Heart Thumping Adventures in Colorado to experience this Year

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Stop resisting the urge to experience adventure and bring forward your daring side on the grounds of Colorado!

Considering that we have been in it for a year and a half, watching Netflix crazy and doing 1,000 puzzles, it can be said that there is no better summer than taking a big step in our comfort zone. Fortunately, there is one place where you can do this: the great state of Colorado. “Escape from the comfort zone” does not mean that you have to hike across the entire Colorado trail or mountain bike to fall off a 6,000-foot cliff. There are countless outdoor adventures across the state that are perfectly suited to the recovering epidemic. Outdoor enthusiasts will hardly be bored with activities or incredible scenery. It is also one of the biggest attractions for Centennial State tourists from all over the world. Here are some outstanding products that can inject some adrenaline into your summer. Here’s our list of Heart Thumping Adventures in Colorado to experience this Year.

Adventurous Colorado experiences for your Thrilling American Holiday

Colorado people have plenty of outdoor opportunities, and it is not easy to break them down to a minimum. So, please consider these great choices on the Colorado adventure list.

Try Out The Colossal Royal Gorge Zipline at Canon City

Royal Canyon is one of the most spectacular natural landmarks in the century-old state. The river is 10 miles long and descends 1,250 feet to the Arkansas River below. You can admire its majestic helicopter tour from the many hiking and biking trails through the walls of red granite, wildflowers, and cacti, and even from a bird’s eye view. Nevertheless, it can be said that there is no more exhilarating way to appreciate it than ziplining in the open air between cliffs (nearly a quarter-mile). Cloudscraper Zipline happens to be the highest zipline route in the United States, and you must cross the highest suspension bridge in the United States to get there.

Camping in the National Park Rocky Mountain 

Although many people have spent time in this incredible park, staying overnight here can enhance your new appreciation of this gem of Rocky Mountain National Park. Whether you prefer to be in a remote area or a more traditional campsite (tent or RV), you will not be disappointed with your stay at RMNP. The reservation is your friend, and there are five campsites to choose from, depending on what you think is your favorite place in the park. If backcountry camping is attractive to you, RMNP novices and experienced campers can choose, but all overnight backcountry experiences require a permit. Book American Airlines Flights and head on a journey of adventure to Colorado.

Hiking with llamas at Edwards

There are many options for the length and challenge level of this journey. The common denominator is to have at least one friendly social animal in pleasant and vague company. You can choose Paragon Guides from Vail to Aspen for a full five-day hike, during which you will stay in the 10th Mountain Division Lodge and a guest ranch, with three llamas within 35 miles. Drag most of your equipment inside. You can also take a camel for a simpler half-day trek, tailored to your ability level, and end with lunch or wine and cheese (plus camel’s grains-pay attention to their lovely bite).

Attend the Bluegrass Annual Festival in Telluride

This famous bluegrass music festival is held on the weekend closest to the summer solstice in June, attracting crowds from all over the world and occupying the entire town of Telluride. At Box Canyon, you can admire some of the best musical talents in the industry while admiring the magnificent views of the San Juan Mountains. In between admiring your favorite band, you can stroll to Telluride National Historic Landmark District, which has all the Victorian architecture and charm. If you like a quiet experience, you can camp at the festival itself or in any parks around it. All will provide their own unique perspectives and experiences, but you can hardly go wrong in this part of our beautiful state.

Experience River Rafting towards Browns Canyon in Buena Vista

You don’t have to venture to find fast-flowing white water in Colorado, but a half-day trip on this infamous part of the River Arkansas through rapids with names like pinballs and large drops is as exciting as the experience. Even if you get wet (you will find at least splash water, if you don’t turn over), you will be more prepared to drink beer at Eddyline and then hang out in the very cool but often overlooked mountain city of Buena Vista.

Fly faster in a hot air balloon by Steamboat Springs

You can’t see many hot air balloons these days unless you go to Steamboat Springs. This popular mountain town hosts an annual hot air balloon rodeo every summer-no cowboys or lassos, but hundreds of hissing, rainbow-colored sky balloons. Anyone can sign up for the Wild West Ballooning morning ride (and a champagne toast!). It is surreal to watch the ground and surrounding mountains transform from the rising bubble basket into a patchwork quilt. In addition, when you are done, there are many delicious food and drinks to explore in the town.

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Take two rounds of Brew Cruise Near Fort Collins.

Do we all agree that any type of pedal is better when it comes to foam? This 6-hour guided tour includes a relaxing ride on flat terrain, passing through the university town of Fort Collins, dotted with breweries. Your guide can customize your route, but you will definitely choose FoCO’s more than 20 breweries. You will be so engrossed in the beer sampling and scenery that you won’t even realize that you have ridden about 17 miles when everything is said.

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Go Hiking the Manitou Slope

Pikes Peak is famous for many different things, and its vertical elevation and beauty are the most popular. But did you know that this area is also the location of Manitou Incline? Even for the most experienced adventurer, this great staircase is an extreme aerobic exercise. The slope is as high as 68%, the 2,744 stairs are made of old railway sleepers, and the elevation increases by 2,000 feet. Your climb will make you taller than the Empire State Building! Book American Airlines flights to enjoy an enthralling adventure to the mountains in Colorado.


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