How to add an extra room without actually adding one?


Have two kids and the third is on her way? Or do the guests always have to adjust in the lounge? Does your teenage boy require a personal space away from his siblings? Or are you looking for a new home office space for yourself? Well, you need to add an extra room in the house soon. But of course, the budget doesn’t allow to revamp the entire house and add an extra floor! And how can we forget, the permissions for this can make you sweat like nothing else. Well, there can be a middle way actually. Want to know about it?

Tips to add an extra space in your home without any extension

There is a massive difference between extending a room in the house and adding an extra room. An extension means constructing an extra space in the house that’s added altogether from scratch. And adding another room means making a space in the house within the available area. So, today we are going to discuss the ways you can add an extra room to your home without an extension.

  • Create a mezzanine floor in the living room — Got a nice, big living room? Make it all the more convenient by creating a mezzanine floor over it. The architects consider this idea as the best way to increase the living space in a house. (This idea becomes a total hit if you have a high ceiling.) You can create a home office or playroom or a lounging space in these additional square feet that you squeezed out. The choice is yours! But remember to connect both the areas with a staircase in between.
  • Utilize the attic space — Each house has an unwanted attic. Why not utilize this room to create an extra bedroom in the house? You can simply install huge see-through glasses in this area and make it entirely vibrant, or simply add insulation and some furniture to turn it into a workspace. Both ways, your attic will do fine being an extra room in the house.
  • The basement transformation —A basement is probably the most neglected area of your house. Well, you have the option and opportunity to turn it into a spare bedroom as well. Just waterproof it completely, add new flooring and ceiling, recheck the electrical lines, and lastly paint the walls beautifully with the help of Kowhai Painters & Renovators in Auckland these painters do a marvelous job in beautifying your home and they can turn it into a nice bedroom in no time.
  • A stand-alone structure — A stand-alone structure is the most budget-friendly and ideal way to add an extra room to your house. Wondering how? You can create a nice partition in an existing large room with a plaster wall and make it the wall of your new room. Use some fast furniture to make it functional and try some DIY decors to enhance its beauty.

Aren’t these ideas superlative and amazing? Now you don’t have to stretch the boundaries of your house and drown in the legal mess to add an extra room to your house — just these few steps will do the work!


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