How to Upload EML to Office 365?


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If you’re looking for a full solution to upload EML to Office 365, you’ve come to the right place. Then keep an eye on this blog. Here you’ll discover a step-by-step tutorial on uploading EML messages to Office 365 using both manual and professional methods.

Though desktop email clients have their own value, users may need to transition from desktop apps to web-based platforms to take advantage of new capabilities. When using email applications such as Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and others, users must interact with EML files, which are the most often used file type.

This article will serve as a reference for customers who want to learn how to upload EML to the Office 365 platform so they may take advantage of the benefits of working in the cloud from any device.

Reason – Why User Need to Upload EML files to Office 365?

  • We all know that since Office 365 is built and developed by Microsoft, it is more trustworthy and useful to users.
  • It allows customers to manage their email accounts in a secure and cost-free manner.
  • Allow users to work with and access their data at any time. It is specifically developed to assist both professional and self-employed users in building contemporary businesses.
  • Office 365 is a safe and secure cloud-based email service that lets users send and receive emails as well as using Word, Powerpoint, and MS Excel online.
  • It gathered all of your attachments in one place, removing the need to look for files. You may preview it, share it, upload it to the cloud, or resend it.
  • You may share draughts with others to gain feedback on your email before sending it out.

These are some of the most typical reasons why users are urged to upload EML to Office 365. Examine the manual and automatic methods for importing Windows Live Mail EML files into Office 365 now.

Way – How to Upload EML to Office 365?

This section contains a step-by-step explanation of how to upload EML to office 365. For a better understanding of users, we separated the technique into two parts. The professional approach for transferring EML emails into Office 365 without losing any data comes first, followed by the manual way for importing EML files to Outlook 365. You may know more about the professional solution feature and processing so go to another blog that is Import EML to Office 365 in Bulk 

Export EML Files into Microsoft 365 by Manually

This section is divided into two parts: To begin, you must first upload EML to PST format, then import these PST files into Office 365. Carefully follow the instructions below:

Part 1: Upload EML into PST Format

  1. To begin, launch Windows Live Mail on your computer.
  2. By clicking on File, then Export Email, you can choose the Email messages option.
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange from the Select Program list in the opening pane and click Next.
  4. A new notification tab appears on the screen, verifying the message exporting, and click the Ok button here.
  5. Select the files and folders from Windows Live Mail that you wish to import into MS Office 365 and press OK.
  6. A new window will emerge on the screen, exhibiting the EML to PST conversion process.
  7. While you were waiting for the conversion procedure to be completed, you received the following message: Select the Finish option.

Part 2: Upload PST files into Office 365

  1. Install Office 365 on your computer and sign in with the appropriate credentials.
  2. Now go to Data Governance’s Import page and create a new task for uploading data to the Office 365 storage path.
  3. Here is where you should copy and save the SAS network upload URL.
  4. After you’ve saved the URL, you’ll need to download and run the Azure AzCopy programme.
  5. Using the AzCopy Tool, upload the PST (from a shared path) to Office 365 via the command line. (You may also use Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer to browse your PST files.)
  6. After that, create a CSV file with all of the mailbox information (in the Microsoft recommended format).
  7. To verify the CSV file, create a PST import job.
  8. Finally, open Office 365 and import PST files. If required, you may also filter PST files here.

Upload EML to Office 365 by Professional Method

4n6 EML Converter is a safe and secure tool for importing EML files into Office 365 without losing any data. It is designed to export EML files to Outlook, as well as Gmail, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, HostGator, Amazon WorkMail, and other major email clients, using a cutting-edge algorithm. It also lets users export EML files to a variety of other file formats, including PST, PDF, and MBOX.
eml to office 365

Frequently Asked Question

Q. I now use Windows Live Mail to view my emails in Office, but I’d want to be able to access them via OWA and Outlook as well. As a result, I’d want to import EML files into my Office 365 account. Please assist me with this procedure.

To upload EML to Office 365 account, follow the steps outlined above. There are two download buttons for distinct tools. One programme may be used to convert EML files to Outlook File Format (PST), while another can be used to import converted files into Office 365 Cloud.

Q. I’ve acquired an Office 365 user account subscription and want to import all EML files into it. So, I’d want to know whether there’s a way to manually import EML files into my Office 365 account.

No, there isn’t a free manual way to upload EML to Office 365. However, you may go through some of the manual processes for importing. For example, you may manually import all EML files into Outlook Data File (PST) using the approach outlined in the #1 section, and then import converted PST files into Office 365 using the Office 365 Restore application, which you can get by clicking on the icon above.


The preceding article is about importing EML files into Office 365 accounts. In light of the matter, I’ve examined the potential causes for the migration’s manual method. Users who find it difficult to upload EML to Office 365 using the manual way should use an expert programme, which I have suggested to them.


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