How GPS Tracking Simplifies Operations and Mitigates Challenges Across Industries


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No matter what the industry is, technology has optimised the functioning of every sector. GPS Tracking is one such technology that has accelerated the growth of various domains. 

As we always keep repeating, GPS tracking comes in handy for so many more purposes than just tracking location. 

Let’s track the role of Telematics solutions in various industries and how it’s adding value to the existing model.  

  • Logistics and Fleets

The logistics sector has made maximum use of this technology to optimise its operations. From a small fleet owner to logistics giants, everybody has discovered Vehicle Tracking Software’s potential to improve their fleet efficiency. The efficiency of the fleet decides the bottom line of the business. The better the efficiency, the more is the profit. 

It has proved useful in Fuel Monitoring, Live Tracking, Trip Management, Last Mile Delivery, Tyre pressure management, Driver Behaviour Monitoring and whatnot.

  • Employee Management

Gone are the days when managing the field task force was a battle. Today, it seems impossible for an individual to manage everything manually, from maintaining a record of employee’s attendance, assigning tasks, teammates, client location to monitoring their progress, performance and taking daily updates. 

Automation has taken off the load from the managers and improved their and their team’s efficiency. Now everything is manageable over the phone. You receive updates via alerts.  Attendance, reporting, assigning of tasks and so much more happens with a few clicks in a matter of minutes.

  • Railways

A lot goes into the flawless and non-stop functioning of Railways across the world. Millions of gang men and keymen patrol along the railway tracks to monitor and service the line. 

With GPS Tracking coming in handy, it becomes so much convenient to monitor and coordinate with multiple men at different locations busy with different tasks. It becomes easier to track their route and work status. You would know whether or not they visited the assigned spot and also ensuring their safety. 

  • Asset Tracking

It’s imperative to track the whereabouts and ensure on-time delivery of a billion-dollar consignment travelling across borders. Now, GPS Tracking has made it possible to fetch the real-time location of the assets while they are on the move. 

Unlike vehicle tracking devices, asset trackers do not require a wire connection. They are portable and wireless making them favourable to use as consignments are moved from one vehicle to another in order to reach the destination. 

  • School Bus Tracking

Child’s safety is an imperative issue not only for parents but also for school authorities. GPS Tracking software ensures the safety of school students while they are on their way to school/home. It enables parents and school management to track the real-time location of the student, the driving behaviour of the driver on duty and the route assigned/followed by him. 

These are some of the most basic features that the School Bus Tracking System would have. The features such as bus attendance, choose/change the dropping location, alerts, etc. are some more features that may be added. 

  • Public Services Sector

Like we said earlier, use cases of GPS Tracking software are many. The government is incorporating Telematics in the public services sector- from managing waste collection to ambulance locating/tracking, simplifying police patrolling and much more. It has not only made analysis and management easy but also simplified the data collection and storage process. Cloud has replaced repositories. 

  • Construction

Various pieces of equipment are used at construction sites – generators, earthmovers, cranes, loaders, telehandlers, trucks, etc. They keep moving from one construction site to another. It makes the life of managers and supervisors way easier. They can track the real-time location of all these assets in one place. They can check on their availability and designate them to different sites as per the requirement. 

Features such as panic button, parking scheduler, immobilize, ensure the security of the equipment. The idling of equipment is one major concern of the supervisors. A GPS tracking system does not only help in keeping a check on that but also provide performance reports of every piece of equipment and the operator. Service and maintenance reminders ensure the well-being of the equipment hence, improving fuel efficiency. 

  • Waste Management

A messy waste management process can cause a mess in the cities and towns. A well organised fleet management includes everything from trip planning to allotment, garbage collection, to dumping at the right place. GPS tracking solutions have a lot more to offer than just monitoring the movement of garbage vans and drivers such as – Driving behaviour to ensure fleet efficiency, Route Planning so that every bin is covered, Alerts in case the van misses a bin, Trip Management to ensure less wastage of time and much more. 

