Food Delivery Application Trends that will change the future of the Food Industry


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A few days back, when any of the restaurant owners would have asked any individual that food delivery apps would be the future of the restaurant industry, then there are higher chances they would have laughed like never before. But due to a worldwide pandemic called COVID-19, this has become true as almost everyone is ordering their food from food delivery apps.

There are many food delivery apps like Just Eat, Deliveroo, UberEats, etc. that have grasped massive market share just because of their marketing goodies and bizarre innovations. Otherwise, it has never been easy for food delivery firms to engage with their customers.

According to the latest report, online food delivery sales will be expected to reach around $220 billion by the year 2023, which accounts for around 40% of total restaurant sales. Just because of online food delivery popularity, the online grocery market is also touching a high mark of 120 billion dollars by 2025.

So, if food delivery owners want to withstand the competition and cope with ever-changing clients’ demands, they must keep their pace according to the latest trends and technological advancements.

Let’s talk about top food delivery trends and application trends that will change the future of the food industry and peek at this website for best food ordering script.

  1. New delivery channels

If you look at this report, around 63% of Americans abandon orders if their user experience is terrible. However, 55% of US adults want to have a more accessible online ordering system. That means the food delivery platform needs to simplify ordering and also allow clients to place orders via multiple channels like social media, smart devices, cars, virtual assistants, and many more.

  1. BigData will play an essential role.

Big Data analysis these days is playing a significant role. That means online delivery apps are following this approach so that they can get accurate results delivered by users. This results in reliability without delay. Overall, you can say info gathered by Big Data helps every business owner judge the various aspects of the customers, like personalized offers, users’ emotions, delivery times, etc.

Apart from that, via Big Data business owners can also analyze data like: –

  • Previous order history
  • Customers reviews on various social media platforms
  • Real-time road traffic

So, with the help of all the above information, the food delivery companies can get accurate data and respond to clients’ queries.

  1. Millennials love food

Millennials are challenging the ways of doing business in almost every industry. That means the restaurant industry is no longer similar to before as it is influenced by buying power of the millennials. The reason is that millennials are the active customers of the food industry.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, most millennials spend around 38% less than generation X and approximately 25% less than baby boomers.

  1. Modern delivery options

Due to advancements in technology, food delivery companies are not limited to the labor force. That means they have many other options to quickly speed up the delivery process and lower the operational cost. This includes using drones, parachutes, and robots.

  • Via robots

AI and ML are on the rise due to which food delivery companies deliver their online orders via robots. Various startups like Yelp and Marble have invented custom delivery robots made with 3D maps and advanced cameras that help them decide routes. The best part is it reduces overall cost and time in delivering an order.

  • Drone delivery service

Till now, you might not have an idea about drone delivery services, but advanced technology has made it accurate. That means these days, restaurants are delivering their orders via drones. Due to COVID-19, this drone service promises food delivery without any physical interference.

  • Real-time location and automation

App users want to know the real-time updates about the order as everyone doesn’t want to wait for food while sitting at their home. That’s why most restaurant owners are adding the feature of a real-time location tracking system in their apps.

  1. Ghost kitchens

The online food delivery market undoubtedly gave birth to many features that help businesses increase their ROI. This Ghost kitchen is another favorite item helping food delivery owners expand their business at minimum cost.

In other words, you can say ghost kitchens are restaurants that are not physically available but only exist over the internet. That means they accept every order online through apps and websites. However, there are a number of business models of ghost kitchens as every model has one main advantage: they have lower operating costs.

  1. Digital payments
  • AI and ML are part of payments.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are hot topics these days, and their use in the payment sector is genuinely unavoidable. The reason is fraud in online payments. Both AI and ML are helping online transactions faster, secure, and easier so that there is no fraud.

  • Cloud influence

Cloud is another sector that creates new business fronts that are full proof and secure for large transactions. According to the report by Deloitte, cloud payments all over the world have reached around USD 23.1 trillion by the year 2020. However, this number is very high in the history of online payments. That’s why leaders of the food industry are inclined towards cloud payments as it is more than a technology for the food industry.

  • Blockchain

Due to COVID-19, digital payments have increased manifold. Apart from others, Blockchain is another leading technology that is strongly impacting the payment sector with full security and guarantee. Once it gets integrated into the food industry, it will undoubtedly revolutionize the industry.

The bottom line

With the increasing use of smartphones and the internet, the habits of people are changing. Due to COVID-19, food delivery apps development have become an indispensable part of day-to-day lives, and this trend will increase in the future. That’s why more and more restaurant owners want to have an online presence; otherwise, they will likely lose around 20% of profits. For more information, peek at this website for an online food ordering script and food ordering app development services.


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