Interesting myths about tyres that will blow your mind


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Tyres are no doubt considered as one of the most important parts of the vehicle. Often, we take them for granted. That is why we don’t even think twice before attributing false information to them. And some of us take such information so seriously that we tend to believe them and impact our drives in the long run. In reality, these myths are not to be believed at any cost because these can impact your safety (while driving the car) and even cost you a big amount when investing in them.

Weird myths about car tyres and the reality related to them

We have all been there. Sometimes or the other we do face a lot of problems in our tyres. But often you either don’t take them too seriously or you panic because of these – all because of some illogical myths that you believe in. Take a look at the most common ones and try to verify them:

  • Wheel misalignment is normal

 Whether it is a punctured hole or an issue in the wheel alignment in Auckland, Best New Tyre is the experienced team that tends to make it perfect for you. But sometimes you hesitate to go to them because you believe that misaligned wheels is something normal and you aren’t required to do anything in this case.  In reality, an improper alignment of the wheels is enough to provide lots of inconveniences during your smooth drive and can also lead to accidents.

  • The TPMS provides you with the correct tyre pressure

Most of you rely on the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System as the best solution to provide you with the correct tyre pressure. And it’s because of this you happen to face a flat tyre. In reality, this is considered as the last resort to measuring the pressure of your car. This TPMS will only indicate the low-pressure warning when the tyres are inflated below 25% of their capacity.

  • Vibration caused in cars is solely due to tyres

There are a lot of reasons why your car vibrates. There might be problems in your engine or your brake pad or maybe just less lubrication on its part. But all you blame is your tyres and we don’t know why. Mostly it is because of the myths that you have been hearing for so long. In reality, the tyres are not the only culprit which makes your car vibrate. Yes, they can be the reason sometimes, but the chances of it are only 20 to 30%.

  • You should reduce the tyre pressure during the winters

Do you also reduce the pressure of your tyres deliberately just because you are driving in the snow? Well, there is a myth going around that it is necessary for balancing your vehicle well amidst snow and ice. But in reality, your tyres require increased pressure (rather than lowering it) in order to stay perfectly stable and strong against the heavy rush of ice and salt.

If you believe even one of these myths, then it is actually very unfortunate because it might cost you more than you think. So, isn’t it wise to verify the facts and be an informed driver?! 


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