How to Charge Your Phone Battery the Right Way


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Are you curious to know about the right way to charge the phone battery? If you ignore the right steps to charge your phone then you may see that its battery will drain too fast. As we all know that batteries play a vital role in the working efficiency of any mobile. No one wants that during entertainment or conversation mobile goes shut down so we have to adopt some healthy habits to do proper charging of our phone. It is simple to see the battery level and plug it into the wall but if you want to increase battery life it is complicated and for this, you should take some important measures. If our phone has a good battery level then it will work effectively and give us the desired output. If you don’t care about the battery in the long run you may face some problems and waste your money on iPhone x battery replacement. It may take a lot of time when you give your phone for repair in a shop. If you want to save yourself from this situation then you must follow all the points. In this article, you will get some important tips to charge your battery in the proper way.

Tips to Charge Your Phone Battery in the Right Way:

1. Don’t use the Phone While Charging it:

Many a time when we are busy doing our daily activities we just forget that during charging we should not use the phone. Sometimes we carelessly watch videos, movies while charging it will reduce the lifespan of your gadget’s battery. In this digital world, we have a lot of work and less time. Everyone wants to do his work in a few seconds but we have to think about the future. If we don’t think about the long term our phone battery starts to give trouble and we exhaust this problem so it is better to use our mobile effectively.

2. Charge Your Phone at Normal Temperature: 

When we charge our phone then it gets heated up. If we charge our phone at too high a temperature it will be too hot and it may explode and if you charge in the colder area then it will charge too slowly and take a lot of time to charge at the desired level. Always remember that these electronic gadgets fulfill our whole day task so we should take care of them as per their specification. Temperature factors matter a lot in the working of phone batteries. The draining of the battery all depends on temperature. Is it possible to remove the case cover? Then you should do it while charging your cell phone. Even if you turn on airplane mode while charging it.

3. Use a Proper Charger for Charging Your Phone: 

There are a lot of chargers available in the market and promise you to give proper charging. Before going to buy a charger you should check all attributes of your mobile and purchase the perfect one because charging is like oxygen for mobile. Spend your money on a high-quality charge for your phone. If you purchase a low-quality charger it will give you an inefficient charging experience and maybe result in too fast draining of battery. So always be careful during the purchase of your phone charger. Your one precious decision gives extended life to your cell phone battery and you will never feel that you waste your money.

4. Don’t Allow Your Phone to Drop to Zero Before Charging: 

Sometimes we are too busy with our daily schedule and forget to charge our phone and we will get in trouble when we need it most. Always keep charging your phone before it goes to a lower level. If your phone goes to a lower charging level it gives radiation that affects your body badly so it is better to charge your phone properly. Earlier we use our phones for calling and sending messages but we do a lot of things and install too many apps for completing our daily tasks such as social media, good quality cameras, official work, online payment, shopping, and many more. These all tasks take a lot of battery or contribute to draining the battery but we can’t live without these activities as they are our priority requirement and without them, our phone is only a cell phone, not a smartphone. Technology Evolved every year and we purchase advanced technology mobile to complete our every task and save our time.

5. Don’t Overcharge Your Phone: 

When we plug the mobile into the charger we leave it for a lot of hours even when it hits 100%. This will heat up the battery and as result; it will expand or maybe explode or damage major parts of your phone. Once it happens you have to go for repair or iPhone x battery replacement of parts of your cell phone in a repair service provider shop or center. Overcharging is too dangerous for both cell phones and us. Without battery, our phone is not more than just a box so keep checking your phone periodically. In a smartphone when you plug in the charger you can see the time period and how much time it will take to complete the charging so we can see that also. If you are really serious about your cell phone battery life you will consider all the points thoroughly and apply them also.

Final Words

We hope that you have learned a lot about the right way of charging a phone battery. Apply all the tips we will assure you will get good results and you will save your money and time also. If you are frustrated with the fixing list and want to replace your battery then you can come to Esource Parts. We are battery replacement experts such as iPhone X battery replacement, Google pixel battery replacement, Samsung tablet battery replacement, iPod battery replacement, iPhone x display and Nintendo switch battery replacement. We have a skilled technician team which troubleshoot and replace the parts in the minimal time period. Hurry up! Check all the great deals and offers on battery replacements.


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