How to Grow Your Career During COVID and Reach Your Goals


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COVID-19 has transformed the world and introduced trends that have become the new normal. WFH is one of them, which has got many users to consider getting Spectrum WiFi plans and other internet services.

The economic downturn has laid off many. Companies were compelled to freeze pays, promotions, and hiring. Now that things are slowly going back to normal, the competition for new opportunities is intense. 

In the midst of all, if you feel like your career growth has stalled, you are not alone. Delayed promotion, no raise, and the fear that you won’t be able to land a job that proves to be the next step on the career path – these are some common fears. To help you pass these trying times and continue growing in your career, try these tips:

1: Have a Talk with Your Manager 

The first thing to do is set up a meeting with your manager and discuss your future. Tell them where you feel you are going within the company.

When scheduling the meeting, give them a heads up that you want to talk about career progression. Give them time to prepare so that you can have a productive discussion. Prepare what you want to discuss and set realistic expectations. A big raise or promotion may not be possible right now. 

Communicate what you are looking for so that your manager keeps you in mind for an opportunity whenever there is an opening. This will keep you and the manager on the same page about your goals. Give your manager a chance to offer feedback about what hard or soft skills you have to embody. 

2: Volunteer 

If a senior employee needs help on a new project, and it’s relevant to your career goal, then raise your hand. Volunteer to help them out. This will present you with an opportunity to learn and show your managers that you are responsible. 

Not only will you learn new skills but practice them outside the professional setting. All of this will make you a better applicant for a new opening.

3: Network within the Company

Create strong connections with other employees in your company. It’s imperative for career growth. This will get you in on a new project in another department. If your colleague knows someone who is hiring, they might refer you to that job.

Do some research on which employees or coworkers you would like to connect with. Perhaps connect with those who have a common personal or professional interest. Strengthen your connections within your team and outside. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the seniors. Show them your work. 

4: Find Yourself a Mentor

Mentors can provide unique career insight. Great advice can be found from someone who has been in the same shoes as you. 

If there is a highly experienced person in your team or circle you admire, reach out to them and connect. It will seem natural because the individual whom you admire is likely working from home as well. Once you have found the right mentor, schedule meetups regularly. Seek advice and prepare for career growth.

Ask them for feedback, get tips on interviews and have a challenging conversation. Inquire what skills you must build for enhancing your career.

5: Hone Your Skills by Taking Online Courses 

Who says that you can’t progress during COVID? In fact, this is the right time to take an online course. Many free and premium courses are available. 

Since your goal is to grow, you must have made a list of skills to grow in. Search for a course that helps you learn that skill. Sites like Udemy, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning have courses in a range of industries. Learn from anything – negotiation skills, marketing, finance, risk management, and more. 

Learning a new skill or taking an online course sets you up for a promotion. You will appear as an attractive candidate. Chances are lack of a particularly held you from promoting to a better designation. This will show your employer that you are proactive and you used the opportunity to learn something new.

6: Work On Your Self-Development 

Look into growth opportunities like books, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. For learning and developing. Keep on learning and do all you can to make this self-paced learning enjoyable. 

Thousands of informative content can teach you about career advancement, workplace culture, and other industries. Consume content that will help you develop leadership skills. Commit by giving 30 minutes a day to this self-paced investment. 

Follow these tips to get closer to your goals even if you are not yet promoted or received a raise.


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