How To Get A Tiny House Truck Ready For Travel


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You’ve been waiting for your contractor to finish your tiny house truck for a long time. Or perhaps your do-it-yourself project is nearing completion. You searched through your possessions and sought out the ideal location for your new home’s parking. Welcome to the tiny house community! It’s surely exploding, thanks to the growing popularity of small-space living. According to some estimates, there are roughly 10,000 small homes in North America!

You should first bring your small house to your parking spot and settle in before you can fully participate in the tiny house community. On the other hand, Tiny house trucks can be challenging, especially for new drivers. Don’t be concerned! We’ve created a list of helpful ideas and tips for information to assist you in getting your tiny home from point A to B as smoothly as possible. 

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  • Hire a company to move house for you 

If you are not sure that you can move your tiny home on your own, then hire a professional firm to do it for you! Depending on your situation, there are a couple of different types of shipping companies to select from.

  • Long haul moving 

If you plan to travel overseas or move your tiny house from one end of the country to another, you must consider freight transportation. Shop around to look for the finest transport option for your budget and situation! Some freight firms offer a roll-on/roll-off service, in which the tiny house is towed onto the boat by the truck. After meeting it on another side, the home is rolled back off the ship. This option is the finest because you don’t have to fit inside a little steel shipping container. 

  • Short move companies 

If you are not going far away, you can still hire a company. There are several firms that move tiny house trucks like a typical moving firm transports furniture and boxes. Selecting a tiny home moving firm is a fantastic choice if you are unsure about moving the home on your own or if you would rather trust an experienced one. Tiny home movers will have the equipment and the know-how to ensure your home arrives unharmed! See our Resource Directory for options.

Moving a tiny house by yourself 

Several tiny homeowners have a powerful can-do attitude and a wish to move their homes on their own. Moving your tiny home DIY manner is not only liberating, but it may also save you money!

Watch our towing how-to videos for a clear idea of what’s required. Sign up for our THOW Travel e-Course for further in-depth advice and preparation, which begins throughout the construction period.

  • Big trucks for a big job 

The first requirement is a large truck. But it’s not your standard pick-up vehicle. You’ll need a heavy-duty truck capable of transporting large cargo. You’ll be going nowhere, fast, if your vehicle is not rated to lift the weight of your house.

  • Weather concerns

Check the weather forecast while planning your move and again immediately before you depart. When transporting a huge building like a tiny house, bad weather can be dangerous. High winds are notorious for toppling little houses due to their height.

  • Get your permits in order.

A wide-load permit and special equipment must be legally and carefully towed on public roads for any small home over 8.5′ wide. The rules for road-legal vehicles may differ from state to state. Always examine each state’s legislation you want to see on your journey.


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