A famous proponent of Humanism is the Victorian era was Mathew Arnold. He was too much affected by the encroachments of science upon the arts and thus always came up with a pessimistic view regarding the same. 


He strongly defended the central role of humane studies in general education. In fact, many of his leading ideas were adaptations of the old form of humanism. 


For example, his view that culture is a perfection of our humanity as distinguished from our animality supports this very idea.


In the 1890s, the German philosopher Wilhelm Dithery formed a highly influential distinction between the natural sciences, which aim at a reductive an abstract explanation of the world, 


as well as the human sciences which have their prime aim to facilitate

the understanding of the full concrete world of acts experience. 

In the previous century, the American movement of the 1910-33

which was popularly know as the New Humanism and was undertake

under the leadership of Irving Babbitt and Paul Elmer More, 


argue for the return to a primarily humanistic education and for a very conservative view of the moral,

political and literary value that were ground basically on the classical literature.


But in the present time

when the demand for a scientific base is slowly and gradually increasing and practical art have assume more importance,

the broad humanistic base for a general education has great erode. 


The only thing that survives today in most of the colleges is that the students

must take up any one subject from the field of liberal arts or

what we call humanities in order to fulfill the requirement.  


It holds one more an importance than that.

Although it has right said the Science can teach you how to clone an animal,

but Art teach you why to clone it,

yet art do not hold that an importance as do the practical science.

In the simple and the contemporary term,

fine art refer to any subject that deal with the creative and aesthetic sense of an individual.

Modern sense it refer to the five arts, name, the art of literature, painting, sculpture, music and architecture. 

 all these sphere, individual work of art share a defining feature that is the object that have to  regard as exclusive, close and pleasurable attention. 

and the early research paper writing of certain philosopher and critic, we find no mention of these grouping of art. This grouping only appeared in the latter part of the 18th century. 


During some two thousand year before this time,

each of these art accord a separate treatment or else were classify

with such practical pursuit as carpentry and agriculture. 


Even when these art were compare to each other it was only done in a limit way.

The different arts, later on, were classified as fine arts as late as the 18th century

after a drastic shift in the under structure of the art theory. 


Each of these arts required a special kind of skill for manipulating its specific medium

that is either sounds or words or paint or marble or building material,

into a product that its maker deemed to have its own use and to fulfill a particular social function. 


By the time 18th century came, there occurred a radical shift in the treatment of all these arts. This shift was from the maker’s perspective and a construction model to a perceiver’s perspective and a contemplation model. 


The reason for this shift was a conspicuous social phenomenon in various major cities of Europe. 

Today, although arts offer a great topic and field for several research paper works yet their importance has been undermined. The science that most connects us to each other has been most distanced from us. 


Thus, these were a few points that state the importance of humanities and humanism and that can facilitate further research paper writing on the subject or offer assignment help to students, for the same. 

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