Hainan Airlines Flight Change Policy


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Have you changed your mind and now you want to change your flight but before changing, you want to know the Hainan Airlines Flight Change Policy so you can make any changes to your ticket before the 24 hours of the departure of the flight if you can do any changes you can not change it accessible for more knowledge about change policy you can visit the official website, and know more from here.

How do I change the Hainan Airlines flight?

  • If you do not want to travel in booking a flight and wish to change your flight, visit the official website
  • After reaching the website, you must log in if already registered; otherwise, register yourself first.
  • After reaching the website’s home page, you will see many menus from which you have to click on the Plan & Book option.
  • When you click on the Plan& Book option, you will see many submenus open, out of which you have to click on Manage My Booking.

I hope you liked the information given above and have also understood; if there is any problem in understanding this step, then you can call the customer service number +86-898-95339 unless you can visit the official website

  • you can directly reach the manage my booking through official website.
  • When you click on Manage My Booking, a page opens. You have to fill in the details which asked and submit them.
  • After submission of the page, a booking will be open. You can modify your flight from there, and you will get the confirmation message after the modification.

So, these are the flight change process. If you want to change your date, follow the above steps. You can change Hainan Airlines flight date through this process, but let me clarify one thing: if you make any changes to your flight, you can do it before 24 hours of departure. This is the Hainan Airlines flight change policy. So, if you want to change your date, you can also do it before the flight departure according to Hainan Airlines’ flight date change policy. For any confusion, visit official website

Hainan Airlines customer services phone no. & email id –

Do you have fell ever how difficult to work 24 hours and how those people survive their life? But it is real Hainan airlines customer works 24/7. You can call them anytime, and they will fully support you. You can contact the given numbers if you have any airline-related problems. If you do not want to call, you can mail the provided email id.

  • Hainan (Headquarters): +86-898-95339
  • Cargo: +86-10-5617 0030
  • for complaints: +86-898-95339


Q-1: How can I free upgrade my flight ticket to business class at Hainan Airlines?

Ans: if you want to upgrade your flight ticket, go to the website, and then manage to book and make a bid. When your request is booming and a seat is available, your flight ticket is upgraded to business class.

Q-2: How much does Hainan Airlines take a fee on changing flights?

Ans: When you change your Hainan Airlines ticket after 24 hours, the cancellation fee of $100 to $500 is applicable. If you cancel before 24 hours, then the airline does not take any cancellation fee.

Q-3: Hainan Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

Ans: Hainan airline’s name correction policy is you can not change your full name on the ticket. If your word has any errors, you can modify it online.

Q-4: How do I correct my name on the Hainan Airlines flight ticket?

Ans: if you want to correct your name on a Hainan airlines flight ticket, come to the website and after reaching the website, go to manage to book, and you can update your name on the key from there.


In this blog, you have been given every information about the change in flight policy of Hainan Airlines; you have to read it carefully, from here every doubt will be cleared And if there is a problem in understanding something, then you can come to the website, and get information in detail!

I hope you have understood the things shared in the blog.!

Description – To know about the Hainan Airlines Flight Change Policy, read this blogging career fully. You will not get better information anywhere else. and also follow each and every steps.

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