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How Private Detective do pre matrimonial investigation?

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Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Choosing a correct life partner can sometimes get tough. People are aware of the rising fraud cases in marriage. There is a growing fear in families regarding choosing a suitable bride/groom for their children. So, the families of boys/girls first try to get sure of the person before getting them married. For them it is a be very cautious and a careful decision of choosing a life partner. By any chance you find that your partner or his/her family has lied about anything major before marriage, your entire life gets affected by it.

There is a growing trend that the families of the bride or groom usually hire a Private Detective agency in Delhi or Investigator to investigate everything about the families of either party. Such steps are beneficial for a successful marriage. Before getting the families to enquire about the girl/boy such as their family background, professional life, salary, previous affairs, drink/drugs abuse past history of criminal records. 

Therefore, Investigations before marriage is the key to successful marriages. On the other hand, it also protects the families of girls and boys from getting into any kind of fraud. A failed marriage can be very stressful for the families as well.

These can be the various aspects that the families try to enquire before marrying their son/daughter.

Financial background – there are possibilities that either party hides their financial condition before marriage. Families are aware of such types of cases which make them enquire about the same. Also, parents try to get clarity on their financial condition so that they can safely marry their children. Parents look for a good and favorable family status to marry their child.

Family background – It becomes very important for the families to check the family background of either party. Since marriage also involves compatibility of both the families. So, in order to get all the details of family members and family background, either party hires Detectives or Investigators.

Drinking habits – Drinking is common in the current generation these days. Even girls drink in today’s time. Drinking can also ruin a marriage if the husband does domestic violence after drinking. But some families have strict regulations for drinking and smoking. They enquire about the drinking and smoking habits of the girl/boy before getting them into their family. 

Sexual activities – Families are also concerned if the boy is addicted to sex. Families need to inquire about whether he had ever been with call girls or been to red light areas so that their daughter is in safe hands. Being sexually active before marriage is also not considered good for a healthy marriage, so parents enquire about that also.

Club/association membership – clubbing habits and late-night parties are also kept checked by families. Families looking for a sober boy/girl who has no late-night party habits so they enquire about the parting habits.

Previous marriage/divorce – there are cases that which families hide the past relationship of their son/daughter. In order to get them, married families don’t reveal the past lives of the boy/girl. Marriage also needs a full confirmation about the boy/girl’s previous relations if suspected.

Employment background verification- An employment background is must check to confirm whether the details given by either part are correct or not. Usually, there is a risk of faulty detail in the biodata of the bride/groom. So, parents tend to enquire about it or they hire a Detective if needed.

Due diligence investigation- Investigations of due diligence are initiated if the family belongs to a business class, or the groom is suspected of any kind of corporate or private fraud. To make sure that the family is not involved in any such cases Investigations are helpful before marriage. 

Social media check- Bride/groom or their families try to get information about the boy/girl on social media to know about their lifestyles. During a pre-matrimonial investigation, the Investigator also looks for evidence through social media.

Criminal record- It is very important to know if the family has any criminal records. Also, investigations are done by families to find out if the boy/or is linked with any kind of criminal acts. There is a risk since families hide about it generally. 

Relation/ affair check- There are cases where the bride/groom can be in touch with their past relationship while getting married. Out of family pressure if a boy/girl marries then there is a risk of fraud and a broken marriage.

Marriage is considered to be a union of not only the boy and girl but also their families. The pillars of marriage are trust, loyalty, and companionship. Before getting married, it is very crucial to know the person fully or to a greater extent. 

There are risks involved if either party tends to hide or lie about anything about the bride or groom in pre-marriage. In the case of both love/arranged marriage families investigate the bride/groom so that it leads to a successful marriage. So, this calls for a careful investigation by the families to avoid any kind of fraud in marriage. A broken marriage can affect the mental and emotional well-being of the couple.

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