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Folded white cardboard boxes for wok noodles are an established symbol of Chinese cuisine. Today, this type of box is successfully used for packing take-away food all over the world. Wok noodle box packaging is so ubiquitous that it is often associated with modern pop culture.

WOK noodle boxes can be seen in cult films such as:

  • Rush Hour and Dude, Where’s My Car;
  • TV Shows: Friends, The West Wing, and Gilmore Girls;
  • And even in expositions of contemporary art museums.

Fun Fact: The history of the WOK box of noodles was included in the exhibit at the New York Museum of Food and Drink.

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In our review, SM Custom packaging specialists will tell you about the history of the WOK noodle box. Then, we will focus on the design and construction features of this type of packaging.

The History of the Invention of the Wok Noodle Box

The Chinese noodle container is an American invention. In 1894, a young Chicago inventor named Frederick Weeks Wilcox patented what he called a “paper food bucket.” Drawing inspiration in part from Japanese culture (the art of origami), the paper bucket consisted of a single piece of folded material designed to prevent liquid leakage, with a small wire handle attached to the top for easy carrying.

The packaging design for WOK noodles was modeled after the wooden containers used to transport raw oysters in the 19th century.

The Main Reasons for the Rise in Popularity of Takeaway Packaging

The delivery of Chinese food began during World War II when America experienced border migration. In the United States, the early 1900s saw an influx of Chinese immigrants to California and a corresponding rise in the popularity of Chinese cuisine.

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The advantage of the WOK box for noodles is the simplicity of the construct, made from one piece of cardboard. Thus, it can be folded into a temporary plate, providing easy access to tangled noodles and food leftovers. Cardboard noodle containers also fit easily into each other, so they can be easily stored in tall stacks before they are filled with flavored food and delivered to customers’ doors.

Innovation since the Invention of the Wok Noodle Box

WOK noodle boxes are often not just white: the classic design includes a red pagoda with the words “Thank you” on top. In the 1970s, a designer working for Fold-Pak added graphics to give containers a stronger bond with Asian culture. The inner lining has also been redesigned to make the packaging impervious to grease and moisture. In addition, there are unique versions of boxes for microwave ovens without wire handles and eco-friendly versions (quick decomposition) of unbleached paper.

The Environmental Benefits of Food Carton Packaging

Cardboard food packaging is more sustainable than the foam takeout boxes used in some restaurants. (Unlike paper, Styrofoam is not biodegradable) However, the wax or plastic coating on cardboard boxes, as with paper cups, can cause some problems during recycling. Plastic containers with separate, tight-fitting lids, which are used in restaurants to store things like egg soup, have the advantage of being washable and reusable many times.

Making Packaging for Food

SM Custom packaging will help you quickly and efficiently produce a batch of boxes for WOK noodles in the USA and Canada. Our manufacturing facilities and years of experience in food packaging make it possible to take on some of the most demanding projects in the industry.



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