  • Rental Vehicles

The vehicle renting business is as risky as it is fruitful. You are renting out your assets to strangers who you know nothing about. There is a provision of a security deposit and address proof to avail of the facility, but the risk quotient is high anyway. To increase profit margins and reduce losses, most rental company owners are leveraging Fleet Management solutions.

Track vehicles in real-time while the vehicle is in the parking or out on booking. You get an alert when the vehicle moves out of the permitted zone. You get the exact geographical coordinates of the vehicle.  You receive a notification every time the vehicle is over speeding, or hash brakes are applied. If the vehicle hits something head-on or meets an accident, you receive an alert via SMS, push notification or/and an email

  • Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the early adopters of the technology and primary users of fleet tracking. The people in the agriculture business are inclining to smart farming to enhance their business. With growing demand, the pressure on the farmers to yield more with limited resources at hand is also growing.

The agricultural activities happen over remote areas where managing or reaching out to the field workers is impossible. Get the real-time visibility of vehicles, equipment and workers on one platform. Fetch the exact lat-long of their location along with their status and work report. Geofences play a crucial role in keeping assets safe inside them or keeping unwanted assets outside the area. They can be used to separate two lands, fence off areas that shall not be encroached and left alone the area where cattle graze.

Problems that Fleet Management Software Solves

The bigger the industry the more complicated the operations get. There are so many aspects of managing a fleet flawlessly. Here are the top nine problems that can easily be solved with the help of good Fleet Management Software

  • Managing a big fleet can be a challenging task
    • Fleet management in itself is a monster to deal with. There are so many layers to it that it can not be pulled off by one or two people. It’s imperative to bring everybody on the same page – drivers, vehicles, management staff, clients, transporters and end-users.  Right from managing documents to people and vehicles, all this is manageable in one place. 

This makes planning, execution, coordination and management a cakewalk for the fleet owners. 

  • Driver management
    • Managing drivers includes not just assigning trips or recording their working hours. When you are running an organisation it’s important to have a complete database with personal information about the drivers, essential documents such as UID card, license, PAN, etc. and their driving behaviour as well.

GPS Tracking software like TrackoBit comes with all such essential features to make fleet management an easy breezy job.

  • Fuel monitoring
    • No wonder how big or small the fleet is, fuel consumption is the most critical aspect for every fleet owner. If the average of the vehicle has reduced drastically over time, GPS Tracking software helps you deduce the exact reason behind it. Fuel theft is not always the cause. Sometimes the deteriorating health of the vehicle or driver’s rash driving behaviour is the reason why the vehicle is guzzling down fuel.  
  • Fleet expense management
    • Managing a fleet costs big bucks. Fuel, tyres, salaries are some of the biggest expenses. There are other small expenses such as regular services, tolls, permits, etc. 

It’s feasible to manage expenses where everything else is being managed. Fleet Management software comes with this add-on feature as well. Hence, problem solved! 

  • Managing device inventory
    • You get a separate segment to manage your devices. You get your inventory sorted by the status of the devices. You can upload the details of the devices and stock them for later use. Easy for everyone to access device information if required. 
  • To keep various documents in a safe and accessible place.  
    • No need to download a separate app to digitize and store your documents. Fleet Management software comes with a feature such as e-lockers to store essential documents. 


  • To attain complete customer satisfaction
    • There’s an option to share reports, a live screen and a few functionalities with customers. Automate the process of notifying the customers of the delivery status or send important messages through announcements/broadcast. These small features improve user experience and customer satisfaction. 
  • Vehicle service and maintenance
    • You get a system to maintain servicing and maintenance schedule on the software itself. You can check whichever vehicle’s details you want to, from anywhere at any time. Not just that, you get reminders in case the servicing date is around the corner. 
  • Plan and manage multiple trips daily. 
    • Managing hundreds of trips daily can be a hassle. Working on the planner, schedule and sequence of the trip can be taxing too. Fleet Management Software reduces this humongous task to a matter of few minutes with automation. You get automatic report generation along with detailed insights and other significant features. 

These are the top nine problems that good GPS Tracking software would solve. It seems like a great deal of an investment but actually, it’s quite affordable. 


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