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Recap Of SEO Criteria In 2022

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We can never say it enough, SEO Agency Mohali a website that works is a well reference site! Positioning your site well is not an easy task and Google does not make things easier by constantly changing its search algorithm! Today we give you a little recap of the SEO criteria for the year 2022.

NEW technical criteria from May 2022

Google announce several months ago the evolution of its search algorithm which will now take into account the user experience . Sites providing the best user experience (UX) will be favor while websites with poor user experience will be penalize.

To judge the user experience of a site, Google will base itself on the Core Web Vitals.

Consideration of Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals correspond to technical performance criteria . On the one hand, they evaluate the loading speed of a page, its interactivity and its visual stability.

Your site will therefore have to display the following performances :

LCP: 2.5 seconds maximum

The LCP (Largest Contentful Paint ) corresponds to the loading speed of the largest visible content of your web page . Google judges that for a good user experience, SEO Agency Mohali it should not exceed 2.5 seconds.

FID: 100 milliseconds maximum

The FID (First Input Delay) judges the interactivity of the pages of your website. This indicator corresponds to the time that your web page takes to respond following an action by your user, that is to say when he clicks on a button or on a link for example. This data must not exceed 100 milliseconds.

CLS: 0.1 max

The CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) deals this time with the visual stability of your site. This data is intended to take into account the modifications  that may appear on a page and disrupt the user experience.The CLS of your page should not exceed 0.1.

Page Speed Insights: the tool to analyze the performance of your site

To verify that your web page meets these criteria, Google has develop a “Page Speed Insights” tool that allows you to test the performance of each page on your site. If your site shows lower performance than recommend, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali the tool gives you the elements to optimize.

Most of the improvement criteria are technical elements that require specific knowledge. You will probably need to call on your web developer to optimize the performance of your website.

Doubly necessary technical criteria

Several technical criteria that were already taken into account in the ranking of your site will also be consider in the evaluation of the user experience . They cannot therefore be ignore if you want your site to be well reference.

A responsive website

Even if we have the impression of pushing open doors, we tell you again, it is more than crucial that your website adapts to mobile browsing.

Google has include this criterion in the SEO ranking of your site for some time now. It now makes it a criterion for evaluating the user experience and makes it even more essential.

Secure browsing

Safe navigation on your website will also be a criterion taken into account by Google to determine the quality of the user experience . Your site should therefore not contain malicious content.

A secure site: HTTPS mandatory

This time, Google makes it a point of honor that your site displays the HTTPS protocol. Until now, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali a message indicate to your users that “the connection to the site consult was not secure”. From May 2022 you will no longer be able to miss it because this could strongly penalize your SEO.

Avoid intrusive interstitials

Intrusive interstitials are actually pop-upswhich are consider by Google to be too intrusive. When they take up the entire size of the screen , for example, preventing the user from accessing the content. You will have to get rid of these intrusive windows if you do not want to be penalize by Google . Legally necessary pop-ups are of course not affect.

IN page criteria: ESSENTIAL

These criteria are not new but it is always good to take a reminder shot!

Title tag: 512 pixels (~55 characters)

Today the recommend size for your titles is 512 pixels or about 55 characters . This size is “recommend” because it is Google’s display size . If your title is longer your positioning will not be directly impact, however your title will be truncated which can impact your click rate.

H1 tag: MAXIMUM 70 characters

A really impacting criterion that has not yet change. If you want to put all the chances on your side to be well seen by Google , the size of your H1 tag should not exceed 70 characters , at least until further notice.

Image: Fill alt attributes

We repeat it because it is not always a reflex! Google can’t read your image , but it will read your descriptive text very well, so don’t forget to include your keywords  .

Keywords in bold

Something that still doesn’t change , tell Google your important keywords !

Effective internal networking

Making links between your pages that deal with similar and complementary subjects is very important for your SEO . If you want to be on top, set up semantic cocoons around each of your keywords.

Criteria OFF page

These are the criteria that you do not directly control but that you must always keep in mind.

Have quality backlinks

Having a lot of links pointing to your site is good, SEO Agency Mohali but having quality ones is better ! Always rely on the quality of your backlinks and your anchor texts!

Large volume of traffic

Generating traffic is a bit basic if you want to reference your site, it is also the most complicate part because it depends on external actors.

If you want to know how to boost your traffic you can consult our article  “how to generate traffic on my site”



RESPONSIVE site SECURE HTTPS site No INTRUSIVE INTERSTITIAL TITLE TAG optimize 512 pixels H1 70 characters maximum IMAGE with alt tag fill in Key words IN BOLD Efficient INTERNAL MESH Lots of BACKLINKS Large volume of TRAFFIC

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