Nowadays, the packaging is much more than just a transport box, and packaging is a marketing tool. Therefore, the questions associated with this topic are as diverse as the packaging. In this article, we cut the most critical issues; explain what importance of packaging unique, and, above all, what needs to be considered during planning and conception.

Packaging as a communication tool

  • What must be on the packaging?
  • Does packaging have to be licensed?
  • What is neutral packaging?
  • Individual printing of the packaging
  • Packaging with inlay
  • Packaging with magnet
  • Print the packaging with your logo
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Design your packaging

Why is packaging used as a communication tool?

The packaging plays a significant role, especially at the point of sale, as the customer usually comes into contact with the packaging first. It is essential to attract attention to the flood of products that try to conquer the daily market. Be it through a concise color scheme, a well known corporate design of your company, or a unique finish that increases the value of the packaging. The method of your packaging serves as a figurehead and conveys the brand message. Get eco friendly bath bomb packaging and other packaging at SM Custom Packaging Eco Friendly Bath Bomb Packaging that we give is extremely customizable in terms of size shape and appearance.

  • Packaging conveys the brand message.
  • The first point of contact at the end of the sale
  • Tells the company philosophy

What must be on the packaging?

Before you can create and design packaging, you need to find out what information must be on the packaging from a legal point of view. If you do not pay attention here, you risk a warning or even the risk that the product may not be sold in stores. In addition, a new edition or a new label is associated with a lot of work and high costs. Therefore, you should be able to find the following information.

Manufacturer information: Name Company and address of the manufacturer or seller in the EU

List of ingredients: List of elements the element with the most significant proportion must go up

Allergenic ingredients: Exact description concerning the origin of crustaceans, cereals containing gluten, fish, eggs, soy, peanuts, mustard, celery, sesame seeds, mollusks, lupines, sulfur dioxide, sulfites

Does packaging have to be licensed?

According to the packaging regulations, the first distributor filler, manufacturer, and import must license the packaging in USA with a dual system. Therefore, it does not matter how many stations the packaging ultimately goes through before it arrives at the end customer.

In USA packaging must be licensed for a dual system

The initial distributor must license the packaging

What is neutral packaging?

Neutral packaging does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the content. This is particularly useful if the contents of the packaging are to be treated discreetly. Even the sender can be changed for neutral packaging. So you can order goods from service providers and send them directly to your customer without detours and repackaging. That saves time and transport costs.

  • Freely selectable sender
  • Neutral packaging without branding
  • Can be sent directly to the end customer without repackaging

Individual printing of the packaging

To attract attention in the flood of packaging, it is necessary to give your packaging an exceptional look. This can be achieved through a specific finishing technique or die or through printing. Individual printing conveys your brand message, your company philosophy, and your corporate design. The packaging is usually printed flat, i.e., when the paper or cardboard has not yet been processed. However, unique processes also make it possible to print finished packaging.

  • The packaging carries your brand message.
  • The packaging bears your corporate design.
  • Packaging can be individually printed.
  • Finished packaging can also be individually printed
  • You can find more about packaging printing here.

Packaging with inlay

Once the customer has been encouraged to buy by the unique look and the high quality content, it is essential to maintain a positive experience. Inside the packaging, too, we have several options for increasing the value of the overall structure, for example, with an inlay. The inlay can be a die cut that has been perfectly adapted to the product inside, a cushion, foam, or filler material (e.g., scraps of paper). These not only serve to secure the product from damage in transit but also ensure an exclusive look.


Packaging with magnet

The world of packaging is extensive and includes a wide variety of packaging types. In addition to the well known slip lid boxes and folding boxes, there is also exceptional packaging. The variant with a magnet is particularly exclusive, as the attractions are incorporated into the edge. The lid and the closure are therefore only minimally visible or not at all. The magnetic box also provides a unique experience when opening and closing.

Print the packaging with your logo

Some packaging doesn’t need a lot of frills, just the company logo. There are various methods of applying this to the packaging. For example, packaging can easily be printed. However, finishing by punching, embossing, or lasering is much more attractive and of higher quality. With this process, the logo can be applied to the packaging in an exquisite form.

Sustainable packaging

In many countries, there has been a real packaging mania in recent years. As packaging professionals, this situation is a challenge, and we pay a lot of attention to it. Our packaging is therefore primarily made from recycled materials. At best, packaging should be recyclable and biodegradable. In addition, the health and environmental compatibility of materials must be taken into account. There are now even biodegradable disposable packaging, cutlery, plates, and cups. This material is obtained from natural raw materials.

  • Sustainable packaging is recyclable.
  • Sustainable packaging is biodegradable.
  • The materials are safe for health and the environment

Design your packaging (packaging configurator)

You no longer have to be a DIY professional to design packaging yourself. Instead, so called packaging configurators help you to create the proper packaging online. In addition to the lid, core, and base color, and optional features banderole, printing, embossing can be booked. This gives the packaging a unique look and bears your signature with the help of the packaging configurator.

  • Design packaging easily online.
  • Choose the colors of the packaging elements yourself
  • Select optional features band, imprint, finishing

Use packaging for bottles?

Packaging can be used for bottles without any problems, but there are a few factors to consider. First, a filled bottle can be heavy depending on its contents. Therefore, the bottom of the packaging should not be too thin. Second, the proper packaging has a sturdy base made of cardboard or other sturdy materials. Finally, an inlay can be used to fix the bottle. This can be a pillow, foam, a die, or other filling material (e.g.) scraps of paper. The inlay strengthens the base and gives the bottle additional support. Check out our Window Gable Boxes selection in the SM Custom Packaging it is a good option for Transparency window gable boxes there are numerous kinds of boxes that are used in quite different ways.

  • The bottom of the packaging must be robust and stable
  • The bottle should be fixed with an inlay inside the packaging
  • Possibilities of an inlay: cushion, foam, cutting form, filling material


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