How to Prevent Roof From Leakage

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Whether you have an older or a newer roofing system on your home, commercial property, or business, there is always a chance that your roof could get damaged by hail, wind, heavy rains, ice, snow, snowmelt, or sleet.

With decades of experience assisting residential, commercial, and business customers in Dallas and the surrounding area, you can rely on our team for all your roofing repair needs.


One of the most common roofing problems is a leaking roof. This type of roofing problem may seem relatively harmless at first, but the longer you wait to repair it, the worse the situation will become.

Damages to your roof that could make it vulnerable to leaks include cracked flashing, broken tiles, slate or asphalt shingles, or faulty gutters.

It’s worth noting that leaks can occur anywhere your roofing system is compromised due to wear and tear, damages as a result of powerful storms, or heavy snow or ice accumulations.

Brown spots, ceiling discoloration, and wet walls are all signs of a leaking roof. If you notice any of these red flags, calling us for a roofing inspection right away helps protect your structure from further water or structural damages.

By taking quick action and fixing roof leaks as quickly as possible, you can avoid other hazards such as mold, mildew, and pest infestations that are often common when water is allowed to sit.

Other threats that could arise as a result of roof leaks could include electrical hazards, insulation damage, or critical wooden supports rotting and becoming unstable.


Your shingles take a lot of heat! As one of the most exposed areas of your home, it isn’t uncommon to need to replace shingles from time to time.

Homes in Dallas are subject to all kinds of weather conditions. Heavy rains, high winds, ice, sleet, snow, and extreme temperatures put your roofing to the test.

Our shingle replacement services ensure that any shingles with cracks, gross granular loss, heat damage, or other damages are removed and replaced promptly.

To help identify problematic shingles before an emergency shingle replacement is needed, we recommend inspecting your roof at least twice a year.

A springtime inspection is ideal for checking for damaged shingles or other components of your roofing system.

An inspection in the fall is always practical to remove fallen debris from summer storms and identify any vulnerable shingles or other roofing components.

After storm inspections help identify broken shingles, shrinkage, remove broken branches or other debris that’s collected on the rooftop.

Shingle replacement offers homeowners a way to immediately address problematic shingles or compromised areas of their roofing system without having to do a complete roofing replacement.


The primary function of the fascia on your home is to provide a protective barrier between the roof and your home’s interior.

Additionally, the fascia adds to your home’s visual appeal by creating an even and smooth roof edge.

Fascia is attached to your gutters and is found just below your roof, making it particularly susceptible to water damage.

Regular examinations of your fascia help to ensure water drainage from your roof, and your gutter system isn’t rotting out this beneficial roofing component.

If you suspect fascia damage, our roofing repair technicians can help restore your home’s safety and facade.


Anyone who has lived in Dallas for any amount of time knows our company, and other weather events can get serious quickly.

If your home has sustained roofing damage due to high winds, fallen limbs, ice, or snow buildup, our team is available to help secure your roof and provide needed roofing repairs in a timely and professional manner.


When you are experiencing a roofing emergency, you already have enough worries on your mind. When everyone you care about and everything you’ve ever worked for is at risk, you don’t want to take chances of leaving these things at risk.

At Dallas Roofing Company, we think of our clients like family. That’s why when you call us, our team of roofing technicians is always there to help.

With decades of experience and an outstanding business reputation, we stand behind all of our work.


To keep a dry roof, properly functioning gutter systems are required. When gutters get clogged or blocked, it prevents the free flow of water through the trough system and downspouts. As a result, water sits and stagnates, often settling on the edge of the roof. Any trapped water can penetrate shingles, which further degrades their effectiveness. If left to deteriorate for an extended time, it can result in rotting or significant leaks.

Ideally, homeowners should plan to clean their eavestroughs and gutters at least once a year to remove leaves and other debris that can contribute to clogs.

Another option to prevent yard debris from collecting in your gutters is by installing a protective gutter guard. These guards are highly effective at stopping larger items from accumulating and clogging up your home’s gutter system.


A roofing system uses multiple components. Flashing is one of these critical components. The function of flashing is to seal bends and cracks on the roof, preventing moisture and heat from penetrating these areas. A typical example of where flashing gets used is in the area around the chimney.

Visible gaps, cracks, rust, or other imperfections in flashing are problematic. Flashing impacts how water, snow, and ice run off the roof. If any of these exist, they provide the opening needed to leak inside your home.


If it’s time for a roofing inspection, or need help to complete a minor or significant roofing repair on your Dallas home or business, give our roofing repair professionals a call first.

We’re proud to offer roofing repair services you can depend on during your time of need. Our general service areas include Dallas, DFW, and the surrounding area.

We’re happy to provide no-obligation, free estimates on any roof repair in Dallas or work you need to have completed.

When quoting the job, we make sure to do a complete assessment of the situation. By doing so, we avoid confusion and unexpected charges.

Our goal is to help our friends, neighbors, friends, and community live or work in a healthier and safer environment all year long.

Contact us today to discuss your residential or commercial roofing repair needs.


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